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Well it seems like the end of an era for me. After studying at my secondary school for 7 years now, yesterday was my final day! It was so weird not knowing how to feel that I won't be submerged with the people I've been with for 7 years anymore. One part of me is excited/nervous for university and the future but then another part of me is quite saddened that I won't be in school again where life is so easy and I have a comfortable position with all the teachers and friends. 3 weeks of exams lie ahead of me now before a week in Tenerife with 8 of my good mates, I can't wait for that. It's going to be crazy!

Also looking forward to E3 thats coming up soon, can't wait to see what Sony and Microsoft have to offer this year! I am quite annoyed that the Sony conference seems to be 1:00AM in the morning GMT time but I suppose it's something I'll have to deal with.

I'm back again! ... Again!

A long period of absence due to a few things has come to an end. I've been busy with all sorts of things, mainly school, work and friends but I've now got more time on my hands and have decided to return. Exams are coming up soon and they'll decide whether I'll get into university or not. I've already chosen the uni's and have got offers from Cardiff and Edinburgh but it all depends on how I get on in these exams!

Spare time has been spent really well lately, most of it down on the beach chilling out and playing rugby! It really has been awesome.

And so the Holidays begin :D

Well these last few days have been pretty interesting. Saturday included a nice relaxing day, which was then followed by a random car journey with my friends that went from 7:30.. to 1:30 in the morning, with us not going anywhere in particular.. the night was spent with silly string, icing, driving to a town called Bethlehem, playing on a giant spider web at 12ish.. and much more random things haha. I fell asleep in the back of the car to be woken up by one of my friends Madeline, with her covering me in silly string.

Sunday then saw me and 15 friends all go paintballing. What a way to spend 3 hours, although i ended up with 4 minor bruises. Our team lost in the end 2-1 on rounds.. but the last round was Amazing. Its called "Haybails" and you spend the round playing an all for all game, and if you are shot by somebody you remain in the game. In fact you remain in the game until you have ran out of paint.

Yesterday was just an average game in the 6th form not doing much now that ****s have been finished. Similar to today except for the fact we now have a table tennis set in the 6th form common room. What a great buy. Never playing the game before, i thought i did quite well. We had a tournament and out of something like 12 people i came fourth :D

Now that the school day has finished, the summer holidays have officially started. 6 weeks now of well hopefully finding a job so i can continue with my driving lessons.. but also spending time with the mates and partying as much as possible also. Fingers crossed these holidays are going to be excellent :D

Hello again

Well it's been almost a year now, but i am finally back people. Thanks to the great help customer service were, I can finally use this website again, which when in times of slight boredom is a big plus.

Anyway a little update on how things are with me.. Well i am now part of the 6th form in my school. Well in fact im pretty much in the upper 6th form. Year 13, the senior year etc. I have also made the cut as a "Senior Prefect" and am in charge of the 6th form finances and am also a head of the 6th form school council. I am now studying "A2" courses, with Chemistry, Maths and Welsh being the courses i have chosen.

I find myself down the beach almost every night these days, having a good game of rugby with the guys, and a number of girls as well, and things seem to be going really good in life :D

But yeah i'm going to keep this short and sweet and finish off by saying "Hello everybody :D"

Job dissapointment :( No brushing with the stars for me

Well at the end of my last blog I mentioned how a job oppurtunity had arised but did not state what the job was incase I didnt get the job, and that is the case but ill say what the job is anyway. Well nothing much usually happens in little old pembrokeshire (My home county) but this month has seen fame come to a few of the beaches. Firts of some Harry Potter scenes for the last film have been shot here and now its the turn of the new Robin hood film. Now my dad is working as an extra on the film and is excited to be working alongside Russel Crowe and Ridley scott. Well my dad was talking to one of the crew on set and they sai dthey needed more people to work as well assisstants and that they were looking mainly for people who have just left school. Well I fitted the bill but by the time my dad put my name forward they had already filled the spaces. No job for me.

