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Hi, and random curiosity..oh, and write/read user reviews? check out this thread

Hi people, yes I am still alive, just wondering if people can actually see blogs now (assuming we're tracking each other ofc) - My setting are all still on friends only as always and the bug is apparently fixed but some people still seem to be having issues; if you can see both my profile+blog then everything's working fine; if one of them you can't see then there's still issues (though hopefully you'll be able to see this in the 'friends blogs' RSS feed even if you can't view the main pages themselves) and it'd be helpful to let me know (whether view PM or, if you can, a comment in this blog) if part of it still isn't working as intended, if it works fine then post if you want, I'm not that bothered either way, still a ton of stuff to catch up with and not much time to catch up with things still atm. Oh, one other thing, anyone know if there's a non-fuse non-RSS version of the list of 'friends' still? or alternatively, if there's direct links to normal GS profiles on the fuse profiles of other people? Because I can't seem to find either atm, which is proving somewhat inconvenient.

Edit: Tried changing the blog pref to everyone temporarily for the purposes of checking this, but the blog setting won't save.:? Would still love to know if there's a non-fuse friendlist/links to friends main GS profiles on fuse however. Hopefully at least a few people can still see this, rather than my blogs still being effectively private (not that I use them much anyway :L) And finally, for those that actually still look at my blog, and more importantly, use the user review system on GS (whether that be writing or just reading), go to this thread and post/vote, if enough (don't ask just how many that is) people vote wanting improvements to the system we'll actually see a change to that now rather old system. Spread the word!

Disappearing briefly, yet again.

Just a quick note for anyone that's interested - I'm gonna be disappearing yet again, internet access will be severely limited for a little while..hopefully will have normal net access again within a week or so though...I'll be busy again, primarily with uni work, by then so my activity is unlikely to jump back up that fast, but I'll be able to get on at least briefly each day again then. I need to catch up with all your blogs again at some point too. \= Anyway, that's all for now...may or may not update when I'm back to normal net access again.

Reducing activity on GS further..

Wow, it's been a long time since I've written one of these..well, this one isn't going to be particularly long.. for starters, I'm leaving all but 2 unions, and will most likely cease posting in both of those 2 as well once they've finishing moving off site; some of you may have noticed I'd already left a lot of them, well this is basically me just leaving almost all of the rest of them now; also, with the Union Awards (click here if you haven't seen this year's results ceremony yet) now over i will be posting even less in the main GS forums as well (not that I ever posted in them much anyway). in addition it is likely that i will start checking through blogs only like once a week or longer rather than every day or 2 now as well, which means i may miss a lot more of your blogs...that probably won't make much difference to most of you though seen as most blogs i just read and don't bother commenting in... well that's about it really...cya around I guess..

Broken PC; Catching up with stuff; and Leaving some Unions

Hi everyone, just some little updates here more than anything... Well a few days ago our PC stopped working, due to the motherboard and to a lesser extent the harddrive (the HDD has many corrupted files all of a sudden) should be able to fix and extract the vast majority of the files on the HDD though once we've got a suitably sized replacement HDD and installed XP on it...also need to get a new motherboard etc. so we're just gonna be getting a barebones system and a HDD and adding anything else we need seen as we already have the other parts...makes it alot cheaper...'bout £200 for a computer better than the 1 that no longer works (which cost £1000 when we 1st got it...which was a long long time ago lol)...for the time being we're just using an old computer with a tiny (6GB) HDD with pretty much nothing on it (apart from Windows 2000 Pro, and the various updates i've installed today such as SP4, IE6, WMP9, and tons of security updates) and a motherboard with a pretty darn slow processor on it (433MHz :?) that i've installed suitable cards onto today so i can actually get on the'll do for the time being, hopefully we won't be stuck with this one for too long though... Obviously the above reason is why i haven't been on for these past few days, and as i can already tell there's tons for me to catch up on :? so if i don't start posting in your union immediately it's cus i'm catching up elsewhere, i'll get around all of them eventually..though it'll be rather slow to start with seen as E3 has now started as you should all know by now... ...same with blogs really...i'll catch up eventually might just take a while... One last thing: i plan on reducing the number of unions i'm in at some point soon too, i'll catch up with everything 1st that might be for a little while yet...and apart from in the really inactive unions (and the 1s i dnt post in much) i'll let ppl in them know before i leave the unions anyway... Well that's all for now..this'll probably be my last blog for quite some time again, lol, nothing to blog about these days... Update: well his is a little late but i have my own laptop that i'm using now, and we should have a new desktop computer by the end of the year too..however i've become rather bored with GameSpot and don't really feel like making the effort to come on here for any amount of time anymore, so i'm probably gonna leave even more unions and just stay in 1 or 2 that i actually post in a good amount now...

