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I would rather have a quality release that doesn't need 20 patches to fix. I live in Nigeria and 1 GB of bandwidth costs 4$, and usually only can patch or download bigger games when I am on leave... Having said that it is a disappointment that it is coming out later... just bought a new video card so that I could play it hopefully it will work with it and I wont need to buy another

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I was really surprised to see that this game only got a 8 on gamespot... I think this is their best version yet I started playing it and couldn't stop, it was much more all encompassing then any of the previous games. Shogun 2 wasn't bad but it had no diversity between the factions, you basically just started on different parts of the map and with a different bonus so the only thing that changed was your tactics. Their is much more to the strategy side of this game which is fantastic because I only take personal control of battles that are larger or are crucial. As far as the game having problems I am running it on my laptop I have a 650m GT and an i7 quadcore but it is of course dumbed down a bit more my laptop, and I play it on high settings at 1080p and get 40fps on average. I have seen a few small glitches; namely a land army getting stuck at sea and unable to move, and once the game froze during the AI moves and I had to reset it. But overall nothing that really affected me from continuing to play the game. I have posted previously about gamers getting too caught up in graphics, and not enjoying the actual game. The game dynamics and functions don't really change with the graphics they only look better and as another user posted if your worried about the graphics update your computer. I feel this game is much more replayable then shogun 2 as each faction presents unique challenges and has unique units which will require unique tactics. I will admit I am a total war fanboy, and so I am probably a bit biast... From all the comments and hype about the game I think this is a game you will either love or hate... I