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  • runner2 wrote a review of Saw.
    User Rating 5
    Am glad this torture is over

    I've just finished Saw and that was shortly after reaching a point where I COULDN'T WAIT to finish it already. And it wasn't in a good way.OK So, Saw wasn't all that bad. Some of its features are a ni...

  • runner2 rated Saw a score of 5.
  • runner2 wrote a review of BioForge.
    User Rating 7
    A masterpiece of storytelling which unfortunately would have never survived the test of time

    So, I definitely love video games and I never have enough time for it as much as I would love to have.While I play them slowly (very slowly, mind you) I try to give a go to both new and modern ones a...

  • runner2 rated Dreamfall Chapters a score of 8.
  • runner2 wrote a review of Prisoner of Ice.
    User Rating 4
    Prisoner of Rants

    So this is going to be more of a rant rather than a review, but, oh well.Apparently this game is not too popular and is now about 10 years old, by developers which shut down quite a while ago. So I g...

  • runner2 wrote a review of Battlefield 3.
    User Rating 6
    Well done, with some issues I personally couldn't avoid

    Unlike most FPS players, I have the strange habit of not paying much attention to multiplayer, but just playing the single player campaign. And therefore my review is mainly about it.Battlefield 3 is...

  • runner2 wrote a review of Dead Island: Riptide.
    User Rating 7
    Sort of like Dead Island DLC.

    To say the least, Dead Island Riptide was annoyingly addictive.This is like a very big expansion to Dead Island, so, if you liked it, you'd probably like Riptide as well.After playing Dead Island and...

  • runner2 wrote a review of Disney's Toy Story.
    User Rating 6
    Fun if you cheat.

    This is one of those games which certainly didn't pass the test of time, mainly due to the fact that even if anyone is interested in it nowadays (which is highly unlikely), it's pretty much impossible...

  • runner2 rated Disney's Toy Story a score of 6.
  • runner2 wrote a review of Simon the Sorcerer 5: Who'd Even Want Contact?!.
    User Rating 6
    OK adventure game, very mediocre Simon game

    After the highly disappointing fourth game of the series, and after finding out there are aliens involved (?!) I thought this game is going to be a complete mess. I was wrong, and while this game is (...

  • runner2 wrote a review of Life is Strange.
    User Rating 8
    Great time traveling adventure

    After completing episode 5 I decided to review the game as a whole and not per episode as I did before.If you don't wish to read it all:+Generally an amazing game!+Good story+Loveable characters+Plea...

  • runner2 rated Life is Strange: Episode 1 - Chrysalis a score of 8.
  • runner2 wrote a review of Simon the Sorcerer 4: Chaos Happens.
    User Rating 5
    Not a worthy Simon title

    Several years after the rather commercially-failing chapter of "Simon 3D", we get an attempt to revive the series by a company which is not the original developer, the now defunct "Silver Style Enter...

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