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What is the relationship between a land title search company and title indexing services? A land title search company is one that buys all kinds of information on the title and claims of ownership based on this information. A title search company then goes about the business of researching and finding old deeds and public records to find anything related to the title. These may include old town boundaries, names of neighbors, and sometimes board of title records.

It can be a tedious process of trying to find this information on your own when you have no title search done. This is where the title search company comes in. With a land title search company, you get detailed information on a title from many different sources.

How does a land title search company get all of this information? The majority of land title search companies use a central database from which they pull title information. This information includes county, town, and state names along with the street name and number. Most title search services also have access to secondary data such as survey maps and sometimes street diagrams.

What types of things do these companies have access to when it comes to old titles? A land title search company will access public records through various means. Sometimes the company will access courthouses and public archives, while sometimes it will just look online. The company will then examine the information that it has gathered and provide you with a title search report.

How accurate are these title search reports? The title search services company has no idea if the information that it has come from public or private sources. They only have the title of the record in hand. So, if the record is old or if it doesn't contain very relevant information, the company might not be able to find the correct name of the person.

However, even if the person's name is available in the title and other places in the record, it could still be incorrect. Sometimes the records are wrong for entirely different reasons. For example, if there was a marriage in county X and title Y and the second person's title was identical to the first person's title, then the person would appear as the wrong name on the record. Even though the name is identical, there is no way to tell whether the records are being accurate or not.

So, a title search doesn't promise that the company will be able to give you the precise information you need. But, you can expect quality results, accurate information, and good customer service from this company. Also, they are not expensive, so you won't have to worry about that.

Once you use the title search company, you will get a report that tells you where the person is. Usually, it only takes about five minutes to receive your report. Once you've got your report, you can then decide whether or not to proceed with the search. Title Search Services Texas If the person is named in the records, you should go ahead with the search. Otherwise, you can keep searching until you find the correct details.

Keep in mind that the company you use should charge you only after they have located the person. Therefore, you should know whether or not they will return your phone calls and emails. You also want to know how long it will take them to get back to you. By the same token, you should make sure the company will return all your searches. And, if they don't, then you may want to consider using another company.

When you need to locate some personal information, such as birth dates, addresses, and other records, you can usually do this through a public database. However, you need to be aware that these databases are often very large and may take a while to find what you need. Another option would be to use Title Indexing Services to perform your searches. These companies will provide you with the information you are looking for and at a reasonable cost. Just be aware that you may have to pay for the results.