remage's Following List

  Name Type
DOA2: Dead or Alive 2 (Platinum) Release
Final Fantasy X (Mega Hits!) Release
Gran Turismo 3 A-spec (Platinum) Release
Madden NFL 2001 Super Bowl Release
NBA Live 2001 Release
Soul Reaver 2 Release
ICO Release
Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil Release
Twisted Metal: Black Release
Rayman Revolution Release
Hajime no Ippo: Victorious Boxers Release
Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies Release
Triple Play 2002 Release
Rumble Racing Release
NBA Street Release
XGIII: Extreme G Racing Release
Madden NFL Super Bowl 2002 Release
Jak and Daxter: the Precursor Legacy Release
NFL 2K2 Release
NHL 2002 Release
NCAA Football 2002 Release
Super Mario Bros. Release
Virtua Tennis 2 Release
Resident Evil 4 Release
High Heat Major League Baseball 2003 (Takara the Best) Release
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Release
NFL Blitz 20-02 Release
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 Release
Aggressive Inline Release
Indigo Prophecy Release
WRC: World Rally Championship (Platinum) Release
Gran Turismo 4 Release
WWE SmackDown! Shut Your Mouth Release
NBA Live 2003 Release
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 Release
NCAA Football 2003 Release
Beyond Good & Evil Release
Anubis: Zone of the Enders Special Edition Release
World Series Baseball 2K3 Release
Viewtiful Joe Release
NBA Ballers Release
Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Release
Madden NFL 2004 Release
ESPN NBA Basketball Release
NBA Live 2004 Release
NHL 2004 Release
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Release
Sniper Elite Release
Manhunt Release
Shadow Hearts II Release