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Im back and happy new year

This is really embarrassing for me to say but I decided to come back to gamespot I probably forgotten by now but im glad to be back and happy new years to everyone I hope you all complete you new years resolutions.

Sorry for the inactivity.

Im really sorry for being very inactive lately I just have been busy with school and im just not as into the site as I was before so I hope this friday ill start being active.

Im back and weekly blog #4.

sorry for the unexpected absence ,Thank you for cammenting on my last blog and I still hope to do weekly blogs and such so here it goes



Not much really except I rented Arkum Asylum and I would have to say this is the best game that I have played tis generation from my wii and 360 The graphics to gameplay to soundtrack to stealth this game delivers I really want to finisht the game I cant imagine not beating this game and returning it. This is a must play.



Since im in the Batman mood I decided to make reviews on all the batman movies from 1989 to 2008(animated ones dont count).

Batman 1989

As a little kid I used to be crazy for batman even though now im not that crazy for batman I still really like batman. This movie is pretty interesting since it doesnt follow the batman story that well but it still gives you that feeling that this is a genuine batman story as well. Tim Burton was a great choice for this film because his dark take on directing fits with the batman universe. The actors are very well done Micheal keaton does batman and id have to say he is the best batman( and costume IMO) the reasonhes such a great batman since he doesnt go to the akward grumbles in begins and TDK it also doesnt go as stupid a george Clooney pretty much sound the same as usual just in a batman suit he make the batman sound serious yet cool and calm at the same time as a bruce wayne though hes okay. The actor who really doest the best is jack Nicholson as the Joker while not as good as Heath Ledger but he does have some surprisingly have some good dark humor in it and while I never understood those jokes as a kid I understood it after watching it years later so Jack Nicholson was the star of the show. My main problems has to do with the lack of batmans backstory and the fact is that it doesnt follow the batman cannon that well.



personal life

I got my permit on thursday and i learned to type while driiiiiiiiiiiiivvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvviiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!

that fence came out of nowhere:P.

Safe driving

lol have a great weekend.

Taking a break.

sorry if I wasnt as active as before since I just dont feel like going to the site that much so im hopeing to take a break from Gamespot till friday so I can hope to be more active later on.

Weekly blog #3

Yep its my 3rd weekly blog so far and it was a pretty good week for me I was really busy though but now I have enough time to make a blog.


GS activity

why should I bring this up again well I think I actually am getting less active of GS maybe its school but on Friday i just didnt really feel like going on the site, even though I was busy until 8 I still just didnt feel like going on and I only commented on one or two blogs so hopefully today writing a big blog can get me back and its just one day so who knows.


my ipod

I got an itouch recently and I gotta say its pretty awesome it can do so much its really unbelieveable but they are a few problems like itunes is expensive since it costs 1.30 for the popular songs and you have to pay for updates:evil:. A couple more would be that the back can be scratched easily and its pretty stupid to but the headphone jack at the bottom. Other than that its awesome.


top ten games that need sequels 2-1

2. Chrono Cross

I really think Square should start making Chrono game Chrono Trigger and Cross were both fantastic games. I would really like this series to really come back to life. It didnt really need to improve that much I would just like more(new) chrono games that follows the same great formula. I really hope that the remake for Chrono Trigger chould give a sign to a sequel.

1. Star Wars KOTOR

Yes I know they are making an mmo but I just want to have one more single player KOTOR and it makes me mad that they chose to make an mmo instead. This game was fantastic from its story, gameplay, characters, sound but not graphics and thats was really the biggest problem and it was just graphics. So I hope after the mmo they get to work on a kotor 3.



My bro got scribblenauts and its a lot of fun the controls suck big time but its a lot of fun(zeus owns all the characters:P) Its just awesome to use your imagination to beat levels and its just fun. I havent played much though to give it a decent verdict though.


driving school

My mom is not giving the slip to the secretary of state since shes been very busy so I still cant get my premit yet. I cant wait to get the chance to drive.

see ya on the road:P

have a good weekend.

weekly blog #2 part 2

sorry for making this into two part I know it can be annoying.


personal life

I actually wanna ask for advice after today I relized my little brother plays my xbox too much I mean he plays 80% and I only get 20. Why not push him off or order him to leave since I bought my 360 with my own money but theres a problem he cries worse than a baby. Any advice on how to keep my 360 more without getting him angry



I hope to get either scribblenauts or mario and luigi 3 for DS if I get the money a big if actually but I hope to get it. ODST also came out and since everyones buying it no ones going to rent it so thats my chance to rent it even though it got a great score I still dont feel its worth 60$.


Top ten games that need sequels 4-3 (going to cut the description short)

Half-Life 2

sadly im hearing less and less news about Half-life it seems like valve is busy with L4D at the moment but I would absolutly love to hear news of a half life 3.

3.Star Wars Battlefront 2

I spent a lot of hours into this and the first one because I love Star wars and this game was the closest you can get to experience the most memorable star wars battles and I loved it. There have been rumors but no real news which is sad.


have a good day

Weekly blog #2 part 1

Sorry about not posting comments since I was busy and maybe I got an itouch:P its really awesome so far my cousin told me a way to get songs free without getting viruses(the illeagel way:twisted:lol no way am I paying $1.30 for every song I get. so far its okay it takes much longer to download than other free music downloads like limewire. There free texting so thats a huge plus:P.


A pic of me

yep I finally got a pic hopefully itll load up soon to see it


Games that need sequels 6-5.

Im just going to show the games for today.

6. Star wars republic commando

5. Jet Force Gemini


part 2 will be tommarow

Top ten games that need sequels 8-7 and a question.

