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Its been a while...

wow, its been a while since ive acually gotten on my ACC for gamespot. i no i have not been on but now i will be!!! I have been obsessed w/ games, ive been going places and ive been obsessed w/ games~. so i will now be on a lot more so do not worry people!

Im so sry every1 :(

sry if i havent been on lately. ive been really obsessed w/ a game (or games) and ive completely forgotten. so if u could, answer to this and just say something. and to spikey i completely apologize. i no i havent been on the PLAU for a while and i think u got rid of it but i would like to apoligize.


Rockerode: AKA michael

Another bad Valentine's day

Yet again i have had a dull valentines day, no one asked me to out or anything, can someone try to cheer me up and dont say there are many fish in the sea or anything like that please