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I finally got a xbox 360. I got it for christmas an before this i was stuck with a ds and a gamecube. Now im happy that i finally have somthing thats in the current gen =D

Im back

Im back from my very long vacation and want to become a really active member again.If you guys are wondering where ive been ive been skateboarding more and it eventually took over my life and i do it every single day now.

Can you guys...

help me while i was gone i was promoted to leader in the nintendo incorporated union and it has become dead so i was wondering if some of you guys could join my union and help post and make it active thanks in advance for who help me out.

level 12

I was at level 11 for only a few days but im already at level 12 with 8%.The reason this is so amazing is because i was inactive for awhile.Well i hope this level goes by a little bit faster than level 11.:)

profile views

W00t i got over a hundred i know its nothing compared to some of you with your thousands and thousands but its still a lot to me.

Woo Hoo!

I upgraded my Neighborly emblem to the Convivial emblem which means i have over 20 friends which is cool.All I have to do now is upgrade to the final one which is going to take me a while. I feel like im thinking about an action game and how im going to do something lol.:P

New Emblem

I just noticed that i finally got the neighborly emblem which means that i have 10 or more friends.Now all i have to do is get that one upgraded.