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i must be emitting bad karma

after my weekend i was so sure my week would have to be better. i woke up early (4am) to get the spouse off to work and got the entire house cleaned in record time(and it was a wreck!) i thought maybe i deserved to do something for myself for a change, and had wanted to get FFVII so i could replay it again for some time. i went to EB and talked to one of my friends that works there. i took some games to trade in for store credit and told him i would be in next week to buy my PSP. he hooked me up as usual-instead of getting $5 for my trades he did something in his computer with other promotions and turned it into $25 store credit to put on my PSP. he had a $90 memory stick i need for my games, music downloads, etc for the PSP that was preowned so after my card discount i can get it for $70. i thought, hmmm maybe things are turning around for me. i bought FFVII and couldn't wait to have some me time to play it. i did buy it preowned but it came directly from the EB main office and things are usually as good as new when they come in from there. i put it in the ps2 and everything was looking good. i pressed the button to start a new game and..........nothing. i was so ticked. i had to get back in my car (and waste $2.52 gallon gas) to go see danny again. he was so apologetic(i think that's spelled wrong)! he went behind the counter and handed me a brand new game and said see ya! i insisted on paying though-i don't want to mess up his bottem line in these hard times (even if if was only a $3 difference). we haggled a bit about it, he finally accepted my payment after i told him he hooks me up all the time(and he really does), and i went back home. almost afraid to put the first disc in, i started my system, and bam---i started playing FFVII after wanting to for so long. the good part, my game is working. the bad, by the time i got it up my spouse came home from work and i had to turn it off to make dinner and spend "quality time with the spouse".

and by the way, why is it when i'm watching a basketball game being played on the ps2 it's quality time, but when i play one of my games it's not? i guess that falls under the double standards of marriage rule! well, i must be off the FF is calling me, and the spouse coming home count down is ticking fast!