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People Moaning about review scores.. again...

I can't believe people are complaining (again) about review scores... Did anyone play the demo? I did and I agree entirely with Kevin. EVERYTHING was cliched about it's opening story and presentation... After I finished it I though it was just Fable without the sense of humour mixed with the colour scheme of Sudeki (remember that?) clearly nothing improves after that point. (and Kevin's point about misiions being chasing the waypoint is VERY VERY true).

HOWEVER, it was enjoyable and they did do a couple of interesting things. Definitely on my to do list (along with Kevin lol) just not a first day purchase for me

How Random

For the first time in my life I've actually won a competition... with actual prizes. I enter Gamespot's friday twitter give away and won myself a set of ambx gaming lights and a copy of Battlefield 3. :) This never happens to me... now I just need to fix my PC and I can use them lol.

I'm sure the boyfriend wouldn't mind if I use his PC... like I'm doing now.

Good News, Readers! A Short Blog

Don't usually do this but... sod it...

I did a couple of shortish reviews for the last couple of pieces of Mass Effect 2 DLC a while ago... thought I'd pimp them out a little... Not in the Westwood (Brrap!) stylee but in the less salubrious (and moronic) sense... They're there for the using, folks... enjoy

Where The Heck is This Going? (and 5 Favourite Tunes)

So... new blog post. Um... Usually I have a vague idea what I'm going to write but today for no apparent reason I've decided to write one with no topic in mind. This will either end well or shortly.

LOL so I've written and deleted about 3 lines so far, maybe I should have left them unfinished so you could see what is laughingly referred to as my thought process...

Still nothing coming maybe some music will help... Stick it on random... The Beatles - Lady Madonna from the 2nd Anthology album... hmm... that actually reminds me, what ever happened to the plan to release all the Beatles albums for Beatles Rock Band? I'm guessing sales weren't all that amazing. I think I bought All You Need Is Love and I always intended to get Rubber Soul, which is my favourite Beatles album, but the price always put me off...

Polkarama by Weird Al from Straight Out of Lynwood... not my favourite of his polka medleys but... I wonder if there's any Weird Al on Rock Band or Guitar Hero...? Probably not. That said I think most of the song in this medley are on one of the games or other, if anyone has the time and skill I'm sure they could make a youtube mash up. (checks on Youtube - hmm... only by using that Guitar Hero 2 cheat thing... ah well)

SpongeBob Squarepants... did I mention I have a weird and eclectic taste in music? Which bizarrely reminds me I was thinking of changing my Gamespot Icon. Much as I love Patrick and no matter how similar I think we are (namely we're both big fat slobs) [Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats now... prefer the original version] it doesn't have a lot to do with gaming (unless I buy one of the thousand SpongeBob games out there...) Other alternatives would be a face pic... or hunt down some generic gaming pic but you know someone else will be using it. So far I'm the only one I've seen to have that pic

Monty Python - the Life of Brian - Brian before Pilate ("Thwow him the floow") I've actually stopped typing to listen to it... lol Biggus Dickus (will that get past the mods? - it is a character's name after all)

hmm... might skip this one... I'll give you a clue it rhymes with Mice Up Your Wife by the um... Mice Girls. Yeah really not in the mood and back to the Beatles - the title track of the Sgt Pepper's album. I'm sure I've got more than just the Beatles on here... though given the number of albums they've made they're probably the most numerous...

Interesting... it looks like one of my speakers has gone since I'm only hearing half the song, that said it is the side of my dodgy ear so no wonder I've not noticed before... Might have to take a look at it. Probably a good place to stop actually... and with the Eurythmics's Here Comes The Rain Again playing I'll leave you with my Top 5 Things this week,

Rich's Top 5 Most Listened to Tracks...

actually looking at them makes for interesting reading... I'm apparently very influenced by games and the internet as you will see

5) Dragostea Din Tei by O-Zone - that's right the Numa Numa song

4)Yuragu Koto Nai Ai by Naomi Tamura - Theme tune of the GetBackers

3) Harder. Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk - Blame The Daft Hands video

2) Still Alive by Jonathan Coulson and GlaDos - Thank you Portal

1) We Can Work It Out by Stevie Wonder - Because it's an awesome version of a... oh no... Beatles Song!

