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It's Finally all over...

wus good folks? :D. I'm officially, positively, 100% back.

1) I graduated!!! :) (last Tuesday, it was good). But goddman I didn't realize just how many friends I would lose touch with after high school was over :(. Guess the only I'll talk to most of them is if I get Facebook or sumthin.

2) I about 2 weeks time, I'll be boarding a plane on my way to a vacation to Italy and Greece. 8)

3) Real talk, it saddens me just how many friends I'm losing because high school ending. I hated my school and all, but the people was cool and I got along pretty damn well with 90% of my graduatin class. It's depressing to see them go like that. :cry:

4) It's lame how MGS4 is coming out 3 days before my departure for vacation :evil:, guess I'll have to beat it in 3 days.

5) Over the last few weeks, I've suddenly developed a big ass crush on Olivia Munn :o :o :o. I mean, she's hot and all, but I have no idea WHY I got some effed up crush on her :lol:. Here's a pic LINK: Olivia Mun...

O yea, I'll be fully back to unions soon, before my trip.

PEACE, I'll be droppin by y'all blogs to see wus poppin.

On May 12...

I will pretty much be back and in full effect :D

Here's how ish is gonna go for me in the next 2 weeks.

May 8 - National AP English Lit. Test (difficult as hell)

May 9 - National AP U.S. History Test (i run this ish...)

May 12 - National AP Biology Test (i somewhat run this...)

and after that, I'm back!!! :D

Still Not Dead Yet...

if anyone see this, just wanna let y'all know that I'm still around and not dead.

i been swamped with a **** load of work and barely got time to get on.

i should be around a lil more this week cause i'm on break though.

so, if you see this, post me a comment of sumthin and let me know how you doin :D

peace out.

Check It... (Edited)

this was probably one of the better weeks I've had in a while.

1) I got my answer back, and I got accepted into U of M (University of Michigan). it's one of the top schools in the state AND country. 8)

2) i'm thrashin in all my classes right now.

3) i was thrashin in basketball today

4) i had time to chill wit my boys and my cousin too

5) nobody snitched (as far as i know)

i think that's pretty much it. mad good ish happened this week.

check y'all later on when i'm on monday or sumthin :D


my fault, I meant to type THRASHIN, not TRASHIN :lol:

Cot Damn!!!!

man, my school got effed up BIG time!!! :o

apparently some unknown ppls got in and vandalized every damn thing, so they had to cancel school today.

them ppls even effed up the gym :(

but on the bright side, NO SCHOOL!!!

so, today I got to play Ninja Gaiden Sigma a lil bit and holy **** that game is hard!!! :o

if I don't have school tomorrow neither, I'll be on here :D

check y'all later.

P.S. I got my first mod of 08 >_>... ppl seriously need to stop snitchin

All Y'all Wit PSN...

hit me up wit y'all usernams right quick... and if y'all got The Orange Box, even better :D

I just figured out how to get my PS3 online, and I'll prolly be on there for some time tomorrow and today testin that snitch out.

so hit me up and maybe we could get a game goin (mines is Micx21)


what's poppin wit y'all out there? :D... well school started again :(... but next weekend, I shouldn't have so much work so I'll be on blogs and in unions and all that :)

check y'all later

o yea, I finally beat Half-life 2... took damned near 3 weeks but I'm done!!! 8)

Aiglht, So Here's How It Is...

1) I finally got the PS3 :D... and I copped The Orange Box wit it, been playin' for a couple days and it's the sh!t!!!

2) Even though it's break time, I still got mad work to do >_>... including a 400-page book, a lab, a take-home test, 3 chapters of reading (120 pages), a 14-day journal, etc... (ain't that a b!tch)

3) O yea, it's nearly X-mas time!!! :)... even though ain't nobody gonna be home :|

4) I was gonna be on earlier this weekend, but on Friday I was in for like an hour after school then went out, and yesterday I was at this party, but now all is done so I'M BACK!!!

I think that's it, peace out y'all...

Public Service Announcement...

No, I'm not dead yet...

No, I still ain't got that damn PS3! :evil:

Yes, I have been busy as hell for the past 2 weeks... we readin Hamlet in my AP 12 class and ish takes mad readthroughs to fully understand, so that's what kept me away...

and snitchin' still ain't cool... someone recently snitched on here, don't know who though >_>

and yes, I will be back on the weekend... hopefully.

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