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i'm a member of several unions--2 i am very involved in. i'm the leader of one union(kind of my default---the former leader stepped down due to lack of member involvement, after it had only been formed like 2 weeks) and the other i'm just a recruit, but i'm hoping to be chosen as the next officer. the officer contest is ending today so i should find out in the next few days.

the union i am a leader of has only 48 members but is growing slowly. it is about a topic that is not something that i'm too into, but didn't want to let the former leader down. it has taken a bit of research on my part to get new topics, and is rpg based which i'm not too into. the rpg was just restarted this week. i had talked to one of my friends about stepping down so i could devote more time to the other union, but was encouraged to keep it for the time being. i told the former leader he could have the position back when he felt like things in his life had calmed down. well, he asked to become leader again yesterday. i have mixed feelings about this now. i have put alot of work into making the union what it is now. i've made a lot of bulletin/story, etc entries and made the majority of the thread topics. now that the union is doing so well and is built up he wants it. i made the union what it is today and now he wants to take credit for it.

on the other hand, i love my other union so much more. it is more active (and it was formed about the same time as the other), has more topics that i like to talk about, and i have a lot of friends there. like i said earlier, i had already mentioned stepping down from the other union, and i told my kid that if i did make officer at this union i was going to do it. i just didn't realize i would have such mixed feelings about it when the time came. i think it's mainly because the old leader asked for it back after i built it up, and he quit after such a short time--like he thought a union became great on it's on. if i do hand it back over i can not put the amt of effort into the union as i was. i will still post and be active, but it will be up to him to keep it going. i'm not going to do all the work and he get all the credit. he thinks now that he posted the rpg back(at my request) that he should be the leader.

well, i've gotten that off my chest, and i guess i'll just wait to see if i'm chosen officer before i make the final decision. it's just i'm not the kind of person to give up on something--i give things i do my all. tune in later for my decision.......