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Doctor Who Season 24/25/26 (the Seventh Doctor era) - Rank The Serials

1. Dragonfire

I surprisingly like this serial. Not because of the Doctor but because the story is actually pretty solid and we are finally given the epic companion Ace, who is the replacement for Mel, who leaves at the end of the serial. The only thing that disappointed me was the ending, in which the villain decides to kill himself because he finds out his home planet, who exiled him because of his crimes 3,000 years ago, was destroyed 2,000 years ago. Yeah, Makes no sense to me either.

2. Remembrance of the Daleks

Two groups of Daleks fight over a Time Lord artefact left by the Doctor on his first trip to Earth. The story isn't bad but there are too many subplots going on, The pace is slow and the ending is kind of eh. What I do like is the total 180 that they did with the Doctor. He went from this almost total idiot to be being a front and centre manipulator of sorts. It's a change for the better but McCoy just doesn't have it in him to play that type of role. He seemed very out of place in this serial.

3. The Happiness Patrol

A woman runs this planet where happiness is the only acceptable emotion and sadness is punishable by death. There's a lot of gay subtext in this one, which I actually found quite funny but that is the only funny part of this serial. The characters seem so out of place, The story is the same recycled premise we have seen probably a hundred times by now already. And the villains don't even come off as slightly intimidating either. It's just dumb.

4. Time and the Rani

From the awkward opening/regeneration to the just god-awful plot - the Rani, the only person making this serial even some-what watchable, abducts the newly regenerated Doctor to help her build a machine for an evil plan. Honestly, This serial is a mess of hot garbage. McCoy, as the newly regenerated seventh doctor, is kind of a hit and miss throughout.

5. Battlefield

The return of the Brigadier is ruined by this terrible plot where Morgan le Fay and her son Mordred come to present day Earth in search of King Arthur and mistake the Doctor for the famous Merlin. It's a weird freaking plot that makes no sense what so ever. And such a disappointing plot to because I'd have loved to see the Doctor explore King Arthur's court rather than have characters from the world of King Arthur come to present day.

6. Silver Nemesis

Nazis, Cybermen and a sorceress all fight for a powerful Time Lord artefact that, when brought together, is an ultimate defence for Gallifrey. Oddly enough, The groups never explain how they plan to control this statue and considering it was built by Rassilon himself, We all know it's gonna end badly for them. This serial is just filled with plot holes and inconsistencies and it's not the least bit enjoyable to watch because it makes no freaking sense!

7. Paradise Towers

I wanted to like this one, I liked the premise but it was just so poorly executed. There were so many needless subplots that weren't even remotely interesting and it really bogged down the entire story.

8. The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

The Doctor arrives at a sinister carnival where the people are the entertainers and if they fail to entertain, they die. It's all rather stupid and painfully slow paced. Probably would have made for a decent two-parter if they cut out the filler.

9. The Curse of Fenric

The story makes absolutely no sense. There was a review of this serial that had said it felt like they took 3 stories and combined it into one convoluted one and I absolutely agree.

10. Delta and the Bannerman

The queen is the last of her race and is trying to escape these genocidal assassins with the Doctor, unexpectedly, finds himself thrown into the situation and helps out. It's really freaking boring. Nothing happens, Honestly. There's so much filler here in this three-part serial that it really could have been cut into one 30-40 minute episode and left at that.

11. Survival

I genuinely didn't think it could get any worst but it did. The Master is slowly become a cat-like creature and is trying to use the Doctor to escape the planet causing this transformation. It's so freaking painfully stupid, I could see why they cancelled the show.

Doctor Who Season 22/23 (the Sixth Doctor era) - Rank The Serials

1. The Two Doctors

The return of the Second Doctor and Jamie is a real treat and both works wonder opposite of the Sixth Doctor and Peri.

2. Attack of the Cybermen

I felt the subplot with the slaves trying to escape was rather needless filler but aside from that, I really enjoyed this serial. The acting was good, The story flowed well together and it was nice to see the Cybermen return in a very fitting serial.

