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Three Year Anniversary on Gamespot

Well it looks like today marks my three year anniversary on Gamespot. The years went by as a flash but I find myself spending less and less time on this site. There is just something about me that doesn't attract me to it like it did in 2007-08. I do come on here occasionally but I don't post much. Today is also my friend's, Navigata, birthday, so if you see him around wish him a happy birthday. Well thanks for reading...for the two of you that probably do and go Red Sox!

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's day! The amount of awesome candy that comes out during this time is indescribable. My favorite candy during this time are the Hershey cherries kisses. I could eat those all day.

Killzone 2 and Finals

Killzone 2 for the PS3 simply looks awesome. I will be picking this game up in February. If you have not seen it, watch this video.

My last final is tomorrow, and I get a four days off. I didn't do so well on my finals. I would say that I did horrible and it sucks, but oh well :(.

At least I have CoD WAW to play and I'm going snowboarding this week :D

New TV

A couple of days ago, I got a new TV for the living room. It is a Sony XBR 6 46". It is amazing, is all I can say. I watched the Dark Knight on Blu-ray on it, and my jaw dropped all the way down. Great TV, I highly recommend it. Here is a picture of it:

I also got a home theater system and a Blu-ray player. Planet Earth is simply outstanding on Blu-ray.

In other news, the Celtics finally lost against the Lakers last night, losing 83 to 92, and snapping their 19 game win-streak.

Have a happy new year!

Why Did You Do it GameSpot?

WhyGamespot, why did you have to make the forums wide? Why!? I hate the new forums and many things bother me about them. They are too slow, they are unorganized, the font is horrible, and it goes on and on. The old ones were at least 100x times better. I will be probably spending 1/5 of my time here now because of the redesign. I never got used to the new profiles and I am sure I will not get used to the new forums.

On the gaming side, Call of Duty: World at War comes out tomorrow and I can't wait! I will be probably be picking it up Friday or Saturday.

2 Year Anniversary On Gamespot

Today marks the day of my 2 year anniversary on Gamespot. Some of the things that I have achieved on this site are:

1. Level 37

2. 2626 posts

3. 227 friends

Today is also my friend's birthday, navigata. So if you see him wish him a happy birthday. Here is a little gift for you:

I Hate The New GameSpot

I hate the new GameSpot, I hate it, I hate it! The profiles are all clustered and the Gray colors are not very appealing to the eye. I liked the old profiles where everything was under tabs. Not to mention that the new GS is VERY slow. I sometimes feel like I have Dial-up when I am on this site. That's about it....
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