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Airport bomb / Modern Warfare 2 / influence in games

Yesterday, GameSpot posted news about the Russian media linking the airport bomb to Modern Warfare 2.

Indeed, the terrorism, assassination, etc, are things that exist since Cain and Abel and the first civilizations. The evil between some humans exists way before the videogames. Terrorism would happen with or without games.

But what worries, in fact, are the comments, the ideas gamers in general have in putting the games above everything, without criticizing anything (unless the lack of quality… )

The game can represent anything, everything, and absolutely no one is allowed to criticize it. Due to their passion for games, they are, for almost every gamer, above any moral, any law, any respect, any true.

People forget that the game we play is a way to express and insert ideas and opinions of their creators, just like painting, movie and music. People forget that games are made by humans with personal ideologist, ideas and tastes.

Ideologies and personal tasted are the center, the core of a game. What you play, the way you play and the actions you do in a game are designed by a mind, and that world existed only in the minds of the producers/developers once.

MW2 could have lived without that level.

Killing the Pope in Assassin's Creed II is also not by accident.

Even the sex scene in Heavy Rain is.

But the producer wanted to insert that scene. It's just pixels, anyway.

But, would he create an almost real graphical representation of a dramatic situation where his own daughter world be raped and stabbed and put it into the market? The answer is no.

If someone else did, would he be discomforted in playing the scene? The answer is yes.

In true, who's the person that would not be discomforted in playing every detail of action in a pedophilia scene?

And what about developing a scene where you could pilot an airplane and hit two towers in NY? And put that game on the hands of a person who lost his father in that catastrophe?

It's clear that the argument " It's just game after all.. it's not real…" doesn't work.

That because the games ARE NOT above all. The games aren't more important than moral, law, respect and true.

Some games tend to apology and sympathies will the free violence. But, just like the TV's shows that show just tragedy, the more you witness this type of scene in "a game", the more you will become desensitized to the violence. Of course, this doesn't happen from one day to another… it takes years.

Now, violence is necessary in your society. A cop uses violence when necessary to arrest someone… a citizen can use violence to avoid a rape… in games, violence was always used to fight an evil, so the violence action, in this case is canalized/driven to a good end.

But some games offer free violence with no objective.

We need to observe that every art, of any kind, is a way to spread ideas. We need to understand how important this is.

And videogames have a lot of art. They have images, music, animation, etc.. they have history, they can give you moral options, and even define thoughts ( they can define thoughts not because is a videogame, but because they contain art)

So all types of art can influence a person, or a group, or even a society. And that's the importance of having art turned to the good, to the morals decisions, etc..

In these days, people still dif their actions of the real live from the virtual world when the matter is assassination. No one kills because plays videogames without first desiring to kill.

But that same rule doesn't apply anymore when the matter is about influencing minds and ideas, and even behaviors.

The music is a perfect example of this. Just look what the erotic pop American singers do with your child through the world, corrupting they minds for the sex. Teens go to sex earlier, girls that kiss others girls are becoming each time more frequent, and the cult of a slim body became the most important subject.

People in general agree that TVs can influence the population. The game, just like the TV, music, etc, can influence minds and behaviors as well.

And just like the movies, a game's producer can promote any kind of ideologist he wants with a well made game.

Just like a user said, In 10 years nobody will be shocked by that sort of thing. That is because developers will be looking for new, more extreme ways to "move" us. What I want to know is how far will developers go to do it. After all, games have progressively become more graphic in their violence and sex year upon year. Is there even a line to cross anymore? I mean, I dont just mean games. I mean all media really

Have in mind that when you defend a game, you're not actualy defending the game itself, but the producer's mind.

Dec. Xbox 360 and Wii sales

Last week, Microsoft reported it's performance with the Xbox 360's sales during December. The company informed that "the console sold 1.9 million units domestically," truly a significant performance for the console in a month.

