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I love overclocking!

About a year ago, I owned a Dell Dimension 4600 that I loved and cherished but now after seeing today’s high end spectaculars... I’d pretty much call it electronic fodder...

Since the day a friend of mine said to me "why don't you overclock your CPU? I was like... Hmmm? I dunno... What if I fry it or something? os even then without any knowledge of PC's I pretty much knew that if you push PC component's then their gonna break... Boy how I was gonna take that theory to to test...!

As of one year later I've owned many CPU's, Graphics Cards nad motherboards that promise a high overclock... I mean god damn it's become an obession! At the moment I've got a Pentium 630 OC'd to 3.91 which is my I'm gonna need a few pointers to get my target og 4.0GHz so, any info will be real helpfull..

Keep on overclocking!