3. The Twin Dilemma (the final serial of season 21)

There are a few awkward bits here - the Doctor attacking Peri and a bit of overacting - but for the most part, This is a real enjoyable serial and a great highlight of the Sixth Doctor. I just love Baker's attitude in this serial, He's very sassy.

4. Revelation of the Daleks

The Doctor faces off against Davros as he tries to create a new army of Daleks to combat his old ones. I like the premise and I think the acting is pretty solid but it's a bit needlessly violent at times and I can see why fans are a bit turned off by it.

4. Vengeance on Varos

The Doctor and Peri are forced to go to a planet for a rare ore to power the TARDIS, Only the planet is currently dealing a whole mess of subplots - An alien creature is trying to take over the planet for control of the ore, There is a small rebellion going on to stop the Government from their barbaric ways. It's honestly a bit of a storytelling mess that would have been a lot better if edited down some.

6. The Mysterious Planet: Trial of a Time Lord Part 1

The Doctor and Peri arrive on an Earth-like planet, which come to find out is really Earth but located at a different place in the universe, where the local tribe worship a generator thinking it's a totem. At the same time, A robot is running an underground complex that guards some secrets that a couple of bounty hunters want. There's a lot of stuff going on on-screen but nothing is really explained and it's rather disappointing. This is also part of the Trial of a Time Lord, a story long arc for season 23 where the TARDIS is forced to land and the Doctor finds himself in a courtroom on trial by his fellow time lords.

5. The Mark of the Rani

I like the addition of the Rani. The Doctor, the Master and the Rani all together make for a lot of fun on screen. Sadly though, The story just isn't there. The Rani is on Earth to get brain fluid from humans to help her control the alien species on a planet she rules, The Master takes advantage of the situation and gets her to help go after the Doctor, who is there to stop them because at the same time all this is going on, The Industrial Revolution is going on. There are just too many subplots going on and none of them gives us an enjoyable story. It's really the cast that carries this serial. And that ending is just utter freaking nonsense. One of the dumbest, if not the dumbest, endings of any serial in Doctor Who history.

7. Mindwarp: Trial of a Time Lord Part 2

This alien race tries to plant the brain of their leader, who is dying in his current body, into a new body but are struggling with how to go through with the operation. The Doctor then "betrays" his companion and their allies in order to learn more about this plan in order to sabotage it because that makes a lot of sense. But a bigger disappointment to me is the fact that they wrote off Peri in this episode and it was such a disappointing send-off for such a solid companion.

6. Timelash

This is by far the worst serial of season 22 and one of the worst Baker has been in. The story is just utter nonsense and the main villain isn't the least bit threatening. It's such a recycled storyline as well: The Doctor and his companion arrive to see a tyrant controlling a once peaceful world and he has to find a way to stop him. Let's move on past this generic plot premise and onto something with more substance.

7. Terror of the Vervoids: Trial of a Time Lord Part 3

The Doctor's newest companion, Mel, shows up with absolutely no introduction and we are told that since the events of the episode take place in his "future", She doesn't need an introduction as he technically hasn't met her yet. Anyways, The plot is so laughably bad. So many silly subplots that don't fit together at all. And the main plot of creatures hatching from plants and attacking the human crew on board is so boring. This serial, to me, is a stand out one because it signifies the downfall of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who Season 19/20/21 (the Fifth Doctor era) - Rank The Serials

1. The Caves of Androzani

The Fifth Doctor's final and best serial. This is easily among my favourite of classic who serials (Top 5 easily). Everything about it is just perfect and the regeneration scene is just the icing on the cake.

2. Mawdryn Undead

The introduction to Turlough, the return of the Brigadier and the return of the evil Black Guardian. The plot involves the Black Guardian trying to use Turlough in his sinister plot to get revenge against the Doctor. It's definitely a highlight of Davison's run.

3. The Visitation

Aside from the weak subplot with Nyssa and Adric and Teagan doing pretty much nothing, This was a rather good serial. It is about this criminal alien trying to wipe out the human race in order to take over the planet. It's the best serial of season 19 IMO.

