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Saved the used games! One solution

This blog was written in response to the the first few paragraphs of this article:

The article was written about used game sales due to shelf life of titles only being a few months long. Corporate developers are saying it is used game sales that cause such short shelf life saying used sales of games needs to be prevented. I wrote the following as one of many other solutions that could prolong such sales but also wanted to make note here that all other multi-media is not expected to have a twenty year lifespan either so I don't know what corporate developers are complaining about. Movies play in theaters for a few months and then make a few months sales once they hit DVD. CDs only release once (with exception of special additions and eventual rereleases which do not gross as much generally speaking), and same with the other main forms of multimedia in the entertainment world. ...why game developers think they are so special that things should be different for them is beyond me. rant went something like this.

...if money hungry corporate industries are so concerned with prolonging the lifespan sales of their titles, maybe they should finally come to terms and realize the one way of extending the purchase of a game is by extending the replayability of it. One of my ongoing concerns of doing this is that ever since back in the Nintendo 64 days when multiplayer games were king, there has been a super heavy focus on massively multiplayer online games and the online community. I absolutely love where online gaming has taken us...but only to an extent. It seems developers have felt local multiplayer split screen modes were a necessary sacrifice and have ever since, in the case of about 85% of current and next gen games, allowed such modes to be thrown by the way side. The problem that this presents is that games heavily focused on online multi player have shorter lifespans. ...what happens if you are a COD fan, you own Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 comes out? Chances are, all your online buddies buy 3 and ditch on 2 causing you to have to do the same as the online community for that game drops to nil. ...ok, so...COD may not be the best example as the COD online community is very strong as with the Halo community. But, now think about titles less popular such as...idk, Bionic Commando? To this day, I have no idea what the online game modes are like on that game as I have never been able to find a live match as nobody is ever on it. And why would they be? There are FAR better online games that they could waist there time on. And there are handfuls of games like this. I played Ghostbusters, and Stranglehold....never once seen the multiplayer of either of those titles. I've never even seen the Aliens Vs. Predator game since it was poorly rated and no one wanted anything to do with it. Being as that was an online ONLY game, it was impossible for me to even play it. So....this is just one problem to address, but a solution I propose...and again, it is one of many, is to continue making great online features, but don't forget the splitscreen experience, and to add things like NPC Bots to ensure gamers can play locally with friends, at home on their own, and online with their buddies long after they have beat the title they purchase. Surely, that would prolong the 3 month long retail lifespan these corporate a**holes are talking about.

Worth the agony of the wait.

Finally, at long last and after a non-stop weekend of BioShock, I am satisfied. I have only stopped to eat, sleep, and pee. The final verdict; well worth the torment of the 360 red light fiasco. But I will not ramble on about how great the game was here in this blog. Instead I have written a short review on it. So go now my minions and read my review of BioShock to see what I thought.

So, my 360 is back and I am up and running yet again. Microsoft rushed my order as this is now my fourth 360. They where even kind enough to give me a free month of the Gold Membership. An extra controller or rechargeable battery would have been nice, but free live will do. Thanks guys. So, sucks that it crashed. Kicks ass that its back. Nice that they gave me extended services. See you guys online. Peace.

Three is the lucky number....or was that four?

Here I am, August 21st. I just spent the last five hours drooling over the six by four box as the Big Daddy stares strait back at me. Here in my classroom for ethics; here in my classroom for game project 2, trying to model a character of my own in 3D Max. I'm not doing too poorly either, but all I can think about is that damned six by four box screaming at me to play it. Like a giddy little school boy I run up the stairs to my apartment, throw the door open, slamming it behind me, kill the lights and fire up the 360. Having just settled in, I start up a new game from the first menu. The game loads and the first cut scene begins to roll; 1979...... ..... *screen flashes green* and then nothing. Cold, silent, and nothing. My heart sinks as I reset the system only to see exactly what it is I dread....and expect to see; the three evil flashing lights of death. MOTHERFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUQER!

So, here I am, one week later avoiding all the post release discussions on the game waiting for my fourth....yes, FOURTH system to be delivered. If ever there was a bad point for my 360 to crash on me... Damn, I swear. I guess it could have been Halo3. I don't even know if that would have been as bad though. I mean, I already know about seventy five percent of all the content it will include. I have actually escaped most prerelease spoilers for BioShock. Oh well....I will manage to survive I suppose. I did however play the new Metroid for the Wii which was far more impressive than I expected....guess I better get a Wii now. Well, for now...I guess I must just bide my time until my 360 comes in. Unfortunately, I hear there have been great delays due to repairs. I was told that I will probably get a brand new one as it will be my fourth console so we will see. That might speed the process up. I hope to be up and running within another week, but we will see. *fingers crossed*

Cyberlust and Techno-freaks, not the system to be drooled over.