More important, the company defined December as "the largest one-month haul in the platform's history," which is really impressive.

The silence of the others two manufacturers could mean that they performance weren't that good, which could be a valid probability, since the PS3 has being selling less than the 360 in the last months, and with the Wii sales becoming each time colder, making the company report loss during its April-September fiscal half-year.

But as the news followed, one curiosity appeared.

In the following day, Michael Pachter informed the Wii and PS3 sales for December, saying that 2.36 million Wii's units were purchased during the month.

GameSpot noted that, "while more than the 360, the number actually represented a 38 percent decline when compared to Wii sales during December 2009."

So, in the same month that become the largest one-month haul in the 360's history, Wii sales, selling more than it's rival for the month, were 38% lower than 2009.

This only shows how much high the Wii reached, despite it's lack of third-party cases of success.

New GS level reached; Medal of Honor/Fable III added to collection

New level reached in GameSpot. Now I'm 34, the rank's name is Paramecium.

I must admit, I don't know what Paramecium is. After some research, I found a game called Forgotten Worlds, which has the first boss called Paramecium. I'm supposing that's the thing GS is using to rank theyre level 34 users.


Paramecium, from Forgotten Worlds.

I also received from the post office my copies of Fable III (X360) and Medal of Honor (PS3). MoH was pre-ordered since the first week I heard about it, but it's not because of the game... - well, at least, not because the main game. I had to have this one mainly because of the HD remake version of Medal of Honor Frontline, this superb game from EA. It became one of the best games I've played. Everything about it is fantastic. The challenges, the history, the music score... oh the music score!! The main theme became one of the most iconic musics in the game's universe.

I have one of it's songs translated in my Youtube's page. Check here.

Last, I'm still playing F1 2010. I still need to start the career mode, right now i'm finishing the GP Championship mode, and I also reached exp 32. However, it will be tough to get the exp 50 trophy... i'll have to spent a good time playing it online until then. Anyway, the game is really good, really nice. Great graphics, good controls, the online fights are awesome. Really fun!

F1 2010 - first win in online; first points earned in GP mode

Since I started playing F1 2010, a mix of fun and frustration have been together. Fun because at last we have a F1 racer game in years, and frustration because I wasn't able to win one single point in Grand Prix mode yet.

Well, that frustration was over yesterday, when I got my firsts points for finishing the Istanbul GP in 6th. It was about time! Also, yesterday I also won my first online race. It was damn good! I chosed to play with Williams, and the GP level is on the intermediate.


F1 2010


Which means that I'm mastering the game each time more. One thing that makes the game longer for me is that I don't know the most part of the tracks, so I spend a good amount of time in the Time Trial mode to get to know them.

I have to consider that I am in a drawback in comparison with the most part of others players because I play with all the assists on off (TC, ABS, etc..), which makes the car tougher to driver. Also, I don't have the knowledge to setup the car correctly for each track, so my car's config always goes based in my personal feelings.

Anyway, It was about time to get my first points in F1 2010 and my first win online. I've been lots of fun with the game, which is really good. Every aspect of the car interfere directly in your driving. Like in real F1 racers, the tyre's consume is a big role in a race, the difference between cars represents a performance like in this year's season, the graphics are really good.

I also got 17% of all trophies, all of them bronze. Hope to finish GP mode and enter in the Carrer Mode soon.

1st release copy of Myst for PC added to collection; hard time with F1 2010

Yesterday arrived a copy of the first edition, boxed release, of Myst for PC I bought from Ebay. It was a great surprise when I found a still sealed copy of a 15 years old game, and in great condition, considering the amount of years from its launch.




About the F1 2010, I'm having a hard time in mastering the game. The game is very good, it's a great F1 simulator indeed. Some technical problems aside, the game truly represents the challeging of driving a F1 car - not that I have droven one once, its just about what I see and know from F1, - specialy if you try to play it on the expert difficulty, which means no auto help, but full control of every aspect of the car, like changing gears, chosing the right config for each race, the right tires, no TC and ABS help, etc..

