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The Addiciton Has Moved Online

I finally caved. I'd been beaten down. I'd be excited to play mutliplayer with some of my newer purchases just to find there are no multiplayer games without system link or online access. I thought I'd hold off, I mean these developers should realize not everyone has wireless networking capabilities right? Obviously not because I bought then adapter and now I'm one of the horde. It was a long time coming but dammit it's worth every penny. Just between Carbon, GoW, and Lost Planet I could seriously disappear for days on end only to turn up unshaven with maniacical grin wondering where my grappling hook is. Ah serenity...

Video Games and Marriage

I thank the stars sometimes for my wife.  We've been married two years and she knew from the beginning I was a bit of a geek and a gamer.  We have a hectic life and are busy but she still allows me(yes I said allows) several hours per week to veg in front of the 360 and just play until the epileptic siezures kick in.  This is just a word to all single guys or those getting married.  Make sure your significant other is aware of your hobbies, obsessions, and in my case addictions.  That way you never really have to gro up ;) and you can just be you.