4. Black Orchid

It's a short two-part serial that has pretty much no sci-fi elements and that is what makes it a gem in my book. This serial relies upon the acting of the cast to carry the story and it works perfectly.

5. Earthshock

It's a little slow at first but the final two episodes really come together. We also see the death of the companion Adric, who decided to stay behind in order to foil the Cybermen's plan to destroy Earth. And since the TARDIS controls were damaged in a Cybermen attack, Rescuing him is impossible and the Doctor and his companions watch on sadly as Adric dies when the ship explodes.

6. Snakedance

The Mara returns in this serial but she isn't all that interesting. Instead, What saves the day is the solid acting by the cast and the interesting characters they play. A big disappointment, for me, is the final episode as they fail to wrap it up in a satisfying way but I still enjoyed the serial for the most part.

7. Planet of Fire

We get rid of Turlough and Kamelion, thank god, in this serial and in return, we gain the very enjoyable Peri as a companion. Overall, The serial isn't bad but there is a lot of filler. I'd have cut it down by one episode and gotten rid of a bulk of the filler, Which really weighs down on the pace of the story. Now as for the story itself, It's more than watchable. There's just a lot of needless, nonsense scenes that just don't do anything aside from adding to the runtime.

8. Resurrection of the Daleks

The Daleks attack a ship in order to rescue Davros, their creator, and use him in an attempt to find a cure for a virus that affects them. It's a short serial but it's quick, to the point and reintroduces the Daleks for the first time since season 17. And sadly, Tegan departs as a companion at the end of this serial but in a very fitting fashion.

9. Four to Doomsday

The Doctor and his companions arrive on a ship controlled by an alien called the Monarch with intentions to strip mine Earth for its resources. It's a pretty typical plot and has been done before with the Fourth Doctor though. And it also features these human-looking androids that do nothing for the plot.

10. Arc of Infinity

The cast does a great job here, Shout out to Colin Baker in his pre-sixth doctor performance. Sadly, The story is very lacking. The premise has been done before and even the return of epic villain Omega, who was criminally underused, doesn't save it. And what is up with that awful Teagan sub-plot?

11. Terminus

I felt that with Terminus, Nothing really happens. It's the second of the Black Guardian trilogy, Turlough sabotages the TARDIS so it makes an emergency landing on a slave ship that is delivering the space equivalent of leapers to a hospital where they go in but never come out. There are a few weak sub-plots that don't amount to anything and it all ends in such a generic fashion. And Nyssa, a fantastic companion, leaves at the end of this serial. It's such a disappointment.

12. Frontios

The only good thing I can honestly say about it is that it is a watchable serial. The acting is solid but aside from that, Nothing really happens. This alien is using other aliens to attack a planet and attempt to turn it into a spaceship and it's genuinely not the least bit interesting because the main villain just isn't threatening in the slightest. This is just a really awkward serial that just goes nowhere and the pacing is very slow.

13. The Five Doctors

Well...really the three Doctors. Tom Baker only appears through old footage and William Hartnell, who died years prior, is replaced by another actor, something I consider a massive insult. Davison, Troughton and Pertwee are great but this special is just a massive mess.

14. Kinda

This serial is so laughably bad and another recycle of a story we have seen many times before - A planet is gonna be colonized by Earth, The human-like inhabitants are stuck in their ways and an old enemy of these inhabitants tries to take over by haunting Teagan in her dreams and possessing her. It ends with the Doctor locking a giant snake in a cage made of mirrors...

15. Castrovalva

In the Fifth Doctor's first serial, We are treated to this disappointing four-episode serial. The Doctor spends a majority of his time "recovering" from his regeneration while his companions mostly deal with a pathetic attempt by the Master to kill them.

16. The Awakening

A weak two-parter that doesn't really do anything for this season. In a nutshell, This entity feeds on peoples' emotions of anger and tries to provoke a real war during a historical reenactment in order to return to power. It's rather disappointing.

