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I have recently published a qualified game on Google Play Store called Fun Race.

The link:

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Race Fun is a milestone in the genre of endless 2D arcade racing combined with the coins and gems collections. Drive your car through traffic, collect coins and gems, and buy new cars. Try to be one of the best race fun scorers in the global leaderboards.


- Addictive and smooth game flow

- 18 different cars to choose from

- Collecting coins and buying new cars

- Collecting gems getting to have the chance to continue a game after crash

- After a while coin objects starts to give you x2 and x4 more coins in the game

- Competition with yourself and the whole world

- Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements


- Tilt or Touch to steer (Tilt or touch can be selected on the settings screen)

- Tap on the screen to break down


- The faster you go the more scores you get, but do not forget to collect coins

- The more distance you drive the more scores you get

The game will be updated constantly. Please rate and give your feedback for further improvement of the game.

Please follow us at:

If you like the game plase like and share the facebook page :)