And with Aimee Mann's Wise Up playing I leave you now. Feel free to have a moan below. :)

This Will Never Work Part 2.5 of 3.142 Cubed (and Bad RPGs)

So it only took one day for me to want to change my top ten RPGs... Mostly because I found my original list at work this morning... I'd remembered it pretty well... What I decided to change, however, was the presence of Dark Chronicle.

I absolutely love that game... but it is an RPG? It's the ultimate hybrid of action/ adventure, exploration, god game, mini game fest... I'd already decided not to put Fable on the list despite it being heavy on the RPG elements... yet Mass Effect 2is sat high on the list ARGH the confusion... Anyway, for now, Dark Chronicle's off the list, so my top ten RPGs is (are?)

10) Dragon Quest VIII: The Journey of the Cursed King

9) Suikoden 2

8 ) Kingdom Hearts

7) Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

6) Skies of Arcadia: Legends

5) Mass Effect 2

4) Fallout 3

3) Final Fantasy X

2) Knights of the Old Republic

1) Final Fantasy VII

and looking at the list of other games I'd written down, I realised what a wealth of simply awesome RPGs there are out there... so just for fun here's numbers 20 - 11. However,I have made a conscious effort not to put sequels to the top ten in it... or games that are similar in style so the two Bioware games in my top ten won't be joined by Dragon Age for example, despite that game being phenomenal, anyway

20) Bard's Tale III

19) Star Ocean: The Last Hope

18) Vagrant Story

17) Eternal Sonata

16) Wild ARMS 2

15) Legaia 2: Duel Saga

14) The Last Remnant

13) Breath of Fire

12) Grandia 2

11) Shadowhearts: Covenant

Disagree? Let me know :D

and now for my Top 5 Things

Rich's Top 5 RPGS that are NEVER going to appear on this List

1) Final Fantasy XIII - I know it's so easy to bash this game but... seriously, what the hell went wrong?... What went right?

2) Unlimited Saga - just... WTH was that battle system, and the world map and just.. WTH?

3) Demon's''sss's Soulss's - I don't mind a challenge but that was like being repeated spat at.

4) Summoner 2 - I liked the first Summoner, the second was brighter, less empty... and worse for it

5) Puzzle Quest - great game..... but I'm not counting it as an RPG, sorry. Is it a Puzzler...? Hmmm thatIS a puzzler

This Will Never Work Part Two of Two Thousand ( and forgotten RPGs)

So, during a quiet day at work I decided to scratch down all the RPGs I could think of in the hope that I could write my top Ten list of that genre... Well, the listwent on and on and on; new games, old games, sequels and prequels and spin offs (oh my) and remakes; good games, bad games, forgotten gems and obvious blockbusters;Crossing of ones that were too strategy, too actiony.Finally whittled them down to something like an actual top ten that I could share with you all here...

Well... I left the list at work.....

...but that's not going to stop me, so in an on going project to find my ultimate games of all time I present to you my half remembered

Top Ten RPGs

Now I've stated before when I wrote my fighting game list, this is by no mean definitive. There will be games I've forgotten, ones I'm viewing with rose tinted specs, ones who'll be superceded in time by their inevitable sequels but here goes

10) Suikoden 2

9) Kingdom Hearts

8) Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door

7) Skies of Arcadia: Legends

6) Mass Effect 2

5) Fallout 3

4) Dark Chronicle (Dark Cloud 2, to you Americans)