The worst thing is that it was alot of work I have missed out on and at the end alot of money. It seems a hard job because albeit temporary its a 12-14 hour day and for 21 days straight, at the end of which I would have gained between £1000 and £1500, which is alot of money.. Never mind hey im sure theer will be more hollywood actors back in our little welsh county soon ;) haha

thanks for reading :D

let the holidays commence =D, May also have found a great temp job

Well as you all know by now my exams have finished and Im now a few days into my holidays. Usually my holidays end up being quite boring with me not doing anything and going out to play basketball every now and again. These holidays however seem to be going into a much better direction. Ive been ouut everyday so far playing rugby, cricket, football and basketball. My mates have been down everyday and its going great. Today has been the best so far though. The day started off by me meeting up with two friends and going down to the beach, where we waited for the others to come and meet us on the beach. We waited for like 2 hours but it was still really fun just throwing the rugby ball around and having a dip in the sea. The guys turned up and I think we were disturbing some of the older folk on the beach, through no fault of our own. We had a small barbeque and were listening to some music and generally having a good time, I think what annoyed people was that there was like 20 of us just mesisng around. Anyway we were down in the sea alot aswell which didnt go well for me. I forgot swim shorts and so I just wore my normal shorts in which had consequences later on (Sand in not nice places). Towards the end alot of the people had left and there was about 7 of us left whcih was really nice. the sun was on its way down and we were sat in a group on the beach listening to very nice relaxing music like Jason Miraz, and playing teh acoustic guitar.

Well now that I am home I think I may be getting sunstroke. It wasnt that hot outside but all the time in the water gave me a really bad sunburn and now even though I am lieing with a fan pointed at me I am still really hot, have a headache and I swear I can feel a pulse in my cheeks. So Im going to sleep now just incase I have sunstroke and make it worse with teh laptop.

Oh and I may be getting a really cool job in a really cool place and get a lot of money. But Ill tell you about that tomorrow, all Im saying is that it involves a beach, russel crowe and Ridley Scott....

Schools out for summer :)

Well today marked the last day of compulsary school for me. Easy exam in the form of welsh listening (listen to a tape in welsh and then answer questions on it) and then a nice day chilling out with some friends. After the exam we had a nice kick about with the rugby ball and generally relaxed. Unfortunately our leavers hoodies wasnt ready. The company that is making the hoodies is a small local business and they offered us a large range of colours. They are now regretting it because they have to make 160 hoodies and they have had to change the printing cartridge alot, so we have to wait until tuesday before we can get them. Now we have a 11 week holiday and apart from tuesday I dont have to go to school again in that period.

[The top school building, our schools broken into three parts but this is where my form is situated]

Weve got loads of things planned for the summer. Theres a circuis in town and I might be going there tomorrow, then on monday were all meeting up to have a game of rugby and relax. Tuesday were all getting our hoodies before going into town. wednesday were going down the beach for a barbeque and general party. Then on friday were camping down by my friends house having a party again, there will be quite a fair few of us and luckily enough we have 5 tents :) Then on saturday were going to a place called abereidy, which is basically a nice little beach. But next to it tehres a place round here we call the blue lagoon. It used to be a mining site but after it was closed they opened it open to the sea and now its like a huge lagoon. Its pretty deep and its a great site to go "jumping"

well thanks for reading :)

Lions raww again, and tomorrow , I just cant wait

Well last night the lions performed decently again. Maybe not as good as against the golden lions but much better than against the cheetahs. First half was dull going in at the break at 7-3 lions with one try to us and one penalty to them. Second half we picked up the pace and by the end the score was 39-3 with the lions scoring another 4 tries and also a penalty and kept the lions at bay.

