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Is Dante's Inferno really a rip-off of God of War?

It just baffles me beyond belief that Gamespot had no kind words to give to this game on how it's such a rip-off of God of War. I'm sure if the third iteration of Kratos's adventure wasn't being released so soon and in a window where other "beat-em-up" games were being released at such close proximity, Gamespot would have been much kinder. With a score of 6.5 however, it's nitpicking, especially since there have been blatant God of War-ripoffs in the past that did not suffer similar accusations (the biggest being Heavenly Sword). Now I do understand there were small gameplay issues and the games starts to fall a bit flat after a few hours, but to knock off a point for being derivative is simply being biased. God of War is the king of Western-developed "beat-em-up" games, and there won't be an equal. But such scrutiny would've been given to games such as Bayonetta being too close to Devil May Cry, and yet nothing of such sorts was brought up about it.