3) Final Fantasy X

2) Knight's of the Old Republic

1) Final Fantasy VII

I'm sure there's no real surprise there to anyone, but if you want to disagree or question my choices by all means leave a comment or send me a PM. I might even explain my choices... or omissions. That said I'm sure at least one of my top three are on EVERYONE'S top ten RPG list...

and while it's vaguely still in my mind, it's my Top 5 Things. Today it's

Rich's Top 5 RPGs I forgot about that I actually own

5) Arc The Lad

4) Jade Cocoon

3) The Legend of the Dragoon

2) Landstalker

1) Breath of Fire: Quarter

A Quick Hello (and Games of the Year)

So it's been quite some time since I wrote anything on here... mostly due to the fact I was unemployed and bored and now I'm jobful and... bored. Is jobful even a word? anyway...

So that was 2010... what a terrible year that was... ona personal level... Game wise I think it was the best year since the mighty 2009... So, like so many others, it's time for my list of the year and here we are:

Rich's Top 5 Things

Top 5 Games of 2010 - In reverse order, pop-pickers!

5) Red Dead Redemption - Only at number 5, some of you cry. Outrage! But let me explain... here is a game so good it's on my top 5 list, despite the fact I've only played about an hour of it... and most of that was playing the card and dice games. My ex-partner/ housemate has had a bit of a falling out with console gaming in the last few years... and here's the game that revitalized it. Not only did he completely complete the single player (with a little gambling help from me) but I sat right next to him and watched the whole damn thing... and enjoyed it. (bring on LA Noire, Rockstar)

4) Blur - any game named after a Brit pop band can't be bad.... look at Oasis... and er... little known PS3 shooter Menswear... anyway. Fun and frantic... and easy to pick upa huge multiplayermatch... shame I suck at it... but that's me and driving games for you. Also on the plus I went to school with one of it's makers and I have to big it up as much as I can... Lets hope Bizarre Creations don't go bye bye in 2011....

3) Fallout: New Vegas. A late entry, in fact so late I'm only a few (!?) hours into it... but so far it's seems to have taken everything that was right with Fallout 3 and improved it and discarded everything that was wrong with it. I waited until the new DLC was out before I started playing and thus have avoided all the glitches and bugs that greeted the early players. Incredible visuals, already some spectacular moments and so far I haven't found myself singing that I don't want to set the world on fire... awesome.

2) Mass Effect 2 - I actually forgot this came out in January of last year, until I saw it in the Gamespot awards list. What an incredible experience... an interactive Space Opera with a cast of thousands. If there one thing Bioware does well it's epicness... Even if you just look at the game as a 3rd person shooter it's got depth, great visuals, acting and amazing story telling. Add the RPG elements to it and some great DLC and this could have easily have been my GOTY....

1) Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - I know I've gone on about this for quite some time but it still remains my benchmark for multiplayer... Have to admit I haven't bought the Vietnam add-on yet but I really really want to... mostly so I camn put it om my games of 2011 list. Challenging single player, good atmosphere... but get in a team, jump on those quad bikes and DAMN... what an experience...

So what's missing... no Heavy Rain, simply because I haven't got around to playing it yet, though I did watch my ex start it and sadly I do know who the killer is, but the game, like James Corden, is still on my To Do list. no Final Fantasy XIII? Oh god no... no no no no no no. Just... no. Only just started Mario Galaxy 2 and so far it's exactly like the first but with Yoshi... Bayonetta... is cheap in Game ATM and tempting... very tempting... and God of War 3 will be played as soon as I buy and play God of War 1 and 2... So by the time I get through all them I should have missed some epic 2011 video games.

Happy New Year, tout la monde...

Kinecting Meh-ness With Dull Surprise (and MTV Emotions)

Just a quick mid E3 blog folks.

