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This account is done

hey everyone, i done woth this account so if you still want to talk to me my new account is under my friends/ tracked. its called Graeme95 (my name and when i was born) anyway toodles

the matrix...

I realized some tig today, matrix belivers *people that believe they are in the matrix*have some great points aswell as some of myy own ;roll:

here's theirs

-sleep is a reresh/ update of ur internal program

-that deja vu is a glitch verses as way to know an update

-mixed senses are glithes( when some oen says "whoa! Ive smelled this taste before)

-the high pitch noise you get every now nad then is a signal that ur slowly comming out of the matrix.

now heres mine

- brain farts are lagg

- braces are their way of showing that becoming a robot is fun and good.

- video games are to make us die happy connected but without the idea that technology will harm us

- old people are a way to show us that dieing for no cause is bad.



avoid a painful death an join my suicide cult, if u need my number call 888-1204-999-5686

for a free brochure give us ur mail adress, the ur mom mission starts at 12 pm on easter.

who are your teachers; another pointles rant of bul$hit

today i watched a crappy documentary on gambling...what ever the video was supposed to explain is not all. what is is the fact some one on there looked amazingly like my social studies teacher??? which brought to another question to mind, WHO THE HELL ARE YOUR TEACHERS ACTUALLY? now she is only 28 which means she obviously goes to bars and stuff, but its hard for me to think this calm teacher would be so outgoing? man now i have weird thoughts of her in low riders *gag* now as my cat licks my newly made tossed cookies i come back to the question who are these people, im not talking the older ones im talking about ur 20 and 26 year old T.A.s and teachers do these people have lives or do they do the same thing we do...nothing i think im trying to over think the unthinkable on who is your teachers at middle school. its possible at old grade as they reveal who they re much more in how they teach and how they show you to learn. oh well i guess we arnt supposed to know everything especially at this age it make me realize that none of us are truly the greatest role models as you cant be perfect off the spot nor dose anyone have the right to say they are more dignafied than the rest of the world as you just say to them. YOU CAME HEADFIRST OUT OF SOMEONES VAGINA!


well as we all dont kno i have an ipod shuffle, and as all might know, apple released the new ipod series starting with touch, then chromatic then shuffle. nowi m annoying because i have the old shuffle, now i happened to update my itunes and u kno what happened...MY IPOD IN NOW RANDOMLY CORRUPTED. (even though its not) so i looked some of this up... and turns out that this is one of apples (specifically ipod) way of marketing... in order to get you the new ipod, so im sure we all kno that 1 ipod is enough but they think different, now they say that those old ones dont work ( sounds awfully familiar to Microsoft's xbox online??)so waht they do is they send a new itunes out saying " its better for the new ipods virtually the same jsut some technical changes but LOOK AT THE NEW DESGINE zomg (not) anyway im jsut pissed, because i was liek this close to getting a ps3 but noooooo im gunna buy a psp because thenew ipodsd suck balls and they always break ater the new oens come out...>.>. oh well i can still hack my psp (speaking of which the last one of those was killed by my some how older sister who smashed it in the car door...

so thats why i cant get a ps3 very soon.

once again im writing my non-daily nothing which in the end is something.

LETS A BEGIN THE FIRST ROUND.i was i gym class and i realized my teacher had jsut start demonstrating massages on my buds gf. HE WAS DOING lower back massages . now its not that i dont care its the fact that after he said that was the breast ( trying to say best thing) EVER. MADE ME WONDER HOW DO THESE GUYS PICK UP DATES. * in my imagination

*at the bar at 9:37pm*

hey id like to buy you a beer.

really?thats so nice of you! im not even that good looking like those girls!

well i dont have money to spare on a date il never get

really u seem nice?and ur willing to dish out some cash for a chick? why would u not think you would not get her?

well im a teacher...

oh well tell me cant be that bad.

well u dont know what i do...

well what do you teach?

i teach rdzhehgehyethmdh class

im sry what?

i teach gerhyebmnen class

oh just tell me.

i teach gym class.....

rly...*slight disappointment*

well ummm thanks for the beer but i have to go!t..away from you...

*she leaves*

*his bud comes to him*

its ok man at least ur not teaching sex ed....


really makes me wonder who ends up being these people? are these the under-achievers? are these failed perfectionist? who knows point is 1 in 4 girls hate gym teachers for an uncomfortable sexual purpose.

