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Defo skewed numbers. The active base is probably around 5-6 million, 20 million once a month players, millions of alts, inactives.

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Poor people like Trump? Fucking shocker.

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@bforrester420 said:

Climate change won't kill all life on Earth. Earth has been through worse calamities than humans could hope to throw at it. Give the planet a 100,000 years, which is a blink of an eye in cosmic terms, and the Earth will have removed any trace, outside of fossil records, that we ever existed.

Well this is a massively uneducated opinion. The orogenic systems that drive plate tectonics go by hundreds of millions/billions of years. Humans effect the surface and subsurface chemical and mineral compositions. Our mark will be left for hundreds of millions years depending on how far we go with it. Metal structures will survive a long time, stone pyramids have stood for 5000 years. How about giant metal fortresses with walls meters thick? Massive relocation of minerals can change the gravitational and magnetic fields as well. Radioactive material may take unforeseen ages to decay. We can see magnetic records in rocks just meters below the ground that go back billions of years. The cycles of the Earth go by the billions of years.

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@joebones5000 said:

Republicans have been creating and attacking the evil cartoon version of Hillary for 25 years, only to be made complete fools of by her each and every time. Normal Americans already don't take the Republican party seriously, and they're not going to start any time soon.

Hillary Clinton is the only qualified candidate in this race.

So we're ignoring tens of thousands of pieces of evidence? Politicians saying "I'd be in jail if I did what you did" to Hillary are just crazy? Every single accusation made about her ever is a "cartoon version" by "complete fools"? There's zero chance a politician and lawyer would ever lie? She's infallible because of her seniority in government?

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Halo 1 was just that good. The entire series runs off the back of Halo 1, it's the game that drew people to the xbox. The first one.

When Halo 1 dropped it was a big deal and people played it for years, it was a cross platform success as in Nintendo, PC and Sony fans liked Halo 1. That game garnered a good 15 years of good will for the name, I'd still play Halo 1 it was so much fun. Probably spent a good 100 hours myself playing lan with friends, would go back and play it again if I could it just captured the essence of fun in the game mechanics.

It's like Half-life, we've only really gotten 2 full games and the last one was a decade ago but the games still get brought up all the time and people still want a 3rd one. Halo essentially is synonymous with groundbreaking fps, each iteration may be worse and I may have put down Halo 3 after 4 hours of being bored but that doesn't change the fact that the name itself will go down in infamy, everyone knows Halo. Everyone knows Halo more than Gears of War or God of War. Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Sonic, Halo. Same strata of name recognition, everytime a game with the name Halo comes out people are going to notice.

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Under ordinary circumstances, we would need serious repercussions...but Trump cannot become president. I'll be voting for Clinton in November, because the alternative is just something that cannot happen.

On a separate not entirely, if there is anyone here who doesn't believe politicians break the law all the time, well...I've got ocean front property in Utah to sell you.

A man that is pro nationalism, anti trade sanctions, protectionist, pro-american can't possibly be president

While a criminal, murdering, traitorous anti-human globalist zealot is the safe choice. Hillary said from her own mouth the White House takes orders from the CFR. Hillary cares about Hillary and that's it, the only person in the world she cares about is her name.

I'm not pro Trump I'm not American but the idea that Hillary cares about the country is literally insane. She sold secrets to other countries many times and there are thousands of deleted emails detailing her illegal behavior but it didn't have classified at the top so no big deal... oh wait it did have the C because they don't say classified? So she's completely full of shit? Aww ok.

Confirmation bias? You guys are fucking nuts, tens of thousands of pieces of damning evidence and none of you retards care. All you do is repeat what the TV says.... bubububu Hillary said she's innocent. Ok, must be true, no way a career lawyer and politician trained in lying in both careers would ever lie, never. Take the confirmation bias and shove it, freaking hypocrites.

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Fallout by a hair. They both sucked. Both are repetitive and bland.

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@uninspiredcup: UE4 is easy to use but he'll still need help with animations and coding.

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@kingtito: You're probably wrong about that but I donut care, too busy not giving a shit.

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@so_hai: How is it bloated? They are making by far the most technologically advanced game ever in what is a relatively normal development cycle.

The reality is cowardly morons just want to sling mud at the game for some stupid reason. Be it hate for PC or the name Roberts I don't know. Either way the cynicism is moronic, it's the most advanced game ever. It's generations ahead.

AAA quality story

Innovative groundbreaking multiplayer

Best physics, destruction and graphics ever

Yet all we hear from stupid whiners is it's taking too long. No shit, it's the most complicated ever to develop by a long shot. How about just shutting up and waiting, if you don't like it don't play it.

Duke Nukem Forever got less hate, I paid more for that game, it had a longer development cycle and was one of the worst games ever. Star Citizen now is more fun than DNF but hey just hate a $35 game that's the most advanced ever for no reason.

Dododododo breaking news: most advanced game ever takes a while to develop.