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tattoo cover up

i have a tattoo on my upper left arm that has to go!! it is initials in japanese, so no one knows what it says but me. (and my spouse) they asked if it was this person's initials because they knew how tight we were before we hooked up. it was nothing more than friendship, but they got me through an awful time in my life. i like to get tattoos for some reason, and i went with one of my girlfriends so she could get a tattoo fixed and when i was there i decided i wanted to get a small one--i did this at a whim, and the person's whose initials they are didn't even know what it was. my spouse works with this person and knows them pretty well. it's my policy to not lie, and if you don't really want to know the answer, don't ask the question.

anyway, needless to say it has been a bit of a sore spot for the spouse. i guess i can understand that since it is in a place that can be seen all the time. i decided it's time for it to go, but becuase of the location and size it is going to be hard to cover up. i don't want to look like some thug with this huge tat on my arm, and i want to be able to cover it up with my sleeve if need be. i'm having a real hard time deciding what to do to cover it. i'm going tuesday to get it done since i don't have class and the spouse took off from work. they were really thrilled when i told em i was going to do it. told me i didn't have to do it, but i see the look on their face every time they look at my arm, and i'd hate to think about the thoughts that go through the mind at intimate times. so, i was thinking about getting a tiger holding a tiger cub in her mouth. i could use the black lettering that is already there for the stripes on the tiger's back, and wouldn't have to make the tattoo that much bigger if i did it that way. i was going to have the tiger's head facing down my arm, and i could have the tail wrap around the top of my shoulder kind of onto my chest. i thought that by having a tiger cub in her mouth it would give it more of a feminie touch.

anyone have any other ideas? i know it's hard to give input when you can't see the original tat, but my time is running out! so, hhhheeeeeellllppppppp!!!!!!