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Wow, I just bought the Penumbra Trilogy pack and so far (I've only played overture) it is one of the scariest first person games I've ever played and the physics system just brings it over the top. I had heard some complaints about the combat but I found it really added to the atmosphere.

So if you are looking for a scary first person experience(I wouldn't say FPS because it isn't really) then you shoulddefinitely look into getting Penumbra. You can get the trilogy off of d2d for $20.00,so really how could you go wrong.

Tropico 3?!?!?!

How did I not know that there was a third Tropico coming out in September? I loved the first two so much. The only reason that I found out there was a third one was because of the games ticker thing on the Gamespot homepage. Why isn't there any hype around this, people should be shouting from the rooftops about this game, the first two were so brilliant, I hope that they do a really good job with this one.

Why is it so difficult to find good movies?

So for the last two weeks I have been looking for a copy of War and Peace(the film). First I looked for the excellent 1968 version bySergei Bondarchuk but alas I could not find it, so I figured I'd look for the almost as good but not quite as good BBC version with Anthony Hopkins, but alas it was $90(!) so then finally, Ok Ill just find the 1956 King Vidor version, but yet again no luck. So I ask you why is it that a film as important as any of the version of War and Peace is so difficult to find? I mean, no ones ever going to have trouble finding a copy of Transformers or any film with Will Smith in it. I just think it's wrong that such a fantastic film should be so difficult for newer generations to find and enjoy. Don't you?

Max Payne 3 announced!!!!

This is the best news I've heard in a while, I thought Alan Wake was going to be the closest thing to Max Payne 3 I'd ever get to see:P.I know that I'll be tracking this one heavily. If you've never played the first or second play them!!! They may be some of the best third person shooters ever made.

Video Games Live

Yesterday, I went to go see Video Games Live at the KW Symphony in Kitchener,Ontario. This was my second year going to see Video games live. The first time was in Toronto in 2006. It was just as cool as the first time I went, with the music matched up to the videos of the games they are from. It really brings the music of video games front and centre which is cool because there are not many otheropportunitiesto hear the music like that.

This year I got the opportunity to meet Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall the two composers who run the show which was really cool. If you ever get the chance to go you should definitely go and see it.

Wii Friend Code

Hey everybody, I just wanted to say that if you want to add me to your friends code go ahead. My FC is 0580 5393 6805 8411.

I love bargain bins!

So instead of purchasing one new Wii game at full price I decided to look around and see what I could get for cheap. When looking I found 4 games(!) for under $40. I got Driver Parallel lines(Quite fun actually), Alone in the Dark(alright game, the controls can be infuriating though), POP Rival Swords(just started playing but so far a great port) and The DOG island(Heard interesting reviews and saw it for 5.99 so I decided to pick it up.

I have been checking the bargain bin everytime I go to futureshop or EB games lately and so far I haven't been dissapointed in what I've picked up(that might be because they are so cheap:P). I don't know why people have this stigma about going through the Bargain bins.

I mean the other day I saw this kid put down a game that was 29.99 used to pick up a copy for 49.99 because it was new all while yelling at his mom because he wanted the new copy and she didn't want to buy the new copy. Now okau maybe if the kid was 5 or 6 throwing a fit like that would be acceptable but this kid looked like he was 11 or 12.

I just don't get it why spend 49.99 on a game when you can get it for 20.00 cheaper?

The month of the WII

So Mad World and DR:CTYD are both coming out(hopefully) within a month. I don't know what I'm going to do because I desperately want both of these games but probably shouldn't spend my money on both. :?

I will probably get both of them eventually but I really want to start playing my Wii more. I just recently bought the new House of the Dead game(Great game by the way) and have really started getting back into the Wii but I've already beaten all my other Wii games and want a new one.So if anyone has any suggestions as to which one I should get, leave a comment.

The one red ring to really annoy me.

So I went to go start up my 360 and play some Dead Space today(great game by the way) and to my surprise one red ring starts flashing and I get an error message(yay!). So immediately I check on xbox.com's support section(yet again yay!) and there are some things to try like removing all cables and plugging them in, but none of it works so I guess I have to send it in(and another yay!).

So has anyone here had that problem and fixed or have you had to send it in?