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ellie resemble`s ellen page.oh brother

i`ve played the last of us and i can`t believe there turning this into a big deal.personally there are only a few thing ellie has that might look like ellen and i`d say it`s the hair and the nose.other than that i see more of ashley johnson more in ellie. to top it off ashley is the one who acted out ellie and is the one who made ellie who she is. I see more of ashley in her than ellie i don`t see the big deal about all is a pic of the 2 to be honest if you try to see ashleys image as if she was younger you may see how ashley is more like ellie.even if you don`t and look close enough you will see ashley looking more like ellie try the eye`s,forhead,lips,chin and cheeks.


the reasons people hate QTE`s

i`ve been doing a lot of thinking and examining. and i came to realize a large part of gamer complain about qtes in games.the reasons seem to be all over the place. but i came to the conclusion that it really 1 main reason for there hate.reasons one is player today try rush there games and try to beat them as fast as qtes tend to slow down game play which these players do not like. since there are in hurry to beat it. this tends to also mean the player fails a lot at doing the qtes which also slows it down and sicne qtes take time and practice to get any good at it.So in truth these players will most of the time hate qtes cause of there own rushness.

games getting scores they don`t deserve.

ok what i`m going say is not a fact more of an observation.i`ve been noticing games are getting high score even if they filled with problems and glitchs and games that don`t are scored lower. an example of this is resident evil 6 i played the game and it has no major flaws in it and yet here on game spot it got a 4.5. you go to a game like skyrim and you find glitchs in the game one of which the level glitch and it gets a 9. there are more games like this all over the place. so i believe the score that are being given are not for the quality but to just promote a game or pr. to be honest when i here a score for any game i want a honest score and review for that matter that tells me whats wrong with and good with the game.i want to know if the game i`m going to play is going freeze up on me or fall through a solid ground or invisable walls.but you never here these things in reviews. since the resident evil 6 review i no longer trust reviews from game spot anymore.

what gamer am i ?

So far i `ve been looking at these gamer types. so far i`ve been able fit some of them. i`m going to cover them my self and give a percentage of how much i`m like the ones that fit me most.

completionist. to be honest i`m around 80% a completionist.i generally try to complete as much of the game i can. but this varies per game and how much the game i want to complete.

Reader well i`m about 100% read about this much in my games. but some games it lower.

builder well about 60% a builder.

truth is i`m an introvert and extrovert 50% of the time. so i can do both equally.

the ghost 70% i try to play my game as stealthy as i can and rely on long range to get my foes.

i`m also a character builder 90%

white knight 90%

and lastly i`m a 90% apologist.

So i`m pretty mixed kinds of player.

my favorite games of this year

well this year was an interesting year in games.i`m just going to give you my list of my favorites this year.these are games that i enjoyed playing for many reasons such as story having so much fun etc.... well here goes

1. kingdom of amalur (this game was the most fun i had playing for it story)

2.binary domain (this game very fun to play but the main character is very funny)

3.dragons dogma ( i found this overall the best game i`ve played this year it reminded me of D&D)

4.mass effect 3( i liked this game more for game play then for its story)

5.resident evil 6 (this is a game i loved for it story the most.)

6.far cry 3 (this game was one of few games that shocked me this year)

if i had to choose a game of the year for my self out of these games it would be resident evil 6 with dragons dogma the runner up.

the rest of the games this year i found are not of intrest for me.

True essence of a gamer lost

I`ve come to the understanding that gamers today have forgotten the true essence of gaming.and have turned themselves into nothing more than critics and bashers. Truth is years ago people played games to have fun and to be entertained and also to immerse themselves within the game.take year ago someone would read the book the hobbit and imagined themselves with them the world and enjoyed the story.but today that same book would be torn a part and criticized and bashed.i believe people today have lost there way and have forgotten the true essence of why they game or even watch movies and read books.we have become a world full of hate and complaints. to see the truth in front of our selves.

the media has control?

I need to get this out there.But from my observations as of late. i been seeing that the media is trying to control what game we like and dislike and as gamers were letting them do it. A good a example is re 6 the game is very well done and yet it getting bashed by the media. because there trying to promote another game instead.To put it simple. the media will take a game and bash it in order to boost another game.Back to my example i feel re6 was bashed by game spot in order to promote dishonored.Game spot is not the only media that does this.many other one do as`s just a matter of looking between the lines.the media made skyrim a great game with a high score.The only thing that was great about skyrim was the graphics.the story was very bland and boring.and was plagued with the end it still got a great score.which makes no sense to me at all.Well i stop here. i might expand on this later.

kingdoms of amalur reckoning is a great game and here why

Ok let me start by saying people are trashing kingdoms of amalur reckoning.To be honest the game has a great story for those that pay attention to it.i`ll give you a basic of the main story. you are restored to life by the well of souls with no memory of your past.As you play the main storyline you begin to learn about the world that is a war with you work your way along the main storyline you meet different characters along the way. who try to make sense of you and your you get near the end of the game you finally learn who you really were before you died.

Now with that out in the open this game is great in the sense that a lot of the games story is a mystery and not revealed right off the bat.This get`s you as a player to want to keep playing and learn more about the story.but this for those people who actually pay attention to stories anymore instead of oh look amazing graphic or look at the tons of glitches this game has.If your a player who likes to pay attention to the story and not complain about every little thing this game can be fun to play.

As for the game play it is very fun game as long as you try to keep the story and game play balanced as you play allows you to create the character you want to choosing what skills and abilites you want to work on.there is no right or wrong way to play the game.truth is this game has multiple storylines within it if you add the faction are free to choose which quest to do or not to do.Let me state something about people saying the quest are generic.well what rpg game doesn`t have generic quest. i played skyrim and beat it. it`s quests are not much different than koa`s give me a for a boring story in koa well i found skyrims story very boring.So everyone has what stories they like or dislike.somelove skyrims story some do not. the same goes for koa story.

In conclusion you either like koa or you don`t.if you don`t well don`t come around bash the games for those that each there own.

it`s amazing to find game haters on message boards.

one thing i find you go the store buy a game you think you are going to like get it home and start play it.after a bit you fine you really like or love the you decide to go to the message board for the game and hope to talk to people about the game who see the game the way you do.only to find nothing but people trashing the game like nade.they go as far as picking(or accusing you)on you for liking the game. when you decide to respond to some of the posts.when anyone new comes along who is thinking of buying the game they try convince them not to buy it.or in rare cases convince them to rent it first(which i`m ok with though).Well thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

my rules for getting games

1 never let a reviews help you decide to get a game

2 never let anyone on a forum tell a game is good or bad(everyone has there likes and dislikes which can differ from you)

3 let my gut feeling decide to get a game or not.(in all the years i bought games it only failed me once on a game i purchased)

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