17. Warriors of the Deep

Apparently, Someone thought it was a great idea to bring back two of the worst characters in Doctor Who history - the Silurians and the Sea Dogs - for the first story of season 21. There's not much going on here - The Silurians, with new help from the revived Sea Dogs, try to attack a sea base as revenge for the attack on them many years prior and at the same time, The sea base is being secretly sabotaged by people from the rival sea base in order to defeat them once and for all. Then it all goes to heck and the only good thing is that they all die in the end and we no longer have to deal with these awful characters.

18. The King's Demons

This needless two-parter was used to an introduce a companion used in only one other serial and it's a complete waste of time. The Master, in disguise, replaces the king of England with a robot in an attempt to knock back the progress of human history for several years. Because of its short length, There's no real exploration here. It's just a quick plot to introduced an unused companion.

19. Enlightenment

The end of the Black Guardian trilogy, thank god, and it ends on such a terribly low note. The White and Black Guardians bring the Doctor to this space race and if he wins, He gains the wisdom to everything or Enlightenment. He ends up winning and defeats the Black Guardian once and for all. This serial is honestly the lowest of the low and the worst of the Fifth Doctor era.

Doctor Who Season 15/16/17/18 (the Fourth Doctor era Part 2) - Rank The Serials

1. The Ribos Operation

Part one of the Key to Time season-long story arc. We are introduced to Romana, a fellow time lord, in this very enjoyable serial. The Key to Time is about the Doctor collecting the six fragments to the Key to Time in order to stop the Black Guardian was getting it.

2. Destiny of the Daleks

The Doctor makes his return to Skaro with a regenerated Romana and has to deal with Davros and his blasted Daleks again, who are locked in a stalemate with the local Androids. I think the serial features the best acting Tom Baker has done during his entire run.

3. The Pirate Planet

The Doctor arrives on a ship which is really a hollowed out planet lead by half cyborg captain that plunders other planets for their resources. It's a bit slow at times but still a fun watch.

4. The Androids of Tara

I enjoyed everything about this serial but the ending. I felt the ending was rather anti-climactic but the rest of it was solid. The rival lord tries to stop someone from being crowned king and tries to use androids that look like the king and a few other people to stop him. It's all pretty interesting and worth the watch.

5. The Keeper of Traken

The Master returns with a vengeance in this serial and regains a new set of regenerations, Just in time too because the Fourth Doctor is about to regenerate. We are also introduced to the lovely Nyssa here too.

6. Underworld

I felt that Underworld just kind of got lost in the mess of storytelling. The premise was interesting: The Doctor has to save a ship trying to find another ship lost in a spiralling nebula. Eventually, They crash land onto the forming planet where the second ship is and then have to escape with its contents (the race banks holding the rest of their civilization)

7. The Leisure Hive

An alien race rapidly ages due to the effects of a war many years previously and yet there is one among them who stays young hmm. It's an interesting premise and I like the cast and characters but it's a bit slow paced at times.

8. Meglos

A cactus-like creature, who is super smart and can shapeshift into anyone, tries to recapture a crystal that can be turned into a super-weapon and the Doctor has to stop him. It's actually not that bad and can be quite interesting at times but like Leisure Hive, It's pacing issues kind of take away from it.

9. The Sun Makers

At least this serial is some-what watchable although painfully predictable. The rich upper-class suppresses the poor lower-class and that's about it.

10. Logopolis

Nothing really happens here aside from the introduction of Tegan and the regeneration of the Fourth Doctor into the Fifth. Essentially, The Doctor stops a weak plot by the Master and regenerates as a result.

11. Image of the Fendahl/The Stones of Blood

A mysterious skull, A black magic cult and a few not really scary creatures thrown into the mix. This serial never gets off the ground and falls flat on its face. I feel the same for the Stones of Blood as well. The plot is a mess and they do a terrible job of explaining things.

12. Full Circle

Aside from introducing Adric, Nothing really happens here. The humans fight these Marshman creatures, who also inhabit the island, and the Doctor tries to help them. It's the first of the awful E-Space trilogy.

