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Hey what do you know? I'm not dead! :P

Hey guys just here to tell you guys that i did not die!

haha i havent checked in in about a year so i thought i'd let you guys know how im doing.

Well... actually nothing is that new from before... :P

I still love anime and manga and im actually almost out of manga to read cuz i think ive read about 50-75 series :P

So if anyone has any manga ideas throw them out here! :D

Oh so i'm still doing my schools swim team and in case you all forgot how old i am im 16 and im a juni

And hopefully you guys didnt forget who i was since i havent been on in so long :P

well i won't blame you :P

Well im not sure if ill come back for good but ill check everyone's blogs and put some comments down and hope for the best!


Hey guys whats happening?

i havent been on since August! :o lol

I now have a ps3, and an xbox 360. I had to sell my wii to afford the 360.

um... im still obsessed with naruto and...thats about it!

Whats up with you guys?

How has things changed for you?

.hack AMV!!!

Hey ive been wanting to find out a way to get clips from games from a while but i'd have to buy this software and stuff so i decided to just look online and surely enough i just found clips from .hack g.u.

its actually harder tyo make an amv out of cutscenes then it is with episodes so bear with me :P

oh and please comment on how it is :D

here we go!


Chapter 28: The Energy Bomb

First of all i know inm not on ganmespot alot but im gonna try and change that because ive found a new union to go to that looks like fun its called the ultimate megamn gamers union.


anywho myy best friend is finally on gamespot and he's posting a megaman story thats really cool and you should check it out...


oh and he's looking for friends and to raise his level so he can post videos so post if you can.

alright back to the best part of the blog!

here we go!

Chapter 28:

Back in the leaf village Hikari could see blue energy erupt out of the cave where Tora was in.

"Oh no!" she exclaimed.

She started running to the cave when Yuu, Kaito and Jouji joined her.

They all nodded and burst forward at full speed.

"Hmph, looks like they have backup" said Nero.

Hikari and Co. reached the once called cave and saw Tora and Harune bleeding immensely and Nero standing next to them.

"What have you done to our friends!?" Hikari yelled.

"I was just having some fun" said Nero as he sneered.

Hikari jumped up at Nero and yelled "Water technique: Cascade Jutsu!"

"NO DON'T!" yelled Tora as he tried to stand up.

Hikari stopped as water appeared around her.

Nero shot an energy ball at her with a smile and said "Don't get distracted!"

Hikari's water formed into a shield of ice and blocked the attack, then shattered.

"This guy is on a whole other level than us! You don't stand a chance!" Tora yelled in desperation.

"Hey! I'm a Chuunin just like you! You got to fight him now so will I!" Hikari remarked.

"Yeah that's a great idea look where that got me!" Tora yelled while trying to stay conscious.

"We really should bring them back for medical treatment" said Yuu.

"Alright! lets bring them back!" replied Jouji.

Jouji grabbed Harune and Kaito grabbed Tora.

they jumped up to start to leave...

"DON'T GET DISTRACTED!!!" Nero screamed as he fired an immense energy blast towards them.

The blast was the size of a building but it moved slowly like a bomb ready to burst.

Kaito threw Tora over to Hikari.

She caught him but barely.

"Guys I have an idea, go as fast as you can and forgive me!" Kaito yelled.

"What!?" Hikari asked.

"Just do it he has a plan." Jouji said calmly as he ran ahead.

"This bomb is made of pure chakra correct?" he asked Nero as he wrapped explosive tags around kunai.

"That's right" Nero replied.

"So it should explode on impact, correct?"

"Yeah and you'll all die when it does, and if it doesn't hit you it'll hit the village!" Nero yelled.

"Yeah neither is going to happen..." Kaito murmured as he threw the kunai at the energy bomb.

Kaito jumped away as far as possible before the explosive tags and the chakra collided.

(Meanwhile in the village)

"hmm maybe I shouldn't have sent all of our new Chuunin in one mission..." Rennok murmured.

He started walking towards the forest and blue energy shot up from the forest.

Rennok's walk changed into a jog.

