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Dark Knight knows some moves

Hey people, after a long long time, its a blog from me (omgomgomg). I've been obsessed with Batman Arkham Asylum since the past few days and to describe it in one word : AWESOME. If you remotely like action/detective/platformers/stealth games, you should NOT miss this.Too lazy to write a full review, but here are my short thoughts on the game...

I play on the PC with maxed settings and the game looks simply awesome. The environments are dark yet colorful and realistic. Too bad we need to spend so much time in detective vision.

The story is the usual I-want-to-take-over-gotham-with-my-ingenious-plan-type but the progression is weaved nicely with the sidequests, the riddler's riddles in particular. Those are fun to figure out. Collecting trophies which are hidden in different locations is fun too. I was more worried about collecting trophies rather than saving the hostages at some points :P

The combat, according to me, is the best aspect of the game. There is a freeflow combat system which allows you to chain combos together. You can counter, flip-dodge and perform some takedowns without losing the flow, making the dark knight faster and more agile as the combos start to build up. Batman sure knows how to dance. Take a look at this challenge mode challenge to see what I mean...


Did I tell you the combat is awesome?


Until next time...bye!

Vote for a new emblem design!

Hey everyone, long time no bloggy. There is a new gamespot emblem coming up which will be awarded to those who submit lots of gamespace banners.

Currently, those who get at least one banner accepted get the Artistic Genius emblem :

The design of the new emblem is entirely up to members of the GGBU but I decided to let everyone in on the voting...the emblem will be awarded to everyone after all. You can vote for as many designs as you want for a max of 2 designs per designer. Get there and vote now! :D [ link ]

Oh...and rate my new sig while you're here :P

Rate this / 10

In case you dont see it...Click meh

The only problem is when you use the gamespot's LIGHT theme, which kills most of the sig.

I'll have a lot of time from now on, about 2 hours everyday when I'm sitting in the office. I wont be acces gamespot but I can design all I want. If you have some requests, now is the time for my comeback :D


As for other news, there were not too many submissions for the Games WITHOUT banners this time. Yup, the semi-finalists will be announced within this week. Happy emblem in advance to all those who pass :P


Long time no bloggy ^_^

This one is made especially for that game which has taken most of my time this month. 2Moons is a free to play MMORPG, developed by Akklaim. It has good graphics, gameplay and its a lot of fun.

Check out this video, showcasing some of the good stuff. The first half consists of the SIEGE BATTLES (some team fortress kind of multiplayer mode which I dont know about yet) and short clips of the playable character classes. Next half is taken from my own char :)


In case you dont see the vid, click here

Here are some screens. Click for full size :

Free Image Hosting at me getting owned by this boss :cry:

Free Image Hosting at how I looked at lvl 53 :D

Free Image Hosting at thats gonna hurt :twisted:

Free Image Hosting at fishing

Aaaaand finally, my new siggy ^_^


For more, visit the official site. If you're interested in the game, PM me or give your email address here. You could register by yourself but it would help me a bit it I invited people heh heh.... ^_^

Forgive me

Its been a really long time. All of you must have given up waiting for the requests to be done and I apologize for that. Its funny how I manage to take in all the requests knowing that I might end up having you guys wait for an eternity.

For those STILL waiting for me to finish (though its highly likely that no one is...), let me know right now. I have a couple of days and I am willing to dedicate them to gamespot. All you have to do is just let me know that you're still waiting. I'll be happy to complete the pending requests as soon as.

In other news, I've been here on gamespot but I've got lots of responsibilities, mainly that of the Gamespot's Gamespace Banner Union. The leader has been away since a long time and I've been working hard to manage the union. That union is the only one where you can submit your own gamespace banners (and earn an emblem in the process) and have themup on the site ;) Its a tough job but I'm not complaining. I like to work under pressure I guess. If you're interested, join and have fun. :)

Finally and most importantly, I'm thinking of permanently closing the RotM blogs, after this final one. If I cant do requests on time, I dont need to take requests. Haven't decided yet. Anyways, enough for now.

UPDATE : Here are the first set of requests....