13. State of Decay

The Doctor helps the poor peasants controlled by their rich overlords, Who turn out to be vampires. It's hilariously awful and the second of the E-Space trilogy.

14. Warriors' Gate

The last of the E-Space trilogy, The Doctor and his companions are aboard a slave ship and have to escape E-Space one and for all. Thank God!

15. The Invisible Enemy

The Doctor, His companion and a few humans are infected with a virus called the Swarm and he helps save the day by shrinking a clone of himself, entering his own body and fighting the infection. It's just awfully stupid.

16. City of Death

This alien's soul is fragmented across Earth's history and he uses copies of famous art to fund a time machine in order to go back in time and save himself and his fellow evil aliens but in doing so they have erased humans out of history forever. It's an interesting premise but poorly executed in a filler-packed serial.

17. The Power of Kroll

Like I said before, We have seen this kind of serial many times before - Rich company vs local inhabitants of the planet. It has been done many times before so moving on.

18. The Creature from the Pit

The Doctor and Romana arrive on a planet where there is only one mine with metal controlled by a woman and this makes her a sort of dictator because the metal is all that stops the ever-growing plants on the planet from taking over. There are a few weak filler sub-plots here that don't amount to anything. It's a shame cause it could have been better.

19. The Invasion of Time

The Doctor becoming time lord president was cool but the rest of the story, Not so much. The first half of this 6 episode serial is about the invisible enemies trying to get the Doctor to lower the defences of his home planet and when he does, The true enemies of the serial (the Sontarans) arrive and limp to a lacklustre finish.

20. Nightmare of Eden

In a nutshell, The Doctor stops drug smugglers who are using a teleportation/VR device to cause trouble. It's pretty terrible.

21. The Horns of Nimon

Another typical superior alien race getting sacrifices from a human-looking like race in order to return to their former glory. There's so much nonsense going on, It's very difficult to sit through.

22. The Horror of Fang Rock

Not much horror is going on here. It's very slow paced and nothing really happens. Cutting it down from four parts to two would have been better.

23. The Armageddon Factor

What a way to limp to the finish by ending the Key to Time season-long story arc on this dreadfully low note. By far one of the worst of the Fourth Doctor's run.

NR: Shada

It's an incomplete serial with animation reconstruction thrown in. I chose not to rank it because there are so many different versions out, There was no need to do it.

Doctor Who Season 12/13/14 (the Fourth Doctor era part 1) - Rank The Serials

1. The Robots of Death

This serial is my definitive Fourth Doctor serial. It's my favourite one featuring Tom Baker.

2. The Arc in Space

By far the best serial from the Fourth Doctor's first season. This alien bug infects the crew of a space station called the Arc and it's a nice little adventure that is a better showcase of the Doctor and his companions than his first serial was.

3. The Genesis of the Daleks

We get a lot more backstory about the Daleks and their creator Davros in this serial and I absolutely love it.

4. Robot

I felt that Robot was a bit disappointing because it was rather slow paced and the Fourth Doctor was more of a showpiece rather than being front and centre like the previous doctors was in their post-regeneration serial.

5. The Deadly Assassin

It's a nice little adventure on Gallifrey where the Doctor has to prevent the Master from gaining a new set of regenerations, As the Master is on his last life and on the verge of dying.

6. The Face of Evil

I ended up really enjoying this serial. It brought us the enjoyable companion Leela and follows an adventure where the Doctor had previously travelled to the planet in order to help fix the computer and colonize it. Sadly, Things didn't work out and a few generations later, He returns and attempts to fix the situation.

7. Revenge of the Cybermen

The Cybermen try to destroy this planet with a massive mine filled with gold in order to continue their conquest of the universe. It's very slow paced and not all that interesting.

8. Terror of the Zygons

The Zygons look great but they are never really used. They're mostly just seen in their base until the final episode and they use a controlled loch ness monster in order to cause havoc. It's pretty disappointing because it could have been so much better.

9. The Sontaran Experiment

You know, This probably wouldn't have been as bad if they didn't reveal the freaking twist of who the mysterious villain is in the title of the serial. Plus, I'd have turned it into a four-part serial rather than a two-part serial because it was just too short to really enjoy.