"Were almost out of the forest" yelled Jouji.

"Everyone get down!" Rennok yelled as he raced up to them.

"Yuu! shield now!" he barked.

Yuu did a few hand signs and dropped a seed in the dirt.

Many huge vines shot out of the ground and meshed into a plant wall.

That's when the kunai hit the energy bomb...

The trees flew into the air, they broke in half, and some even disintegrated.

The blast spread like a shockwave towards Hikari and co.

It hit the plant wall and it cracked, the blast kept on roaring against the wall and it started to break.

The wall finally disintegrated but the blast was over and no harm was done to them.

On the other hand it was different for Kaito and Nero...


i hope you enjoyed it, please commenty on this and my friends blogs :P

oh and join the union if you want :D

.hack G.U. FINALLY FINISHED!!! (spoilers)

i finished it!

i was surprised because i beat it at only level 129 when 150 is the max.

The cubia avatar fight(s) were awesome and i actually lost once against the beta form.

i guess ill summerize part of it :P

you start off fight cubia alpha (4 times) and then cubia beta (once)

then you realize its not working and you go inside of it.

you choose 2 people to join your party (not your best people)

and you fight yuor shadow duplicates who have your exact stats (but i think a little less health)

I chose yata and zelkova for my first fight... i won easily.

2nd battle same thing happens but i chose bo and endrance because they were lower levels and i figured i could just use avatr awakening and win.

i use it and it does like 100 damage lol

thye good part was that the opp's had low health too so i not so easily won.

next battle i used kaede (ok) and alkaid (sux at this level 68) i won easily without anone dieing.

then finally gought cubia's core.

i used my main guys, kuhn and atoli both level 129.

we destroyed right arm then the left.

thenh we fought the core shield...it was hard but not too hard.

then i though it was over but then we fought central body!!!! (6000 hp!!!!)

we started crushiong it but his special cut scene blasts did damage.

i used all of my restoring rains, all of my noble rains and etc. and finally won without anyone dieing!

then there was an awesome cutscene in which you attack cubia in one big blow and ovan aids you in the end.

you talk to ovan, you save shino and the game is done! :D

Most of you probably didnt read that but the .hack series, even though it was repetitive at points, has the best storyline of any games ive played in my life and is one of the best trilogys ever!!!

Megaman Starforce 2!!!! Brothers wanted!!!!

So i got megaman starforce 2 for the DS and played for three ays and i beat the final boss :P

my friend also wants to add brothers,

my friend code is: 425352101622 my name is Perry

my friends friend code is: 317977919417 his name is MegamanZeroX

I have saurian and he has ninja, ive beaten the game and he is towards the end.

plz post friend codes and we can battle and stuff as well :D

here we go!

PS. (I have been watching phineas and ferb recently cuz the perry part is funny soive got a whole perry theme :P)

Chapter 27: Number 5, Nero

Please enjoy this chapter :D

here we go!

Chapter 27

"My name is Nero"

"What are you doing he-"Tora started to ask.

Nero was suddenly behind Tora with his hand glowing blue.

A line of blood shot out of Tora as Harune jumped up.

"You're not getting away!" said Nero with a sneer.

Blue energy shot out of his hand and wrapped around Harune's leg.

It pulled him down to the ground with a crash and then disappeared.

"What the hell was that?!?!" asked Tora.

"My Kekkai Genkai allows me to make my chakra visible and exert it out of my body." he replied.

Tora started to do hand signs and Harune followed suit.

They both yelled "Fire Technique: Fireball jutsu!"

Two fireballs erupted out of their mouth's and shot towards Nero.

Nero raised his hand and blue energy leaked out.

There was a big explosion and when the dust cleared, Nero was unharmed with a thin layer of chakra in the shape of a wall in front of him.

"You wont even be able to touch me" he said with a smile.

"Why are you here and who are your comrades?!" Tora asked.

"I am part of a group called The Seven. We are ranked 1 to 7 on our strength with 1 as highest and 7 as lowest. We have our rank printed on our bodies." Nero replied.

