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first day of school

i needed to get this off my chest real quick. i just dropped my girls off for their first day of school. my baby did not sleep at all last night(and neither did i). i was nervous for her, but made sure she didn't know. they were with their dad last night so i called to tell them i'd be there to take them in the morning and make sure everything was in order. my oldest can be very standoffish so i was surprised that she was stressed that her father may be the only one taking them to the first day. they both wanted to wear their church clothes and look like "diva stars". my baby started 2nd grade and during the 5 minute drive she must have told me her stomach hurt a million times. my oldest tried to sit in the back acting all calm and cool-she kept wringing her hands though! i dropped the baby off first-we had to unload all her new supplies and my oldest did not want to wait so her father took her to her class room. i helped katy get all her things out and she kept finding reasons for me not to leave(which was surprising because she grew so much socially last year). i finally kissed her goodbye(which she wiped off) and told her i would pick her up this afternoon. she asked me "in an hour?" i told her "later ", waved, and went to my older child's room. sarah started 5th grade this year, got in all agp classes, and thinks she is 20. i waved from the door and then remembered that she might not know the number for carpool, so i went in----oh big mistake! she looked horrified! i told her the number and to have a good day. she rolled her eyes----so it begins!