10. The Masque of Mandragora

A piece of a helix falls to Earth, where a crazy cult tries to harness its powers while also being in league with the uncle of their soon to be lord, who is trying to overthrow his nephew. It's not terrible but I felt that there's just too much going on and it should have been simplified a bit.

11. The Android Invasion

An alien race uses androids to take over Earth. I wanted to like this one but it feels too recycled from older serials and, much like most of the serials from season 13, it's painfully slow paced and packed with filler.

12. The Seeds of Doom

Another typical serial where seeds are found on Earth and they can infect humans and turn them into this giant green fungus monster. It wouldn't have been as bad if it were 4 episodes long instead of 6. Having it 6 episodes long really dragged it out and turned it into another slow paced serial.

13. Pyramids of Mars

An ancient god tries to come to life and the Doctor stops him by locking him in a time loop of sorts to the point where he will die of old age before he even gets out. It's a really slow paced serial that just doesn't keep you interested.

14. The Hand of Fear

This hand is found and uses radiation to slowly regeneration back into a full body form, after possessing a couple of people, and the Doctor returns the villain to their home planet and leaves him there. It's pretty anti-climactic and should have just been a simple two-parter.

15. Planet of Evil

In this ridiculous serial, This expedition team takes the antimatter from this planet and they can't escape because the planet suddenly fights against them, Creating a creature to kill them and infecting one of the remaining members. It's just painfully stupid and looks awful.

16. The Talons of Weng-Chiang

Such a painfully racist serial as it applies every typical Asian stereotype to work here. And it's just god awful.

17. The Brain of Morbius

The only serial that I hated more than Planet of Evil was this one. It was their second attempt to do some kind of horror movie knock off in Doctor Who and it just doesn't work. It looks awful, Almost to the point of it looking laughably bad.

Doctor Who Season 7/8/9/10/11 (the Third Doctor era) - Rank The Serials

1. The Curse of Peladon

I absolutely love the Doctor's adventure to Peladon and it remains my personal favourite featuring the Third Doctor.

2. The Three Doctors

The first three doctors reunite to battle the epic Omega. I freaking love this serial.

3. The Monster of Peladon

The Doctor returns to Peladon at a later date in their history for another enjoyable adventure. Again, I love his adventures here.

4. Spearhead from Space

It's a great introduction to the revised show. It's in colour, The Third Doctor gets a great jump off point. It's a good serial in general.

5. Terror of the Autons

I love the Autons as villains and this serial also gave us The Master and Jo Grant.

6. The Time Warrior

This serial introduces us to the Sontarans for the first time in this very enjoyable and fun to watch serial.

7. The Mutants

This is another serial that I just genuinely enjoyed. The story arc is very satisfying for all the characters and it's a highlight of the Third Doctor's run IMO.

8. Day of the Daleks

The Daleks finally return in this serial along with the new addition of the Ogron. Not a bad serial at all and worth checking out.

9. Doctor Who and the Silurians

7 episodes are way too long for this serial but again, I addressed this issue with long serials in my past rankings. There just isn't enough story here to make it worth 7 episodes. I think 4 or 5 would have been more fitting.

10. The Claws of Axos

I think the potential was there for it to be a bit better but it wasn't a bad watch. This new alien race arrives but their offer of peace is not what it seems. It's decent enough to watch but not as great as it could have been.

11. Colony in Space

Poor citizens vs a greedy mining corp vs the local alien race. This is gonna sum up quite a few serials during this run and it's not all that interesting. The pace is very slow and tough to sit through.

12. Frontier in Space

The humans and alien race try to form a peace treaty but a third/fourth party are trying to sabotage it. It's watchable, I'll give it that but it should have been 4 episodes instead of 6.

13. Planet of the Daleks

It's only 6 episodes but honestly, Nothing really happens for the first couple of episodes. And ironically, They aren't on the Daleks' home planet at all so there's that. It's pretty much your typical serial - The Doctor helps the Thals defeat the Daleks temporarily and escape to their home planet.