So... The power of achievement whoring takes me over again, this time thanks to Fuse and the simple name change of 'emblem' to 'achievement'. This has been the first E3 I've actually sat at home and watched (partly thanks to being unemployed) and partly due to my own Project Natal excitement. But it was Cheevos that made me leave my PC on when I went to my parents house for those missed press conference

I've written briefly before about my hopes that Natal would become a companion cube-like companion... um... cube, chiming in with it's virtual intelligence, so the fact I could sit in my back room in an ex mining village in Yorkshire, pretending I'm in California watching the gaming equivalent of Oscar night (minus the awards, the clothes or (so far this year) the celebrities. Not that I'm dismissing the likes of Kojima or Molyneux, love to have a pint with them... justcouldn't imagine putting up posters of them on my wall as a teenager or reading about where Mizuguchi had lunch last week in Heat.) was a big big win for me.Anyway

So the big Cirque de Fou-fou reveal on Sunday comes with Project Natal's official name. Kinect... O...kay. I'm sure the net was flooded with fan boys slagging off the name change but I just reminded myself that a) Project Natal as a name made no sense, what next Project Swindon, b) it's still less stupid than the Nintendo Revolution becoming the Wii and c) Wii turned out to be a great name. Kinect... Ah ha! I 'kin' see what they did there... It's connecting AND Kinetic. W00t for you guys. Plus someone had already got Eyetoy and Move... Who was that.....?

Then the XBox conference (which I had to watch on Youtube, thanks Gamespot) and out comes Kinect!!! The (genuine) excitement! Think of the possibilities! Think of the options! Think of the cool Tom Cruise Minority Report style things! Woo...

Then.... oh.....

First, the things I liked... Waving at it so it recognises you... funny. (I wanted it to recognise me anyway sans wave) Talking to it. Good. Just what I wanted. Video calls... okay. Bring on all those naked gamers! The ability to stop and fast forward with your hands... Getting nearer to Minority Report... okay... What else... well.... That was about it.

ESPN... Firstly I live in Britain so probably not going to get it and if we did, wouldn't watch it because it's sports. But the cynical part of my brain says if this is a success maybe ALL channels will become this way. Moving on...

Control scheme. Now I realise that the Kinect needs to seperate the difference between activating something on purpose, and swatting at an annoying fly. You don't want to sneeze and delete your gamer profile but surely there must have been a better and more original way than hold your hand over the thing you want and holding it there. First time I saw it I immeadiately recognised it... but as What? When? Arghh... Oh yeah, the EYE TOY ten years ago. Selecting a game on eye toy Play was as simple as waving your arm in the air and rubbing or tickling the option you wanted... and here it is again. Can't the 8 sensors and crystal ball in the camera notice you pointing at stuff... Even if you have to shoot it with a pretend hand gun... just something... not that. Watching the woman controlling her yoga get fit thing... Your Shape: Retro Evolved... was the most passive thing I've ever seen. She didn't seem immersed, she looked embarrassed and half crucified. (and the blob that was her body on screen? Ouch. Can't wait to see what it makes of my podgy frame, probably run out of orange pixels)

Then we get into the games.... oh god.

As I said early I was really looking forward to this so the gaming aspect was my most anticipated thing of E3. Why did I bother getting excited? I own a DS AND a Wii... oh wait, I've played all these games already.... but this time I'm paying for the privaledge of not needing a stylus, Wii-mote or Wii-fit board to stroke my Nintendog, play virtual bowling or jog on the spot. Woo! The only thing I'm secretly looking forward to is Dance Central so I can join the literally THOUSANDS of Street Dance groups plaguing Britain's Got Talent. Think it was bad watching nerdy white guy dancing. Wait till short, fat, nerdy white guy hits the scene. Word.

Forza.... interesting aside from having to hold your hand over what ever you want to look at... but it reminded me of a tech demo a guy did using his wii sensor on a hat and the wiimote on the TV, and looked through his telly like it was a window with it tracking just as it would if it were real.

Kart Racing? okay... didn't look bad. Didn't look like anything special though. IS it still free? I doubt it. Still rather have played Burnout Paradise.

