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Ooh.. 8-bit Video Games!!!

Now I will tell U all about How I came to know of the 8-Bit video games an how much I enjoyed them.

Note: cassettes= cartridges.

When we first came to Haryana(Northern State of India)I and my bro were 6 and 10 years respectively and we made two new friends(both were brother and sister). on the first day when we stayed there they called us to their home for dinner. and before the dinner the parents were talking and we got to know each other. they showed us this THING. it was a VIDEO GAME(although we had an atari we used to call 8-bit video games as Video games and nothing else). and that too the one that they showed us was a SPECIAL one, the very first video we saw was special, their TV could play Video games!!!. They had to insert the game into the back side slot of the TV and there was a Wireless Game controller!!!!. since there is no such thing as nintendo here in india, everything that we get are custom made variations of the original things. and then first game that they showed was "KUNG-FU" it was that game in which there was one on one fighting and we were the character with the red pants and we could jump and punch and kick. whenever we punched the character would say something like"ku-Ku" and it was very catchy thing. then they showed us MARIO and other games, because of which we immediately fell in love with it.

After we left them, at home we were saying "Ku-KU" again and again and then we decided to Buy a Video game. We were first on a search for something just like the one we found there, their tv name was CROWN Tv., but after many days of searching it was not found. one night when My father was returning from a business trip we saw him coming with some big box in his hand and it was a VIDEO GAME!!! and the one he bought was a console model and the company was the Official video game maker of the nation "media" company.(we didn't know all these then)

That day we set up the video game and started playing the whole day, every console came with its own free cassette with 99999999(no kidding) games(actually some ten with all others repeated with some variations), but since ours was some special packing we got the official media 64 in 1(separately purchased but only available in that place) which is like a LEGENDARY cassette in INDIA there are many other 64 in 1s but none is good as this.

I will fill u all in some details first. In India the 8-bit games are a standard and every one if owns a video owns only this and a video game cassette costs more than a PS2 game(Last time I checked Ps2 DVD=Rs.65 Video game cassette= RS.150 or more) and then some cassettes are of different price than the other, since everyone knows the value of the 8 bit games. Every cassettes comes with more than one game. all cassettes(cartridges) are custom made by some person and mass produced, instead of one game in one usually games come in more than 5 game in one. and lower the number of game in one cassette higher the price(4 in one~Rs.350!!) of the cartrigde.and there are many games which are of different names but same game with different variations, for example, there a version of contra which has 30 sub games, and we can select any stage and have any permanent fire power.

There are different brands of Video games and none is different from the other. Its a real different world here. any other infos wanted? post in comments and the entry about how we enjoyed 8-Bit gaming is next.:D

The Beginning

After so many days , I atlast got the chance to write my journal, I wanted to start it by telling about my "Life in Gaming" till now. So the first chapter begins......

I grew up(and still exist) in a place where the only thing that people(90%) know when it comes video games is 8-Bit video games.No one even plays video games here (atleast as much as i do) and no one even knows what a PLAYSTATION is.In the Beginning years I and my brother were the only people who were so much interested into video games but since the past two year gamers are increase here too( though only PC gamers). Any one who owns a Ps2 or any other current gen console keeps it for show and to says that they bought it for big $$, they play them wth the first set of games that they got when they bought it and rarely buy new games.So this the place where I live. I would like to start with how i got so much intereseted in games how much they mean to me.

I had a Video game at home even before I was born. It was anFirst Game I ever played. Atari 2600 that my father bought for my elder brother.It was a special one since it had in-Built 200 games.I can say that started playing games since the age when i was able to see things and co-ordinate my hands and really play (age 3-4) we had two joysticks for that and My brother would always set it up with the tv and show me how to play.

The tennis gameI still remeber the first game in the system it was some aeroplane thing with refueling stations through which we had to go to not fall off. and then there was the escalator and police-thief game. When we turned on the system the games would continuosly scroll and they we had to pull down a sliding button (Reset) to make it stop at that game.selecting the game itself was a challenging thing.

The games that i liked very much were the see-saw(teeter-The Joystick Breaker!!!!totter) game where the other person jumps and we had to make him fall in the other side of the plank and so on and so forth. then there was the bowling game(in one of the button mashing episodes) the tennis game and the game that we called TOM BOY which actually we found out last year is Pitfall.

Now comes the most interesting part. The system was played through joysticks (like the aeroplane things) and when we played all these we were small kids( I was very small) so what happened is that when we used to play the games i would get hyperactive, like in the see-saw game if the person is about to fall i would push the joystick hard (real Hard) making it loose or cracking it and all that. and then my brother says to be careful with it and i say yes and the same thing happenes again. There was this another game where we had to pull the big block backward and hit the small dot and make the dot reach the destination. I would always pull it back hard and push the joystick hard so that the big block would hit it hard and WHAM! the Joystick broke and the dot moved like an inch or something,My brother was like "NO! THE JOYSTICK BROKE" and i was like "NO! IT DIDNT HIT IT PROPERLY"(What can i say i was a small boy :P) and when my borther played he pulled it back slow and hit the ball and it went way near the hole, and I was amazed how he did that without hitting it hard.

From there the breaking started. The tennis game made a Joystick Breaker #2joystock break ( By me of course) the see-saw game and many other times. My borther only broke one and it was the one that I spoiled earlier and he was playing with it so that i could have the better one ( my dear borther :D) .The bigger part is that these joystick's were available nowhere in India My father worked abroad so he used to bring a new pair everytime :D

Some other interesting points are that when we wanted to play a particular game we had to wait for it come and if we failed to stop correctly we had to like wait another 200 games for it to come again it was a very tough job:P( a game in itself)

This was our Atari2600 Era.I and my brother played in till the last joystick;) coming up in the next entry will be our great intro to 8-BIT GLORY..

Thanx for reading my journal's first entry i finally got my summer break(7 days :( ) and am going to fulfill all the things that i wanted to do in the forums and can anyone help me in naming those games so that i can add them to my collection:?

Game names Were Told to me By Guuthulu Thanx Friend:D

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