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countdown to college is on

well, monday is the big day! it seems the closer it gets, the more scared i become. i'm not sure why i am so scared-it's not like i haven't been to college before. maybe it's just because it's been almost 8 yrs and i'm a lot older now, with more responsibility(and 2 kids). i'm hoping to buy my books on so i can save alot of money, but since they won't post the books i need online i will have to wait until my first classes to see what i need. by then it may be too much of a wait to get them online. guess i'll just have to wait and see. all i remember is i hated biology lab 9 years ago, so i know it is really going to suck this time around! ok- be more positive! it's all good. guess i have to go buy my bookbag and other school supplies this weekend. man, that sounds so wierd! ok, got that off my chest so i feel a little better now. have to go get the kids from school now. be back later--