14. Death to the Daleks

The Daleks and the Humans join together in order to get a valuable mineral which is being protected by the planet's local inhabitants. The action scenes are cool but the story is pretty bland and slow paced.

15. Carnival of Monsters

The Doctor and his companion arrive on a ship learning they've shrunken down in size and are part of a mini-scope, a machine that makes things very small but eventually can return to their natural size once removed. It's poorly acted, slow paced and boring.

16. Invasion of the DInosaurs

As bad as Carnival of Monsters IMO. The only reason I'd suggest checking this out is that the effects of the Dinosaurs are so laughably bad. It's essentially tiny robot toys blown up on a green screen.

17. The Daemons

The Master summons an entity, who see the earth as an experiment, and tries to get the entity to give him his powers to destroy the earth. It doesn't work, needless to say, and the same could be said about this serial. It's just not interesting.

18. The Time Monster

The Master tries to summon a giant bird creature to destroy whatever thing of the week he wants to destroy and the Doctor stops him eventually. This one is just painfully stupid and only the solid acting makes it somewhat watchable.

19. The Ambassadors of Death

In a nutshell, An alien race is holding astronauts hostage in order to get their own ambassador back, who was kidnapped by a third party. It's a painful 7 episodes long.

20. The Sea Devils

It's pretty much the Silurians all over again and I still hate it just as much.

21. The Green Death

Sadly, Jo Grant leaves on this low note of a serial. There are so many freaking plot twists that even the writers have a hard time keeping the story straight in this one.

22. The Mind of Evil

The Master uses a parasite that feeds on human minds in order to start World War 3. Yeah, It's about as interesting as it seems and it's not that interesting.

23. Inferno

The worst of season 7 has to be Inferno. Yes, It's unique because it takes place in an alternate universe but it sucks because it's 7 episodes long and there's just no real story here to warrant that length.

24. Planet of the Spiders

This serial is by far, and I mean by far, the worst serial of the Third Doctor's run and that is saying something, my friends. It's sadly the Third Doctor's final serial and a shame he goes out on a low note.

Doctor Who Season 4/5/6 (the Second Doctor era) - Rank The Serials

1. The Enemy of the World

Patrick Troughton places dual roles as the Doctor and the main villain Salamander. This serial is simply perfection and personally, My favourite classic who serial.

2. The Power of the Daleks

This serial is brought to life with an entire animated reconstruction and it's great. I love seeing the second doctor's first real adventure.

3. The Tomb of the Cybermen

The first full-length serial with the second doctor and he faces the dreaded Cybermen. I love this one as well and have nothing bad to say about it.

4. The Dominators

I'd love to rank this serial higher because I love it but I love the ones above it more. Again, Not a bad word to say about it.

5. The Krotons

I thought the Krotons was a pretty solid serial. An alien race oppresses a human-like species and the Doctor and his companions arrive to help. It was short, sweet and to the point. I enjoyed it.

6. The Ice Warriors

It's a nice introduction to the Ice Warriors but it was a bit slow paced and kind of predictable.

7. The Web of Fear/The Seeds of Death

For both serials, The premise was interesting but it was poorly executed. Neither serial got to that next step to avoid being just a run of the mill adventure and that's pretty disappointing.

8. The Invasion

This serial did not need to be 8 episodes long. Half of it is about facing a potential villain that isn't all that interesting and in the second half of the serial, The Cybermen are thrown in. It's just a mess IMO.

9. The War Games

Much like The Invasion, War Games is an annoying 10 episodes long and it easily could and should have been half of that. The only redeeming part of this serial was the final episode, which is Patrick Troughton's last as the Second Doctor.

10. The Mind Robber

The Doctor and his companions use fictional characters to fight against the Lord of Fiction. Yeah, It is pretty stupid.

NR: The rest of season 4, The Abominable Snowmen, Fury from the Deep, The Wheel in Space and the Sea Pirates

Most or all of these episodes in the following serials are missing so I won't review them.

