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Left 4 Dead 4 PS3

I know a lot of peaople have wondered why valve did not develop left 4 dead on sony's machine. But recently it has been announced that the 4 player online mayhem will be ported to the ps3. There have not been many news about it but what can you do to feel a similar experience on playstation? well, there are two things i can think of: first pop in your copy of resistance 2, then go to the one player campain, go to select mission and choose the one in idaho, choose the third or fourth check point where you meet the black dude and then let the zombie holocaust begin. chimeran zombies will begin to hatch out of their cocoons and start to charge at you. choose the rossmore shotgun as your main weapon, since it murders the zombies with one shot. The other way of raging through the infected bastards is to go to the online coop campain and choose the mission in chicago, i recommend you choose the soldier class, since it has equipped a rossmore shotgun and a minigun which are ideal for barraging through masses of mutants. I hope these tips can aid you in the search of a true zombie massacre on your playstation 3 (or at least hold you off until you get a 360 and l4d or l4d on it self if you already own a 360 or pc.). Next is my awards for game of the year.

THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Im back

Im back guys! Im sorry i havent been blogging for like 2 months or something but i have been gaming a lot this fall man were the games good or what so far the best one is is fallout 3 and second place lbp prob the biggest dissapointment is naruto uns because it was pretty repetitive. Il try to post a few reviews but i will be destroying prince of persia on ps3, just got it today. Its pretty similar to PoP the two thrones and i think gamespots review is BS PoP deserves at least an 8.5. Well good bye.

My B day is sunday

My birthday is sunday which means im getting games and money.

This is what im planning on getting

De Blob seen good reviews

Wario land shake it feels like paper mario which i love

With bday money

Little Big Plannet

Fable 2

Fallout 3

Im going to have a game off with 7 friends

We're going to play

Halo 3


Soul Calibur 4

Mario kart wii

Naruto rise of a ninja

And tales of vesperia co op

See you next time with my tales of vesperiia review

Gaming in fall

As I promised I'll preview what we lucky gamers will experience during fall. First things first, a list of the games we are anticipating on each console.(Note: every multiplatform game is going to be purchased on PS3.)

PS3, this one's going to be big:

Mercenaries 2

Star Wars the force unleashed


Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm


Fallout 3

Sonic unleashed

Resistance 2

Prince of Persia

Motorstorm 2

Ratchet and Clank Quest for booty

Xbox 360:

Too Human

Fable 2

Naruto: the broken bond

Gears of war 2

Banjo 3

Wii, hardly:

Animal crossing cityfolk


Sonic chronicles

July is done.

All my goals are achieved for this month. I got Final Fantasy IV DS, Soul Calibur IV PS3, and Pixeljunk Eden. I think it was a great month. I´ll be playing Soul for a long time. FFIV is great, especially the characters, and PixelJunk Eden is addictive, but hard. In the next NSL I´ll be talking Gears 2, Resistance 2, PoP, LBP and more. Plus a review on Soul Calibur IV.

Sonic Adventure Dreamcast Review

I haven´t bought many sonic games, but of what I´ve played, everything was absolute crap. I think this is the best of the series.

Graphics : Great 128 bit graphics for when it came out in 1999.

Story : Nothing inventive here, but, pretty decent, the standard chaos emerald plot.

Gameplay : The meat and potatoes of the game. Just running and jumpin through super fast and colorful levels. Just like Sonic should be!

Sound : Awesome Rock soundtrack and sound effects.

Replayability: Great replayability. After completing each stage and minigame, you unlock them in trial mode, which allows you to replay them with each character.

Length: Long, considering you play six storylines.

Score: 9.4

Two systems down, four to go!!!!

A week ago, I started collecting old systems.(NES,N64) It might sound very hard, but I found a person that sells me old systems and old games at great prices. I started thinking, " I'm so young, I haven't experienced much of gaming's best ages" I'm already in my early teens and I started gaming at four years old. I could have played a lot of classics like Zelda OoT or DK64 but I was too young to want games. I was satisfied with Super Mario 64 and Yoshi's story. I'm very experienced for my age but until a late age I focused on buying movie based games with the exception of the sly cooper series, which I follow religiously. Back to the main topic, last week, on saturday, I acquired a Sega Dreamcast, complete with two controllers, a VMU and two games: Sonic Adventure (which I'll do a review on next week) and Soul Calibur (Which is a bit disfunctional, Ivy and Kilik don't work, and that only leaves a fairly limited two-player mode available but that's good enough. That's how hardcore I am. A normal person would return it, but I just keep it on my collection. Sorry for the arrogance.) And I got a great deal on it all that for $50. That's more bang for your buck than one of those expensive and terrible minigame-filled gimmicky Wii games (I love the Wii but I really hate those gimmicky Wii games and their respective commercials. gggg, It gives me shivers just thinking about it.). I think it was an amazing deal. This week, I decided to get a Nintendo 64 (For those who check my collection out, I HAD an N64 when I was four but I lost it along with the games. That's why it was listed in my collection. I don't have any of the N64 games listed in my collection anymore except for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which i got along the N64 this week.) with a controller and The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time. (I'll take me "some"(A LOT OF) time to complete it. I'll do a review on it as soon as I beat it.) This time it was not as great a deal as the Dreamcast, the whole package was 40, but, You will NEVER be able to pay enough money for ZELDA!!!!!!!! That pretty much summarizes the two purchases. I'll keep an extensive coverage on each purchase. And my next post will be a calendar describing When and What purchase.

The Gamer,


Sly, come back !!!

Its two years and a half since there has been a new Sly Cooper in the Playstation. And Sucker Punch is working on SOMETHING ELSE!!!!!!! I just think it is very ridiculous that while Insomniac has worked on seven Ratchet and clanks (not counting the clank spinoff on the PSP)and naughty dog on four Jaks and a PSP spinoff. Its ridiculous that they could not make even a little spinoff on the PSP. All I want is to see my favorite raccoon on the PS3 or whatever system. Even if it is on the PS1.

Top 10 coolest weapons

Today I am going to countdown my top ten coolest weapons in games.

10.Rayman's hands.

9.Sly cooper's cane

8.Cloud Stryfe's guillotine sword

7.The dagger of time.

6.Master Sword

5.Sephiroth's long-ass katana thing

4.Blades of Chaos

3.Ebony and Ivory

2.Chainsaw Bayonnet

1.Altair's switchblade

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