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it just comes to my mind today. i've been a member of gamespot for 6 years and i just bought my ps2 back then. i even remember that i used to skip my afternoon work just to play Final Fantasy X. When i think about it today that's just too silly right. Just to finish a game. even my boss told me not to skip work anymore and i just realized that i need the money to buy games so i go back and work straight and play games when i got home. I used to fight with my father because i still want to play and he wants to watch tv. yeah i lived with my parents. we are all like this in a third world country because our family culture is very closed and intact. And another reason the salary is too low to get our own condo or house. we have a small house that's why even if i wanted to buy my own TV i will have a problem where will i put it. that's why when my elder brother move out (finally) i have the top floor of our house all for myself. whew. it's been too long 2006. I started from ps2, building my own gaming PC. My wife bought me a Wii and now PS3 and Xbox 360 here while working abroad and away from my own country and family. This hobby, it never gets old. Game On!!!

Gears of War 3 Finish!!!

I love this game compare to GOW2. It has a great story and finish the Marcus Fenix story pretty well. Same old gameplay as the previous two but this time you have 3 companions. I've seen in youtube that when you play this game in normal they will play itself so my advice is to play this game in hardcore. This is much better and you will unlock more achievement points. Also the hardcore mode is now the normal mode. My only disappointment was the Brothers till the End chapter. People posting about the twist was a real spoiler. Even GameSpot do this. Also the leader of the locusts was a woman. How the hell did that happen? But anyway nice trilogy but I see a lot of potential in the next installments. Probably Epic will create a prequel. Well just a lucky guess. I also got this Christmas gift from my wife. Thanks hon!!!  I'm now hook in the world of Skyrim. This game is like Fallout 3 except only you don't have guns but with a bow & arrow. And of course the setting. I'm only finishing the quests at Whiterun. Next target exploration but i took an arrow in the knee.

Got my first Platinum Trophy!

Thanks Uncharted 3 for the Platinum trophy that you gave me. This trophy was very special because it is my first and I've got it on my first bought Collectors Edition game. Its so great to play Uncharted 3 because it never had a dull moment. The gameplay was very solid and Naughty Dog improves the melee fights. The plane fight was my all time favorite of all the chapters. Great story, characters and of course the dubbing and acting by the famous voice actor Nolan North. Every one who has a PS3 should buy this game and those who doesn't have a ps3 yet. Now is the time to buy one.

Platinum Games Finish!!!

I've finish 2 games developed by Platinum games - Bayonetta and Vanquish. Now that i've mentioned this. I realized that i've finished all of the games developed by Platinum games on consoles including Madworld for the wii. Bayonetta is way more fun to play than Devil May Cry. In this game you can evade attacks compared to Devil May Cry. If i remember correctly you can't block or evade, you can only dash. You have multiple weapons to choose from with its own move lists per weapon. Witch time action that will slow down all of your enemies and you really need the skills and patience to perform it. Button sequence action like God of War and of course a beautiful anti-hero witch Bayonetta. Good script with funny scenes which includes ridiculous stunts. By the way if you compared this to the motorcycle stunts by Dante on DMC3 Dante's Awakening. Bayonetta's stunts FTW!!! (but Ninja Blade is still the overall winner).  What i liked about Vanquish is it is not a Gears of War wannabe. Even if it is a third person shoulder view with cover and shoot, it is more fast faced. You also have a lot of weapons to choose from to eliminate all of the robots and machines. Has a nice graphics with tight controls and as you can see based from previous games developed by Platinum Games a lot of awesome stunts. It even has its own witch time like bayonetta that you can target multiple missiles and enemies. I'm planning to get all of the achievements in this game but due to the released of great games like Uncharted 3 and Gears of War 3 it is now included in my future plans.  I'm playing right now Uncharted 3 in Hard mode and at the same time unlocking all of the trophies. I hope i can get my first platinum trophy in this game. I bought a special edition of Uncharted 3 that's why this game is a memorable one for me. i think my only obstacle is the Crushing Mode. Well that's it. Wish me luck..

Uncharted 2 and Bad Company 2, Sequels at its finest!!!

First game that i've finish last week is Uncharted 2. I gave this game a perfect score of 10. why? because it's one hell of a ride! if you think about it. this game was like tomb raider or prince of persia with a twist of gears of war. but when you've started playing the game. it's full of surprises. it's like a movie but you're the one who is controlling the hero. I've also like the script of the game especially when they were talking to each other while you're killing the bad guys or climbing a temple. now waiting for the discount version of Uncharted 3 :D

and finally I've finish this game Battlefield Bad Company 2 after almost 2 years. I think story wise and the characters this game is much better than Modern Warfare 2 but the gameplay, action, the cliffhanger ending and Ghost :) modern warfare 2 FTW. graphics is really good especially for the phyx they use. whenever there's smoke grenade and explosion you will never see the enemy when they're hiding behind it.

next sequel i will play resistance 2, crysis 2 or new series like Bayonetta. what do you think?

Game On!!!

GOT a new Laptop!!!

It's good to have a high end gaming rig again!!! i already have ps3, xbox360, psp, nintendo DS and now a brand new Laptop i5 and a 540 2gb graphic card. what else can i wish for. i have all the gaming console now. o i forgot need to jailbreak my iphone 3GS and play Infinity Blade. I hope Bad company 2 doesnt crash here in my new gaming rig. i hope i can finish this game once and for all. i like the heroes here and i can be ready for Bad Company 3 this holiday season. Game on!!!

Xbox 360 and Kinect Nice!!!

Just got my Xbox 360 with Kinect on saturday. I'm a Playstation fan but my wife was a Xbox fan so she bought this console. Games included were Halo 3, Fable 2, Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports and Dance central. Separate package for the Xbox 360 with 250GB hard drive with 2 games and Kinect with 3 games and additional controller with play and charge kit. It's way too much expensive but worth it especially when you've played Dance central. Dance Central is a great game especially when you are a dancer. By the way all of my friends here add me on PSN and Xbox live "rynmls" of course without the open close parenthesis. Game ON!!!

GOT New Playstation 3

been here in doha qatar for 3 weeks, got a new ps3 from my wife. now playing killzone 2 online. hoping i could get a discount when i buy games like MGS4 FFXIII and Demon souls

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