8. Donkey Kong 64

After Rare has left nintendo the Dk series has been going down instead of putting an emphasis on quality platforming the series has been focused on using bangos which I think is killing the DK games. I think the DK needs to go back to its platforming roots and make a sequel similar to its last great DK game DK 64. The reason was that I beliveve that DK 64 was actually a pretty risky project not only making this game huge adding the whole DK crew but transforming a 2-d game into 3-d. It succeded with turning the 2-d parts into 3-d and making them better. The platforming, the graphics, the wacky characters and the sound( in my opinion the Dk theme song is arguably my favorite theme song in a game). Sadly nintendo doesnt have the time to put as much work into a DK without help from other companies. After reading a GS friends(piersts)blog on next level games and how they remade a cla$$ic like Punch- Out which hasnt had a game in 15 years and made it better than ever and how its shaping to be a strong 2nd party dev. I think they could bring DK platforming back to life that would make any DK fan happy.

7. Sonic Adventure 2

Who said 3-d sonic games cant be good the Sonic Adventure succesfully turned a 2d gaming series and changed it into 3d. Sadly though sonic team stopped after 2 to change the formula to make heroes and it was good then the others started to get worse and worse until there were so many bad games people didnt believe they could make a good 3d sonic game. I think sonic team should make a sonic adventure 3 and follow the same path as the priveous 2 and they could make a pretty great game. With so many bad sonic games it would be great news if sonic team makes another game in the adventure series and hopefully make a new start of good sonic games.

I also have one question do you think I should post a pic of myself?

Top 10 games that need sequals 10-9 and a bit of other things

This list may have came out of nowhere but I really wanted to make a list of games that need sequels for some time now and ill be doing 2 games everyday here it goes.

10. Little kings story

You may think this is a horrible choice for a game that needs a sequal since this game came out in july but sadly this game isnt selling well. Why idk maybe its the look or lack of advertisment but who cares I wanna buy this game after I rented it because the gameplay is addicting the characters and world is colorful and charming there is a great amount of side quest awesome bosses with tons of personality and its 30-50 hours long and its a shame a game this good is selling bad. You should really try this game out.

9. Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask

while it is technically the sequal to OOT I still think that they should make another Zelda game with the same theme and world from MM. While this game wasnt the sequal to OOT that everyone wanted. I still liked the games dark direction the world felt so real to me the masks were awesome to use and sadly a lack of development time made this game a bit stripped down with a lack of dougeons and smaller world. I believe that with more development time this game would definetly make an impact on gaming. Thats why I think a sequal would be perfect so they can correct the mistakes with MM and make it a near perfect game.

On a side note I can finnally get my permit just after I take my vision test:? I hope I dont have to get gl-ass-es(no offence to anyone) and on the voting side in my last blog and Half life 2 won the reviewing side so I hope I can start a review on it and ipod touch won im still gonna compare both of them if I ever get to a best buy.

heres a video if you want a good laugh its about ipods vs zunes family guy $tyle lol:and its only about 20 seconds long so dont worry.

family guy ipod joke

Another thing also I have a msn account its if anyone is intersted in adding me I dont use this email much so I might be slow in replying.

Have a nice day:D.

weekly blog #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:P

Since school I dont have the time to blog as often as I would like so I plan on doing blogs at every friday since I have some time so this is going to be the first (and hopefully I can make more) weekly blog.

P.S I hope to keep them as organized as possible


GS and its activity

The school year has really hit the activity of GS as it seems and it looks like im getting less comments than I did before and even though I get comments at the 20s which is really good but I used to get comments at the 30s so it been a hit. there. I also think that a couple of great GS users that either have been less active, said they might be leaving, actually leaving or at times just stopped being active like slipnoob,hellmonkey,Papermariofan,Mario Brawler, Parkaar and others. So yes GS is becoming a bit more boring.

Im also now on level 26 cyber lip and I hate the name but a level up is always a good thing:).



yep just like before school has sadly made me less active so sorry for any missed comments or pms. On the other hand im doing great so far with all As so far. 10th grade may be easier to me than 9th if that makes sense:P. Ive also found a way to got to driving school without being 15 years and 9 months old. I will be starting on September 15th but idk if itll make me less active.

Hope to see ya on the road!!!!!!:P.



I was going to rent Batman AA but it was out of stock :(. In other news I plan on doing game reviews but idk right now but I am thinking between SSBB or Half life. Thats why im letting you choose so im bringing back review voting again.

or this



I decided to make a 3rd movie review I hope to make 5 at the least.

Iron man

I personally never really cared about Iron Man(the superhero) before the movie but after watching it. Id have to say this movie can really be exciting. Sure it is as dark or serious as the batman movies nor does it have to be very fun and lighthearted as the spiderman movies. But this movie is solid across the board while I didnt find too many things that made it stick out much more than other movies(excluding the action and acting) its still a lot of fun to watch. It has enough serious and funny in it to make you enjoy the movie all around. This movie has fantastic pacing as well there were only 3-5 action parts but the pacing is so good that itll feel like there have been much more. Its a fun action packed movie with great actors (Robert Downy Jr) , action,pacing and enough depth that will sure make you have good time watching this film.

4/5(I even think I gave this movie a harsh score so go watch it)



I also plan on making a top ten list and im interested in what you want me to list about.

Also a bit of purchase help.

I was planning on getting an itouch (iphone out of the question no att)during the fall but I also saw that the zune hd is coming out and idk which one to get since ipod has the itunes the biggest music dowload software but zunemarketplace has subcription service which itunes doesnt have. The itouch has a lot of apps but the zune 16gb is cheaper than the 16 gb ipod by 30$ ,has Hd radio and is getting an app store also. Ipod has web but so does the zune hd also.

I cant decide it looks like a tie in my opinion so mybe you can help me pick one

this or this



as you know 8 years have passed since 9/11 and I would like to end my blog honoring the people who have died on that day.

have a good weekend:).