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My One Problem with the Gaming Industry...

Is, funnily enough, not Fanboys, money hungry corporations, but more the fact that, us gamers are being drowned in a sea of mediocre FPS's. What i cannot see is why this particular genre appeals so much to so many console owners.

I, for one, am fed up being spoon-fed endless garbage that only gets a look at because it has guns and gore, i cant' fault every FPS as there are some real gems, CoD4 being the example, however when we see repetitious, almost nauseating amounts of this genre flood the industry, the question is, do these games really sell that much, and if so are developers relying too much on a particular genre to help boost profits?

Sure not every developer is going to be outlandish and take insane risks for insane amounts of cash, its just when a market becomes so saturated with the same material time and time again, people become bored and want innovation, and i for one am fed up with the stream of average nonsense like Hour of Victory, Turok, Frontlines: FoW, Medal of Honor: Airbourne, and even Turning Point.

I can't help but feel that the developers reliance on this genre will lead to its downfall.