Lions hooker Lee Mears

Lee mears scoring a try there :P

Oh the best news is tomorrow is my last day in school. its not even a day, its 45minutes. I have a welsh listening exam and after that compulsary school is oblivion. We get our school leavers hoodies aswell, which is really cool. Its basically a hoodie with 09 on the back, our surname or nickname and the school logo on the front. But the 09 is made out of everyone from our school years name, and we got to customise our hoodies like pick the colour of the text and actual hoodie. and whether we had the "Tasker milward Griffyn" which is the school emblem but in its place we can have TM, standing for Tasker milward. Ive opted for a navy Hoodie with white writing, thomas above the 09 and the gryffin on the front. Weve got some plans for after the exam and for next week but then we have 10 weeks after that before starting 6th form.

Thanks for reading :D

Computer goes BOOM !

Well I am really quite annoyed because my computer has gone caput. There is a a fault in the wiring for the electrics in my house and without anything on there is a surge of power going somewhere in the house. Well I was upstairs going for the toilet leaving my computer briefly and suddenly all the electrics went. Turned out my dad had plugged in the iron down stairs and there was slight power surge which triggered the circuit beaker. When I went back into my room my computer was off and when I turned on the computer I find its buggered up. It will turn on but the bios wont run correctly. I dont know whats wrong with the computer but my mum is trying to get it repaired by the housing council because we told them they had made a mistake with the wiring but they sent a guy out who said, this is terrible, the surges should definately not be happening. then went on to say he cant do it so he'll send out his boss, who hasnt showed up. The problem with getting the housing association to fix the computer is tha there are around 500 music files on there from .. *other people* friends and such .. anyway I am having to use a poxy laptop now that is nowhere near as fast as My PC but atleast its something. As a replacement I wouldnt mind getting this PC

Acer Aspire Predator G7200 Defender - Quad-Core Gaming PC with ATI Radeon HD4850 graphics

I doubt its going to happen though seeing as the price tag for this is £995. Anyway I can dream :) Oh and the Britsih and Irish lions are playing their strongest opposition of the south africa tour tonight. Their against a team called the sharks, I'll let you know how that gets on tomorrow ;)

Damn Gordon Brown and poltics !

Well as most of you may have heard (may have not) the Labour political party suffered a horrific blow in the european parliment elections. Whats annoyed me most about this defeat is the fact that the conservatives had the majority vote in wales. I dont understand how this can happen, wales has ben Labour since 1918 and although I do not support the Labour party I definately do not support the Conservative party. I support Plaid Cymru (Party Wales), if yu havent heard of this party its all about wales becoming an independant country. At the moment wales is governed by England like Scotland is, But England have more control over Wales than they do Scotland. So P;aid cymrua re basically all for welsh independance. Now Gordon Brown if you ask me isnt the main reason for Labour suffering such a bad poll. I think the main reason is the recession, Labour are in power and so people are blaming Gordon Brown. Its not his fault but at the same time I think he could have done more.

The only good thing I can see that came from Labours bad defeat was that Plaid cymru got 2.something % more this election compared to the last vote. Saying that in britain as a nation BNP have gained a seat in the lancashire and now have 2 seats in the european parliment. Thats bad, the BNP are a bunch of racists in my view. I agree with some of their ideas but not for the same reasns. They want Britain to be a totally Christian coountry but at the same time they want it to be strictly British. Now I agree with the christian point (Even though Im aetheist) because I feel as a christian nation w ehave an Identity and were not just basically a soup of every religion. Thats not to say that other religions are to be prohibited but is to say that the majority are Christian, like the BBC broadcast from a Christian view and not from the view they are now. Britain is so worried about offending other countrie we have loast our backbone and that for any country is a backbone. I dont agree we should be a strictly british country but it would be nice to see more british people. Sounds strange but when you go to a city like Birmingham, you may be surprised to hear the british population is becoming a minority. I hope im not offending any one that read sthis as I do not want to do that, I am merely voicing an opinion. But back to my point having more seats held by the BNP is a bad thing.

Thats it for today, thanks for reading =D