He pointed to his chest and said

"Just because I'm number 5 doesn't mean anything. You still wont beat me, we'll take over the leaf village if all their ninja are like that!"

"Y-you Bas****!!!" Tora yelled as he ran at Nero at full speed.

Nero shot a ball of chakra at Tora but it was intercepted by a fireball and they nullified each other.

"Hey I'm still here you know!" Harune remarked.

Tora shot his hand out to punch Nero but a blade made of chakra shot out of Nero's chest.

The blade shot into Tora's hand and then disappeared.

Tora grabbed his hand as blood gushed out of it.

Nero grabbed Tora by his hair and threw him across the room followed by several small chakra blasts.

"Phoenix flower jutsu!' Harune yelled.

His fire balls collided with Nero's blasts, destroying them.

Harune caught Tora s he fell and Tora stood back up.

"You have no idea who you're messing with." Tora said with a darker tone.

"No I do, you have the demon tiger inside you right?" Nero replied casually.

"That's right...You should know that I'll beat you now!" Tora remarked as his teeth grew and his eyes changed.

"No you wont." replied Nero. "#7 calculated to beat me you would need at least 5 tails."

"But of course if you do that you'll end up losing your mind and dieing."

"You can't base everything off calculations!!!" Tora yelled as he shot over towards Nero.

Tora punched at Nero with full force.

Nero reached up with his right hand and caught Tora's hand.

Tora's eyes widened in shock as he struggled to break free.

Nero squeezed and the crack of Tora's bones could be heard.

Nero smiled and said "c'mon demon boy, ya gonna go wild?"

Tora returned to normal and passed out.

"I don't like being ignored!" Harune yelled as he ran towards Nero.

"BLAZIKURO!" he yelled as his arm stabbed through Nero's torso.

Nero's body glowed bright blue and right before the massive explosion Harune heard Nero say;

"Sorry, it's a clone"


yeah sorry the chapter's a little short but i thought i'd end it with a cliff hanger :P

oh and please comment :)

Chapter 26: Tora's Mission

Sorry i ahevnt been on in a while, i had finals in school but their finally over and shcools out till september! :P

so without further ado, heres the first chapter of The Seven Arc.

Here we go!

Chapter 26:

Back at the village...

The newest Chuunin had just gotten their vests as proof of the4m being Chuunin.

"YES! Its time to do some awesome missions!" Tora exclaimed.

"Alright alright" said Rennok with a smile.

"We just got the newest missions from the hokage. There are some suspicious indivuals outside the village and we need some ninja to find out what their doing and if necessary, defeat them." Rennok said with a grin.

"Tora" he said.

"Yes sir!" Tora replied quickly.

"You are to take a Genin of your choice and go investigate where we know one of the individuals is. Ok?"

"Of course!" Tora replied.

"ill have to decide who is good for the job though..." he muttered.

"To help you decide you can watch the tapes of the Chuunin exam battles we recorded." offered Rennok.

"Awesome!" Tora replied as he took the tape.

"Any missions for me Rennok sensei?" Hikari asked.

"No sorry not right now." he replied.

"But I won..." she said under her breath.

"Alright smell you later guys!" Tora said as he jumped out the window towards his house.

As he got home, Tora popped the tape into his TV and observed the battles he missed and ones he already saw.

"Very interesting..." he muttered.

"I need to pick someone my jutsu is compatible with and someone like me."

he continued to watch until...

"That's it! This is the kid!" he yelled.

In the center of the village, a group of Genin were chatting about the exams.

"I didn't stand a chance..." said Fran. "I had to verse Elyk in the first round!"

"Yeah you had some bad luck" replied Yuu.

"You were awesome though Yuu!" Fran exclaimed.

"Hey! I was awesome too!" yelled Harune. "I tied in a battle against her and I could have won!"

"hehehe suuuure you could have" snickered Fran.

"Excuse me" Tora said as he walked by.

"Why I oughta!" Harune yelled as he went over to fran.

"HEY!" Tora yelled.

Everyone stopped and looked around at the runner up of the Chuunin exam tournament.

