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weekend from hell!

i hope to never re-live my past weekend! my brother in law was taken to the hospital and had emergency surgery-we were very close to losing him due to an infection (that he had ignored for several weeks). he had an abcess that was the size of a grapefruit in his abdomen, and now he has a open hole that size that will have to heal from the inside out and be packed twice a day (which is very painful), because he didn't want to go to the MD. WHAT AN IDIOT! due to this i had my 3 year old nephew who destroyed my house and drove me insane. the good thing about that is he cured me from wanting another baby. it's amazing how you forget how time consuming little ones are when your kids get a little older! then on top of that i found viruses on my computer--see my other journal entry.

i am soooo glad that the new week is here. my brother in law is home, my nephew is gone, my computer is fixed, and my kids are back in school. now i just have to re gain my house--will probably take me all day to do, but it's all good!

the only problem now--i keep saying "do you need to potty?" in my sleep!!