Doctor Who Season 1/2/3/4 (the First Doctor era) - Rank The Serials

1. The Keys of Marinus

The TARDIS crew has to collect the Keys of Marinus in order to save the day and this is my favourite serial of Season 1 and one of my favourites of classic who in general. Each episode is a new adventure hunting for a new key. There's a lot of variety here and a great showcase of the cast.

2. An Unearthly Child/The Aztecs

An Unearthly Child started it all. It made me love William Hartnell as the Doctor as well as Ian, Barbara and Susan as companions. I feel the same with The Aztecs. It's a similar premise but just as enjoyable.

3. The Romans

Similar premise to The Aztecs. The group travels to ancient Rome during the time of Nero and things do not go well for them. It's one of my favourite serials and a real gem IMO.

4. The Sensorites

The Sensorites are a clear inspiration for the Ood in modern who. It's a solid serial with the TARDIS crew having to deal with a rebellion as someone mysteriously sabotaging the Sensorites at the same time.

5. The Daleks

It was an interesting serial but a majority of problems with early Doctor Who serials would be their length. This serial was 7 episodes long and it honestly didn't need to be. Cutting it to 4 or 5 would have quickened the pace and made it a better serial overall.

6. The Space Museum

A very interesting concept of this alien race having their own space museum. They capture various objects and races for this museum and the group have to fight against them otherwise they're gonna be added to the collection.

7. The Gunfighters

It's such a cheesy and corny serial set during western times but I freaking love it. It's a great showcase of how silly Doctor Who can be at times.

8. The Dalek Invasion of Earth

Similar to my thoughts on The Daleks serial. It was pretty decent but it should have been an episode or two shorter. Sadly, Susan departs during this serial.

9. The Tenth Planet

The introduction of the Cybermen and the regeneration (through animated reconstruction of the missing fourth and final episode) of the First Doctor. It's a must watch serial.

10. The Web Planet

This is a serial that I would love to see re-imagined for modern who. Human-sized Bees facing Human-sized Ants just isn't all that interesting, Especially when it's over the course of 6 episodes.

11. The Arc

I think the Arc could have been better executed but all in all, It wasn't bad. The Doctor and his companions arrive onto a space station called the Arc and after saving the day, They leave only to arrive right back at the same space station decades later and with a new problem to solve. The twist revealing their re-arrival to the Arc was great but the final two episodes themselves were just predictable and boring.

12. The War Machines

A supercomputer with telekinetic powers tries to build other supercomputers to take over the world. It's an interesting premise but poorly executed with a crippling slow pace.

13. The Rescue

The only reason we have this weak two-part is to introduce Vicki as the new companion, who is on par with Susan but IDK why they didn't just keep Susan on rather than replace her. The plot twist in this serial was painfully predictable.

14. The Edge of Destruction

A weak two-parter where the group loses their memories in one episode due to a crash and regains it in the next. You're better off skipping this one, It's not worth watching.

15. The Reign of Terror

The TARDIS crew arrives at the height of the French Revolution and they essentially just live out history. If you aren't familiar with the events that happened during this time, You are gonna be totally lost. It's just not good because nothing really happens. It's just a rehashing of history.

16. The Time Meddler

The Doctor meets a fellow time lord, the Monk, who arrives at various places in time and space to meddle in them. Aside from showing that there are time travellers outside of the Doctor, Nothing really happens. Nothing interesting that is.

17. Planet of Giants

The team is shrunk down to microscopic size in this sadly three-part serial. Nothing really happens to them and the subplot is very boring.

18. The Chase

This serial flat out sucks. The Daleks chase the TARDIS crew across time and space in this drag of a serial and it's not the least bit interesting. If anything, It's downright dumb at times. And it's a weak send off for Ian and Barbara.

NR: Marco Polo, The Crusade, Galaxy 4, Mission to the Unknown, The Myth Makers, The Daleks' Master Plan, The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve, The Celestial Toymaker, The Savages and The Smugglers.

These serials are missing several or all episodes so I am not ranking them.