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Welcome Back Package

I'm currently downloading two PS3 games over the PlayStation Network from the Welcome Back Package. I picked Infamous and Little Big Planet. The E3 trailer for Infamous 2 looked really good and since I never played the first one I picked it and you can't beat the I heard a lot about Little Big Planet and I'm looking forward to playing it and seeing what all of the hype was about. There is also a free music service membership that I'll probably download as well. Like I said you can't beat free. I saw in the email that there was also a selection of over 100 free items to get in the marketplace, but I haven't seen anything about that in the Welcome Back section in the store. I signed up for the free 30 day subscription to PlayStation Premium or whatever they call it. I then received an email that said I will be charged after the subscription time runs out IF I don't go in and cancel the subscription. Sony you sneaky devils, but at least you warned me. All in all I was very impressed with the whole thing and I think Sony handled the situation in the best way they could have given the circumstances.


Who wants to post on a site where the simplest question or post can get negative comments and then locked by the staff mods...ugh. I'm done with this site...again. By the way all I posted was that I had hit 5000 posts on the forums.

Finally finished MGS4

After a very busy 2010 I finally reserved a day to sit down and finish MGS4 and I'm glad that I did. I forgot just how much I love this game series and getting to see how MGS4 wrapped up was really nice. Even though I'm probably the last person on the face of the Earth to finish this game I still will not post any spoilers. I thought the ending was beautifully done and teasing at the same time, which it wouldn't be and still be a Hideo Kojima classic. I'm excited for Metal Gear Rising to get the in between story on what happened to Raiden. I'm sure there will be some Snake cameos in the game just like there were in Sons of Liberty. Now I have an urge to play Snake Eater....I can feel my addiction resurfacing, lol.

I'm stuck in a Dell

I recently, per the suggestion of a friend, downloaded a new addon for WoW called Mob Map. After downloading it and then going into WoW to adjust the settings for the addon my computer decided to implode. I think what happened was that my poor excuse for a graphics card couldn't handle me stretching its limits any longer and faded away. So after trying without success to download new drivers for my card I took it up to this local guy to have him diagnose....prognosis new graphics card needed. I made the decision to put a 9 series monster, an upgrade from my 7 series Nvidia, into my computer. Unfortunately, my computers power supply couldn't handle the card and I was forced to go with an 8 series. I had also decided to put a couple extra gigs of RAM into my system, but for some reason it wouldn't recognize it. So I'm stuck in my Dell...for now. I figure it appears I have upgraded my current system to its full potential and will run it for another year and then make the big decision of what I want to upgrade to. So while Dell makes some nice systems, they are unfortunately difficult to upgrade so I will most likely not be a repeat customer.

Back in the game.

Well after weeks and weeks of issues with my computer I finally found the dad's router that I had setup a wireless router off of for my room. Something got into that router and corrupted it so that I wasn't able to update Windows or any spyware programs. It was also blocking certain things on the web and causing some adware problems as well. I am so glad to have my computer back up and running with all of my stuff (music and games) back on it and WoW is waiting for me to return. I know...I know it will take over my life, but I don't care I've gone without that obsession for too long.

See you guys around.

God 360.

Sorry that these blogs have been short and repetitive, but when your PS3 and your 360 both crap out at the same time there is little more to report than shipping updates. I sent my 360 back via the "coffin" that we have all, unfortunately, come to know and lov....hate. I hope to have it back soon, my xbl account misses me terrribly. But I do have my PS3 and MGS4 back at the tip of my fingers once again.

....just a note for all you Elite owners out there who might be tricked into thinking yours is a cut above the rest......there not. Mine was an Elite model too.

Just got my PS3 back!

UPS just delivered my PS3 about 20 minutes ago and I am stoked to have it back home safe and sound. Now I'm still waiting on the coffin for my 360 to come so I can get back into my usual playing schedule. i'm off to play MGS4!

A 3 Ring Fire

That's right my 360 gave me the three rings of death last night. Now all I have is my Wii. And my computer seems to have something wrong with it where it will not update Windows Defender or any spyware program. I already formatted the hard drive and that didn't fix the problem so I'm looking at having to buy a new hard drive.

PS3 Troubles

The other day....Christmas morning to be brother informed me that we had a slight problem. My PS3 has given us the dreaded hard drive corrupt message and will have to be sent in for repair to Sony. I have done some research on the different ways to solve this problem by buying a new HDD, but mine is still under warranty so I'm giving Sony the grunt work. I just submitted my online request form and I'm just awaiting my email with shipping instructions for you know.......the coffin. I see that some of you are without your 360's for the holiday season and at least I can be thankful to have my 360 while my PS3 is out of commission. I think I'm going to renew my XBL subscription....Halo 3 online is calling me home.

Wii are privileged

As I was shopping for a new Wii game for my dad's birthday, he's obsessed, I couldn't help overhearing the conversations going on around me. In the short 10 minutes that I was in the store there was a constant buzz word and that word was 'Wii'. I heard four different customers asking the poor sales person if they had any Wii consoles, if they had Wii Fit, if they had Mario Kart with the Wii wheel, and if they would getting any in. Because my friends the answer they were all given was a big So all of this being said I have to say that I do feel slightly privileged this year to already have a Wii.