"I'm on a mission and I need to choose a genin to come alongside with me." he said

Everyone looked at one another and then back at Tora.

"Don't worry you don't have to prove yourself or anything" Tora said.

Everyone relaxed.

"I already decided whop I'm taking on the mission."

Everyone tensed up again.

Fran whispered to Yuu "Its definitely you"

Harune walked up next to Tora and said "When do we leave?"

"What are you talking about? He hasn't even chosen yet!" exclaimed Fran.

"Were leaving now I hope you're ready." Tora replied, ignoring Fran.

"Alright lets go" Harune replied, suddenly more serious.

Tora and Harune waked towards the village gate and by the time they got there, Harune knew the whole story.

"Calm down Fran" said Yuu.

"You should have been chosen though!' Fran whined.

"I didn't want to go anyways" she said with a straight face.

'Why not?" Fran said suddenly calm.

"Because Tora uses fire attacks, my plants would either die or get in the way and Harune uses fire as well so their perfect for a team of two." Yuu replied.

Tora and Harune got to the cave where a man stood there.

The man had orange spiked hair, black pants and was bare-chested.

Across his chest was the number 5.

He sneered and said "Welcome to hell boys"


hope you enjoyed it and please comment :D

Chapter 25: The Seven

Hey i know i havent posted a new chapter in a while and thats because i didnt fel like it but now i do becasue its the beginning of a new arc!!! *yay*

The new arc is...well i cant tell you :P

Well this is just the transition between arcs so its not too long...at all but still leave comments and ill post the next one soon :D

Here we go!

Chapter 25:

"Congratulations Hikari, you won the tournament!" Schuji said with a smile.


"Oh right I forgot...both of them lost..." she thought

"You should get to the hospital now." he urged.

"Alright, thank you" she said with a frown.

"I'm not at Tora's level anymore...I have to keep training..." she thought.

Hikari slowly started to walk towards the exit.

"I don't deserve the title of Chuunin..." she thought.

She made her way to the hospital and was gotten a room.

*The Next Day*

Hikari woke up in her bed.

In the next two beds over, lay Tora and Kaito.

Kaito was still silent in his bed but Tora was up energetic.

"Hikari! You're awake!" he said with relief.

He jumped out of his bed and landed on hers.

"T-Tora!" Hikari stuttered, blushing.

"You won!" he said with a smile.

"You won the tournament and have a guaranteed spot as a Chuunin!" he exclaimed.

"Oh yeah!" Hikari said to herself.

"You forgot!?" Tora exclaimed.

"Well I was worried about you two!" said Hikari as she turned around blushing.

"I hope I get to be a Chuunin..." said Tora quietly.

"You will Tora, definitely" she smiled

"So what happened to Kaito? Is he OK?" Hikari asked.


"Yeah of course! He's fine!" Tora said with a smile.

"You hear that Kaito! She knows you're not asleep!" Tora yelled into Kaito's ear.

"Tora..." Kaito started

"Yeah your plan was foiled!" Tora grinned

"I WAS ASLEEP!" Kaito yelled.

The door knob rattled and the door opened.

Schuji walked in with his clipboard.

"I'm here to announce the new Chuunin of the Leaf Village" he said with a smile.


Hikari frowned and looked down.


Kaito smiled smugly and lay back down.


"YES!" Tora yelled as he jumped out of his bed

Tora gave Hikari a hug and she immediately looked up.

Kaito and Tora were smiling and she joined them.

"Hey! I wasn't finished yet!" Schuji yelled.

"Our last Chuunin is...Jouji!"

Jouji walked into the room with a smile.

While they enjoyed small talk,

Across the country...

7 warriors stood facing each other.

"It's finally time..." said one.

"Yes...indeed." replied another one.

"We The Seven will commence our ultimate objective..." said another.

"The destruction of the leaf!" they all said at once.

I hope you enjoyed this tiny segment and ill post the next one soon :P

My first Bleach AMV!!!

Ive always watched bleach but the final battle of grimmjow and ichigo inspire4d me to finally make an amv of them so i did :D

Enjoy, leave comments, criticism, and...

here we go!!!