But, so far, haven't done very well, I usually got the last positions all the time, both in onlne and offline. Ireached the lvl 10 of EXP already, and I also got some trophies, all of them bronze. With theses last ones, I managed to surpass more than 200 trophies on PSN.

100% Secret of Monkey Inland SE done; just got F1 2010

I completed 100% of The Secret of Monkey Inland Special edition (PS3) yesterday. The last trophy, the Marooned Everyone, was kind of tricky to get, but it's done now.

Now I'm collecting 15 Gold and 24 Silver trophies – SMISE doesn't have Platinum.

I also got a new GS achievement, 100% Club Member. It's described as 'The best of the best of the best, sir!'.. lol. It's given to them who have managed to unlock every achievement available for a game, which means - if I understood it right - the ones who got a Platinum.

I also found that my GS rank is growing fast, having reached 14% already. I suppose it's because of the new blog entries and the new 100% Club Member achievement.

Yesterday I also received from the post office my copies of F1 2010 and Red Dead Redemption. F1 2010 is the next on my list to play. We have the Formula 1 racer reaching the end in the following weeks, so nothing better than play F1 2010 now.

Finished Monkey Island SE; new GS level reached

Managed to finish The Secret of Monkey Island SE (PS3) during the last few days. Well, the game is highly recommend. Its very fun to play. Its hilarious, is rewarding to complete the puzzles, the new graphics and scores are very nice.

Just like GameSpot's review point out, the characters are all nice to interact with, with "loads of well-written"dialogs from "a cast composed almost entirely of amusing and memorable characters".

Too bad that the game has some technical problems, the same described in my other post. Notably, this problem appears to be only in the PS3 version, because in the Xbox videos posted by GameSpot you can't hear these issues related to the sound.

Now I'll get the remaining trophies for the game, in the moment the is just one more to get the 100%.


Goombella, my new rank in GS.

I also reached the Level 33 in GameSpot, I think its because of my two firsts blog's post. Now my rank is Goombella, which remembers me great moments with Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. This RPG is a must play for sure, if you didn't play it yet, its also highly recommended.

My Halo: Reach Limited Edition arrived yesterday

It's very nice when arrives from the post office something you have been waiting with so much anticipation. Well this happened yesterday with me when I received my Halo: Reach Limited Edition.

Halo Reach Limited Edition

The game was imported from Ebay and took about 20 days to arrived. Notably, I still don't have a 360, I'm intend to buy it soon. But, as I love these limited editions, I needed to guarantee one copy for myself.

Right now i'm posting some trailers of Reach in my Youtube page of trailer's collection, both from the game and the live actions videos, and they're giving me a great desire to play it.

Well, yesterday I also got three more trophies from Monkey Island SE (PS3) and concluded 66% of the game already. The game is really fun to play. I have been stuck for a while in some parts, but then when you figure it out what to do its very rewarding.

Just started playing a new game

Just started playing the Secret of Monkey Island SE (PS3). I have great expectation for this game, first because I usually have great interest in point-and-click adventures that provides clever solutions to make, and because i played The Curse of Monkey Island a few time ago and, since then, I started following the series.

I remember being playing this game some time in the past, but never managed to pass from the beginning. But the time spent with the game always gave me good memories.

The game is looking real good so far, the new graphics is great, the idea of turning on/off the "Old school mode" in real time is very nice, and I found the music and the voice action very, very good! Specially the voice acting of the Storekeeper, which is very hilarious.

Whoever, I found some technical problems with the game already. Every time I switch to the Old School mode, I can hear the sound of the first letter during the dialogs, which should be heard only in the new graphics mode. I also had problems with one specific screen on the game that froze my game several times. Good that the game constantly saves your progress.

But I'm getting a good time with the game, and I hope to finish it soon and get my trophies.