God those rafting women were so screechy. It was horrible... so yeah... You can lean AND jump? wow. When I heard about a Natal rafting game I though it may be like the Disney Quest simulator I played once in Florida where you actually paddle. Would that have been too difficult?

Less said about the Star Wars demo the b...

So where was Molyneux's alledged Fable III Kinectivity? or Charlie Brooker's Pedo Groomer 2010? Where.... were games I'd want to play? I know they're after Nintendo's casual gaming market and bringing in new players but... I was here first. Give me something. And not Gears, COD or Halo. I have Bad Company 2, that'll do. Try something clever or original or even just a good game with a bit of leaning in it. An RPG where you talk to it. Something less..... casual... less party game fun. Something less... 2 years ago. PLEASE

And Now

Rich's Top 5 Emotions for the MTV Generation

1) Dull Surprise

2) Meh

3) Wangst

4) Apathy


Zen and the Art of Achievement Maintenance (And Still To Do)

Hi guys, sorry for the multiple posts, just a quick one to say ahhahhahhahhahhah hahhahha! Victory is mine!

You know how I had that little to do list well... instead of doing ANY of them, I've been browsing and trying to get that damn HEXIC HD (curse you) achievement for 100 games played... well... No, I haven't managed it BUT on my way passed Youtube I found the very first SentUAMessage hosted by SuperKaylo and the lovely AceyBongos where someone asked if you could remove any Zero point games on your achievement list...

This is something that's bugged me for a while (and part of the recent I have about 25% of all possible achievements - see my earlier blogs below) and for some reason it included not only awful games I only played for a minute or two (Hello A-Train HX) but also, for somereason one or two demos like Frogger and 3D Ultra Mega Super Golf. Why? I'm not going to buy them? Bugger off, you're ruining my gamerscore.

Turns out, easy peasy, just press the guide button, go to achievements and press X on any0 point game. W00t. Now we just have to wait a few weeks for Fuse/Raptr to update itself and we'll see how much of a difference it actually made.

Now it's again time for -

Rich's Top 5 Things

Top 5 Things I've Still To Do Since My Last Blog Several Hours Ago...

1) Tidy the House

2) Do the Garden

3) Find a Job

4) Take Washing out of the machine


This is NEVER gonna work - Part One of a Million. (and Things I Should Be Doing)

Right then,

Saw recently on someone's profile a list of their Top Ten Games of All Time... I wish my mind was that organised. I don't even have a favourite film because there's too many I love... (Though if I absolutely had to - to save a family member from a crazed gunman, that everyday scenario, I'd probably go with The Shawshank Redemption... or Empire Strikes Back... hmmm)

Anyway I figured if I can break it down into different genres MAYBE I can work out which games would be on a list of ALL games... This is NEVER gonna work....

I decided to break myself in gently with a genre I'm not overly fond of (at least until I start thinking about it too hard) namely -

My Top Ten Fighting Games

10 Virtua Fighter 5

9 International Karate +

8 Mortal Kombat: Deception

7Soul Blade

6 Dead or Alive 4

5 Street Fighter 2

4Tekken Tag Tournament

3 Mortal Kombat Trilogy

2 Soul Calibur 2

1 Super Smash Bros. Melee

Feel like I should explain a few choices... Ah what the hell, if you disagree with these (and you will) leave a comment and I'll explain.

I have a feeling I'll be coming back to this list to move things around or put a different sequel in. Also if anyone is wondering (my ex included) where games like Rival Schools or Guilty Gear are... Not really played them that much. Sorry

Seems kind of pointless doing my top 5 things today... but that's not going to stop me

Rich's Top 5 Things

Today it's

Top 5 Things I Should Be Doing RIGHT NOW

1) Tidying the house

2) Doing the Garden

3) Looking for a job

4) Taking the washing out of the machine

5) Food shopping

and on that note... I think it's time for Hexic HD :-p

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