So, I played a PS3 yesterday..........NOT WORTH $700! It's big, bulky, looks like a space heater, and performs only as well as the 360. Don't get me wrong, I'll probably buy one once the price resembles the system...which is like $400. How else will I play MG Guns of the Patriots? I did find the controllers to be a hundred times better than the old ones. However, all but one new design feature has either been stolen from the new Wii or 360. The only new design features I give Sony props for is the new triggers and how they now pull all the way back for more precise pressure sensitivity (great for FPS). Of course, this has been a long time coming and, now that I think of it, still only resembles the ideas of its predecessors. Not to my surprise, Sony has also decided to leave the classic awkwardness of it's Dual Shock analogue thumb sticks in the same locations making it close to impossible for people with long fingers to play games that require the use of both sticks. So, if you want to pay $700 dollars for a good controller that barely lives up to that of its predecessors, the PS3 may just be the system you're looking for. Otherwise, the PS3 's graphics look about equal to that of the 360 and only offers half the online and dashboard features.

Leave no pixel behind.

Yes, finally; the Zune has been released and I picked one up as soon as it hit the floor. Yes indeed; I do feel just in trading my PSP in for it. Amazing little machine; 30 gigs of rockin....ed.....nessss .......yeah. Kick ass cosmetics too! However, Microsoft still seems to loath me for some reason. My Zune has a few dead pixels....grrrrrrrrrrr. That's pretty common during the shipping process for anything that uses a dot matrix screen. Yet, of course, I happen to pick up the one that has the flaw. Oh well, I guess that's what I get for being amongst the first to purchase one.....that's just how technology works. I guess it won't kill me to find another ride to Best Buy and trade it in for another....they better not be sold out of the brown and green one!?!

Microsoft's conspiracy to piss me off.

Damn you Microsoft, why do you hate me so!?! Yes, my 360 has crashed on me yet again. Now I have to go another three weeks to a month without it. I can live with not having it for a short time, but I hate having to deal with all this shipping bullsh*t. Gheeeeee...!!!!!

Pimp my XBox!!!!!

Ok, so this isn't so important at the moment, will be once I get my 360 back from the repair center. REALLY IMPORTANT, in fact.   .........diamond-plate faceplates!!!!!
Oh yeah baby. Am I the only one here? I've been seeing all these new designs that have been released for the holidays, and they are really cool and all, but, I mean, if your gonna make a system with interchangeable faceplate, how can you not offer me a diamond-plated faceplate (out of the real stuff, not that shi*ty plastic fake stuff)? They make that sh*t for trucks, music amplifiers, etc. Why not 360's? That would be so hardcore to have my 360 wrapped in a sheet of metal. I would be willing to pay up to sixty or seventy bucks for a kick ass face plate like that. If anyone ever comes across one, let me know. I soooooo desperately want one.

Somtimes these things just don't work out......

Well, my fair PSP, we had a good run, but I am afraid things just are not working out for us. I mean, you are very attractive, but sometimes true beauty is only found within. I'm sure that there is some one perfect for you. I'm sure that they are just dieing for you to come into their life. I'm just afraid that person isn’t me. I know baby, dry you’re eyes, everything will ok. What? ...sure, we can hold each other just a bit longer. Yes, I know.....what? ........?, I'm afraid break up sex is out of the question. Like a band aid sweetheart, like a band aid.

Ok, so...that was kinda weird and awkward. Yup, I purchased the two year Best Buy plan with my PSP and have recently realized that I really don't use it.....almost ever. Don't get me wrong, it's a great of the only Sony consoles I actually like, but it just doesn’t bring enough to the table for me. I really liked the idea of MP3 on the thing, but at price of memory, the damned thing is just far too bulky and fragile. So, I am returning it for a full refund which is very cool and a little conniving of me, but hey, I paid like sixty bucks for the fuc*ing replacement plan which was purchased for a two hundred and fifty dollar machine that I never use...... I feel justified in returning it. I plan to use the refund for either a Wii, iPod or the new Microsoft Zune. I am thinking that I will probably buy the Zune as MP3 was one of my main reasons for buying the PSP. The Wii is gonna be really sweet, but there are only a couple titles I want at launch and will probably buy one later. I think that I am much less likely to save up that much for a MP3 player, though I now that I would use it more than any game system I own....which is saying a lot. The iPod is ok, but I only really like it for its cosmetics and third party support. iPods are like the Mitsubishi Eclipse; not the best car in the world, but every single fuc*ing car part manufacturer in the world makes custom ricer parts for them. But, the Zune has a much bigger display, wireless sharing, connects directly to the 360 for music and video streaming, customizable wallpaper and is likely to get every bit as much of support as time moves on. Besides, I hate iTunes software....such a pain in the ass. I find Windows media much more pleasing.....well, except for the iTunes juke box style of visuals....that is pretty bad ass. Anyways, this is my final farewell to the PSP. Bon voyage!!!

Code 0022 and the three flashing red lights of death.

I have gone for about two weeks now without my XBox 360. It took a big fat crap on my chest a while back, breaking my heart. "OMG!!!! What do I doe? I didn't buy the replacement plan because I am far too poor." Phew! Fortunately, due to all the issues with the 360 since its launch, Microsoft is being very forgiving with their warranty services and the problems involving GPU errors (which is what mine suffered from. The three flashing red lights of death otherwise known as error code 0022). I already sent mine back last Thurs. and am waiting very impatiently for its return. Hold of for just a little bit longer DOAX2, THP8 and Viva Pinata...daddy's just around the corner.