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Quest For Platinum

Okay so I've never been that bothered with trophies before, if a games good I'll play it through one or more times, but I've never cared too much about getting trophies. However, I've noticed more and more now how friends are OBSESSED with them. They will purposely buy average/rubbish games if the know its easy to get platinum. Do what they need to do to get the trophies and toss it, never touching the game again.

And this kinda annoys me... I spend quite a lot of time playing through a game, whether it be campaign or online, just for the fun of it not for trophies. But when it comes down to it it doesn't look like I've put as much work in, its just been annoying me recently. Okay rant over.

But anyways, just to be a bit of a hypocrite I've decided to try and get at least ONE platinum. So I've got a long time ahead of me trying to get all the stupid time consuming trophies no-one cares about.

Better be worth it :|

What To Do Now....

Well my summer has officially started so that means LOTS of gaming :D I just don't know where to start... Or what to buy. Was thinking Episodes From Liberty City, God of War 3, Fallout 3 or another play through of Heavy Rain... I cant decide! Damn me and my indecisiveness.

On another note, the suns out... HELLO SUMMER :D Time to crack open some cider me thinks.

Happy Birthday To Me!

Well it was my birthday on Thursday, I've hit 21. I feel old :(

Got to spend it in New York which was amazing :D I've got no money left tho lol :(