DreamCast 2????

apparentaly to this guy

what IF the dream cast is comming back, that made me think, i never had a sega console...what happened to them (besides the bankruptcy)thinking about that made me wonder, what if a new console re amerged? if so would u buy it, i probably wouldnt, mostly cause wanted to be with my friends, but think jsut for a moment, wouldnt it be awesome to have a 4th console? for another wall on the game store? i kno it was basically killed off and bought by nintendo, but come on nintendo has enough money to buy that baseball team then duhh they have enough power to kill it again, unless they happen, just happen to make some killer apps, jsut off the top of my head i kno skys of arcadia 2, and some fighting games like ,dead or alive4 soul caliber DC2 edition kinda things but to top it all, what if they decided to also release a portable? because as we all know sega has some pretty heavy power in that department, mostly cause sega just has so many games that they brute force the money out of u, but they give jobs and fuel the economy too. think, sega has the power to take on the big 3, the 6th gaming gen(as by the first reknowed console(NES) would be the first to have 4 consoles. if they did try to go big again then i personally think a portable from them wouldnt fail, the DS has no life left, the psp is commin up there, but i believe that in the next year they will have more than enough games, support, and even trust by the nations far and wide, that sega could once again be great.

rants aside. who thinks that would be cool, who thinks that it could happen, who would buy the consle ( it would have on line to the = of the 360), who would buy the portable, and why. :D

also randomly i have the urge to get a new sig so is this any good or better for the post? martin luthar king hold inthe dream cast saying *  I HAVE A DREAM-CAST*

turns out my sentence wasa fragment, so i deleteed some other stuff

well my "girl" turned out to be what i expected , hard to have, hard to keep, and slightly player-ish, after all she said she was goin out with me nad went for an Ex randomly. She tryed the "its not you, its me" crap i rolled my eyes and told her in my most departing voice that i hope it works out, I dont care and i think that she will be happyier with someone else.

Slightly more importantly is the fact im getting a PSP again. as my odl one virtually bit the dust. Il be getting it this weekend. Im getting a 2000 series again, as the 3000 (most likly) wont let you do homebrew, meaning i hack my psp xD. FYI hacked PSPs are MUCH MUCH BETTER than regular psps; mostly cause i have a variety of about 100-200 games when i have one. sadly this means im not getting a ps3 any time soon. I have my Wii which has papaer mario 1+2 and a few other gaems and star fox 64. so i tihnk i can manage.

heres the real thing though, i forgot almost all the games i had for my old psp, so i need soem sugestions on these consoles.

-GBA(and GBC and gb too)



-sega master system and game gear

- and maybe the atari's up to 7800

thnx for the help and hope you hack your psp too. quite easy actually, it only costs maybe 3 bucks, it you do it the way i did, and thats for an extra battery.

A new sentence, that could turn into a paragraph in my life.

Well 2 days ago i would say i started a relation with some one (and no im not the kinda kid at age 13 who has monthly relations) the person is also like me, besides game playing xD. i must say life's a lot better with her around; after all who doesn't what a smart talented and hot girl. The only problem is that she has a stalker, crazed ex and a brothers friend who all would kill each other (not to mention me) for her.

I felt like i needed to post this mostly cause my Friends haven't been around, I met her at a party ( a real party not the sh!ty birthday party kinda party). Im keeping it low with her for a month or 2 that way no one freaks in her family and mine more im more worried about any friends that may get to close...I knew her before hand but 2 days ago i talked to her for about 15 minutes which later turned out to be and hour and i got to really like her.

She thinks im going to be a writer or a philosopher xD as we are both science geeks.I feel like i ahve to say this but shouldn't, she has errr ....larger than average beasts. In no way is that why im falling for her. Many problems have opened up though through this shakespear moment that is one of my my good buds is in a lustful with her, and two of my other frends have fallen dear hearted to me.

I needed to say that; say what you want, feel what you feel about it.

christmas lists and the holidays

When all is quite and all is calm on the eve of christmas, who is playing an RTS in their bedroom. Me. after much thought, i made my christmas list. im quite proud of it too.


-Sins of a solar empire

-Pre-order of "Demi-god"

-new graphics card

-A new psp mother board (the origenal one died on me about a month ago.)

*Sigh* most of these things are really repairs to my gaming life, if i wasnt gettign into my comoputer then i probably wwouldnt have asked for all of this and would havea asked for a PS3 for the holidays. and only armed with 20 dollar, i cant jsut go out na buy one. My hacked psp was great fun when i had it so im sure when its gone through its repairs then il have more time to go get more money. I will say this though about my PS3 situation; i plan to get one by the end of june so summers can be great. IF my Wii is soldby my birth day then it will be there tat i get it.

My great rant is over but now on to your christmas list. what is it ? think you will get all of your items? are any of the items mine? If so what is your friend/ online code adress thing?

I just realized i had not posted a blog since August so why not make one now. (besides what else is less important then christmas). And yes those who are my nintendo gamers, i said i was selling my Wii, but to a good person. MY friend wants one and needs it;so I sell him that great gift, for $350. Il either blow all that on a PS3 or a computer. but probaby a PS3. I Will also be selling my DS, il selling all my games and all my other useless parts( 2 carring cases and 1 DS game protector) I Shall get $150 off of that. that aside i think my holidays will go smooth. I only have 10 more days of school left ( 1 of which is that bull Sh!t play the grade 5's do) the other day is fare well day where they do secret santa and that kind stuff.

Im spending christmas with my second cousins( which arem ore like cousins seeing how close we are with them) were going to give them either fallout 3 or fable (seeing how their favourite game is the oblivion series) They arealways more fun to talk with than to play games with but i hardly ever play on a 360 so wth might as well play.

Hope your holidays go well.

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