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i know everyone has seen the ads for gamefly on almost every page they check out about a game. well, i decided to give it a shot. i figured why not try the free rental period and if it stinks, i'll just cancel. they really ticked me off at first. they sent out my first 2 games the day i signed up which was cool. we(me and my kids) played the games and sent them back in plenty of time to cancel the 10 day free period BUT, it took almost 7 days for them to say they recieved the games, and yes, i was forced to pay for the first month. talk about robbery! i decided to make the most of it and rent more games in the hopes that things would start looking better. it took 12 days from the time i sent the games back until i received my next 2, so i'm thinking this is really not going to be worth my money. BUT THEN......i got an email stating that gamefly was going to try something new and the day the post office scans the game in gamefly would send the next game on my list "Q" out. in the email was fine print that stated not all post offices used this technology so not everyone would be included(i figured this would probably be me), but i said what the heck, worth a try! i was on the verge of cancelling my membership because of the turn around time, and everyone i talked to who tried gamefly cancelled for the same reason. some of my friends at EB told me it sucked(but i figured it was because they were used to me being up there every other week trading games). OK MY POINT-- i shipped my game this monday and got an email wednesday saying that the next game was in the mail and should me here by the weekend!! a very ,very big improvement!! just wanted to share this information with everyone. i know some have already tried it and cancelled because of the reasons above and some have wondered if it was worth a try. i will have to say YES now. i have 50 games on my "Q" list (the max you can have at one time) and since i get bored with games pretty easy and my kids play a game for a day and decide it sucks, this will be well worth my money. it's better than buying a game for $20 ,finishing it in 2 days , and going to sell it back for $3! i sell on ebay and too, but sometimes i don't feel like waiting for the listing to end and hassle with shipping the game out so i can get the money for new games. i also hate having to pay $50 for a new game--now i can rent it the day it comes out, keep it as long as i need to with no late charges, have a great selection to chose from and even keep some of the games if i really like them without going to the store or payng any shipping charges. Just wanted to share!