some random crap....'s a new blog...not really much GS wise this time...some little annoyances on GS but nothing major really, and the vast majority have been fixed now list a few: lack of much effort from GS in making the best of 06 emblem (doubt they'll do anything about that..)...; unable to post in union articles (fixed); the recent problem where pretty much nothing on the site would work....that's also been fixed of course tho...o well..i'm not bothered least they get the big glitches fixed fairly quickly most of the time... anyway enough of that GS stuff...2 days ago we (well, my mum really..) gave one of our dogs (a terrier cross called Kelly) to one of my mum's friend's...and last night we got a call from them saying that she'd been ran over on the main road near their house; talk about bad luck...:( ..oddly tho i'm not even really that sad, i never shed a tear, or even really spent much time to take it in and accept's like i dnt even care that she's gone even tho she was one of the dogs that was always trying to get my attention... ...have i become so densensitivised to death that i just dnt care anymore, am i a bad person? or is it merely because i have so many other things on my mind atm that the death of a pet that had gone elsewhere a day before it died has just got pushed straight out of my mind...i's a moral dilemma of sorts for me..but i'll probably have pushed that out of my mind and be moving on with my life within a day or 2....ah well... Edit: o yer...also GS seems to finally be doing some of the union updates...hopefully the advanced permissions one will come soon and be well implemented...Edit2: looks like we won't be getting the unions V2 stuff until at least after E3'07 (which is in july)...hopefully not too long after then.... blog...

well i thought it was about time i did another blog :lol: there's quite a few little things going on in my life atm, some good, some bad, but i can't be bothered to put all that crap down so i'll stick with some little things, and keep them majority games/GS related...1st i'm doing exams atm...finding them fairly easy...last one is tomorrow tho so it'll be over least it's meant i've had a good amount of time to spend playing games recently :P altho not that much more than usual really... ...for some reason i now have a bad taste emblem, despite the only games i've recently added to my profile being games rated 7+ apart from micro machines V4 (which GS seems to dislike altho i've always found them to be awesome multiplayer games, and i dnt know anyone that dislikes them :|) lol, o's not like GS's opinion really means anything to me... ...also i've passed the 50k post mark now...i still post on here quite alot lol, just not as much as i used to when i 1st started...lots of things that i still need to get sorted but haven't got round to doing too...i really need to get all that sorted before the end of the month...:| o and finally Unions V2 seems to finally being acted upon...altho GS is still taking their time and the union officer/leader tags (as well as purple mod tags) have all disappeared from the site as most of you will have probably noticed my now...:?:| ...there is a good GS update too tho; they've fixed the forum search so that it just searches the board you're on again, rather than everything, so i can actually find what i'm looking for again for once :lol: the forum search feature has been rather useless to me over the last few least it'll be of use again now :D

just a few little bits...

well not very active today in the end lol, mainly due to problems with upgrading the antivirus program and the new version not liking some of the things on the PC..., that's fixed now tho, just need to do a defrag in the morning really...also i'm now at 42k posts...just as a note lol seen as i never did 40k post blog...well that's about it really, o yer and also the fireworks have started around here :P, and there's gonna be tons more over the weekend :D that's all for now :P

Recent GS Updates

well you all know what's coming so if you dnt like it dnt read it... well 1st off i haven't actually reached the limit in a day yet, the highest in a day i've got recently is 252...but i'm suddenly getting this msg every morning now, before i post any decent amount at all (today i hadn't even posted once before i got it) :evil: i've disliked many GS updates but this is the 1st one that has annoyed me, it's stopping me from doing pretty much anything on here when i want to do it, my schedule doesnt revolve around GS and i sometimes post in the morning rather than at night...and this update has made it impossible to post in the morning after posting the night before :evil: surely limiting it to 2 a minute is enough...that rarely ever comes up unless i'm posting in 3+ unions at once now at least...on the other hand we have finally got a union upgrade, tho it hasn't been implement in the way it was suppose to have been, and finally there's also a new 'GS badge' feature that many of you have probably noticed, here's what it looks like Also if i do miss a union entirely it's most likely because of that posts a day limit, so sorry, but i can't help it, it's the dam site

35k posts...

^yer...well i dnt really have much else to say this's been a fairly busy week and fairly recently some of my friends have been banned :( (and the ban later removed thankfully :)), and one of my friends has left the site too :( tho i dnt know why :|

30k posts...

^yer i just reached that now...also i'm not on as much now due to school, but that's probably not really new to most of you lol well that's about it... well i also got honourary member of the month (3rd month it's been running) fairly recently, and as you may have noticed i have a timesplitters sig as my blog header atm, linkzero made that for me too...tho i never actually asked for it lol thanks anyway link :) there doesn't seem to be any good cortez (ts2 version) or corp. hart renders available so that's kinda the best thing that could be made really i think :lol: if anyone happens to know where i can get some good renders for those 2 characters gimme a link to them please :P
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