I'll keep updating as I make them

RotM April - I NEED HELP edition :(

Yeah yeah, I really need help in a small matter. There is only one reason why this blog is coming out early. I need help with a couple of decisions regarding my sigs and profile banner.

First things first, here are the pending requests from the last blog.





I hate image manipulations :| Gime something hard next time okay :P






banner to come soon....


And heres the part where I need help. Simply answer these for me...

1. Do you think I need a profile banner change ? [Y/N]

2. Do you think I need a blog images change ? [Y/N]

3. I got these two sigs. I dont know which to use. HELP ME DECIDE.


I like em both but I can use only one.

4. Check out my desktop screens for the month of March, in my images tab. Rate them out of 10 :D


Pending requests to be done as soon as. Remember, I NEED PICS. Dont direct me here and there, just post a direct link to the images.

Oh, and before I forget....thanks to Nate-The-Great for this gift he made me :)


RotM March - I'm not busy now edition

I used to be busy. A lot. But now I got a couple of weeks that can spend doing whatever I please. Its been a hectic 2007 for me so far. The assignments dont stop pouring in, some of the other small tests always show up. Anyways, be sure to fully utilize my BREAK WEEK. Get em while they're hot !









More requests to be done as soon as.

Note that some of you have PM-ed me their requests. Wrong move. I always delete them since I get a lot of spam (union invites, etc).. Make sure you repost your request here.



RotM - February all know the rules and what this blog is by now ;)
I'll get straight to business...


 ------  ------

pick any one ;)
















aaaaaand this one is for me lol

More to come soon....I'll update when I'm done.

Look whos back !

I know, I know.....its been a really long time since anyone heard from me. Its been a really long time since I finished requests. I've been on vacation after my exams ended but now I'm back.

I know many have been waiting for their requests to be finished and most of you have left. I apologize for that. I guess I'm not capable of handling multiple requests. Maybe I should join a union or something just to make my shoulders lighter.

Anyways, I dont want to give long speeches. The second reason why I made this blog is coz I need your help. I picked lots of awesome games while I was on vacation and now I have the chance to play. Bad news is, my university opens real soon. I hardly have 10 days and I want to make the most outa them. Yeah.....I mean doing all-nighters if thats what it takes :lol:

I have to say, the PC version of the game looks a LOT LOT better than the 360 or the ps3 versions. Why, well I got a kick ass PC thats why ! The graphics looks stunning and the gameplay is just as great.
             FINAL FANTASY XII
Nothing to say about this game. This game is awesome. Not the best FF ever but great. I've given this one most of my gaming time.

Shin Megami Tensei : Devil Summoner
Gamespot's Reader's choice winner for the most long winded game title :P The full name of the game ?
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner - Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army (PS2). What you guys might not know, I'm a huge fan of the Shin Megami Tensei series. My avatar, sigs, profile banner, blog header, can guess. I'm luck I found a copy of the game in the store. Cant wait to play it. But it gets worse....

Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2

....and THIS is what I mean by worse. A couple of more SMT games. AARGH ! Now I cant decide between the SMT games  :cry: After a year of searching, I luckily get what I wanted. Hey Rockman, I guess we're even ;)

This game looks gooooooooooood. REAL GOOD. Good thing my PC can not only handle it, but I can max out all settings at 1280 x 1024.

And thats about it. I got so much to do, so little time.
So heres my question
: What games do you think I should concentrate on? I hardly have 10 days, remember.

Thats it for this blog. Sorry I wasn't able to do the requests on time. I'll see what I can do in the few days I got left. If you;re still waiting, let me know so I can work on them. I know most of you have given up. :(

RotM : January - Exam edition :(

Yeah, I know.....I dont have anything to celebrate this year....all thanks to the final exams. No worries for those who made their requests though, my shop is still open ! I may be slowed down but I'm not dead ;)

Enough chatter, here are the pending requets....


if you use IE7/Firefox/Opera/Maxthon/etc, use this...

if you use the crappy IE6 or below, use this

the 2nd sig is for the pop-out to show perfectly in older browsers.


I'll update the blog as I finish requests.
Remember....I STILL HAVE EXAMS. :P
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