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Doctor Who - Season 10 Rankings

The Three Doctors - The first, second and third Doctors team up in this epic serial that borders perfection. William Hartnell sadly only plays a limited role due to his failing health but, thankfully, Troughton is here in full force and he absolutely knocks it out of the park in his return to the series. Pertwee and Troughton are a great onscreen pair and we truly see the best of what their respective Doctors have to offer. In this serial, The Doctors have to work together to deal with the threat of Omega, one of the founding time lords bent on returning in order to seek revenge. It's a bit of a slow build but with Omega acting as a quality villain, whom outside the Master is something that Pertwee's run really lacked, The Three Doctors lives up to expectations and is a gem among Pertwee's run.

The Green Death - I feel like this is the only serial of the season to use most of its 6 episodes to actually tell a story and kept the filler at least somewhat in check. Although I still would have trimmed it down from 6 episodes to 5, I'll acknowledge that it isn't as terrible with filler as Frontier in Space and Planet of the Daleks is. This serial also marks the exit of Katy Manning (Jo Grant) from the series and, thankfully, the serial heavily focuses on her character so we get a fair amount of screentime with her and get to truly enjoy her final performance before she leaves. All in all, The Green Death tells an OK story with some decent characters and manages to secure a place near the top of a poorly edited season.

Carnival of Monsters - This is certainly a serial I would like to see them re-write because it started off strong but absolutely faded into the second half. Multiple needless plot threads, Awful looking set and costume designs on top of having such a forgetful finish left me more disappointed than anything because I actually wanted to like this one. For the Doctor's first piloted adventure off earth (during Pertwee's run that is), It is a frustrating serial to watch because it could and should have been better. Especially with such an interesting premise.

Frontier in Space - Sadly, This is Roger Delgado's final appearance as the Master as he tragically died in a car crash. RIP, You were the best Master that the show has had and always will be. That being said, Pertwee's run suffered from having a lot of overly long serials, Frontier in Space is the perfect example of that. With 6 painfully long episodes that suffered from slow-pacing and extended action scenes that did little to add excitement, This serial still makes me wish it could take a trip to the cutting room floor. I think 4 episodes would have been a perfect fit for this one. It would have cut out the filler, quickened the pace and not want me to go to sleep when watching it.

Planet of the Daleks - What I said about Frontier in Space echoes in the immediate sequel serial to it, Planet of the Daleks. 6 episodes is awfully long when you have to deal with a much weaker story than what Frontier in Space had. It fails to properly carry the Daleks as villains and their interactions with the Doctor is largely kept to a minimum, which is pretty frustrating since they have been the core villain of the franchise since the very beginning. And much like Frontier in Space, A proper edit would have improved it but it wouldn't have saved it from still being a mediocre serial with a woefully inconsistent story that can't seem to decide on what kind of theme it wants to be. However, A proper edit would have gotten rid of the filler, improved the pacing and not make it such a chore to sit through.

Doctor Who - Season 23 Rankings

I'd like to start by saying that this season is called Trial of a Timelord. It is a season-long story arc where the Doctor is on trial with the episodes themselves being played as flashbacks. It is the result of the BBC plaguing the show with production issues due to low ratings and after scraping the originally written episodes, They came up with this shortened season that focused more on humour rather than the darker drama it had been in the previous season. It is a mess and the ranking I am about to put forth is based on the recent Blu-Ray release that features extended edits and while this only results in a few minutes of footage added, I feel like it does slightly elevate what the original season was.

1. The Ultimate Foe - Baker's opening monologue made this serial worth watching and it proved that he honestly isn't a bad doctor at all, He was just given awful material to watch with. This short 2-part season finale deals with some pacing issues but ultimately ends the season on a bit of a highnote. Personally, I'd have just edit it down into a single 45 minute special rather than two 30 minute episodes but that's just me. It may not be great but I think it is Baker's performance here that really lifts this serial above the rest in the season.

2. The Mysterious Planet - The first serial of the season has problems that will echo throughout this season, Ranging from the heavy focus on these one-off side characters, poor production and poor directing/editing choices. You can tell having to redo the entire season from scratch took its toll. The Mysterious Planet suffers from a slow-build story that never takes off. It recycles a premise we have seen many times before and doesn't do anything unique or original to stand out. The only thing I can say about this serial that is good is that it is tolerable to watch, It's just incredibly boring.

3. Terror of the Vervoids - My recap of this is going to be similar to Mindwrap. While it has no insufferable characters as that serial did, It does suffer from a pretty bland story that has way too many subplots going on for its own good. It isn't until the final episode where the main plot is given some kind of life and by then, I just didn't care. It was a very boring, uneventful serial that, much like Mindwrap, recycled a premise we have already seen at least half a dozen times by the series at this point. I only give it a slight edge over Mindwrap because it doesn't enter the realm of pure nonsense and stupidity like that serial did.

4. Mindwrap - Wow, What a nightmare this serial was to sit through. I actually cheered when I finished it because I was so glad to be done with it. This serial had so many underdeveloped subplots that needlessly bog down the main story. And the characters introduced in this serial, I could like to specifically shoutout King Yrcanos, are incredibly annoying and almost insufferable. The most disappointing thing about this is that this is Nicola Bryant's final appearance as Peri. The chemistry she had with Baker was fantastic and she deserved a much better send-off than what she got.

Doctor Who Classic - Season 19 Rankings

1. Castrovalva - Rated number one doesn't mean I actually think highly of it, I just think it is the best this weak season has to offer. The first two episodes, which take place largely on the TARDIS, are simply filler. It should have been edited down to a single episode or less but instead we have to waste 2 out of the 4 episodes of this serial watching the Doctor and his companions run around the TARDIS for nonsense reasons. Once we finally land at the titular city of Castrovalva, It's hard to really get interested in what is going on. Some parts are good, There is some attempt to tell a quality story but there is no room to let it develop before it is over. Personally, I think it's a largely forgettable serial that would benefit from some editing.

2. The Visitation - Has a very similar plot to Four to Doomsday but to much better effect. The muffled voice of the actor who portrays the alien should have been dubbed over IMO as it is kind of distracting and makes it a bit hard to hear without subtitles. The cast does a decent job but that can only carry this serial so much. The Visitation is very much a run of the mill serial that fails to offer anything unique or original. It's simply average and that is the best/worst thing you can say about it.

3. Earthshock - The Cybermen return after a long absence in the series to a less than average serial that really doesn't do them any justice nor do it really showcase any of the acting talents of the cast, which I feel is exactly what they intended to do with this serial but ultimately couldn't deliver on. The only thing that truly makes it memorable is the death of Adric, which makes the first time a companion has ever been killed in the series. It was an emotional moment and one I am sure Who fans won't forget. It's just a shame it had to happen in such a disappointing serial.

4. Black Orchid - A 2-part serial that starts with plenty of leisure activities as the Doctor and crew enjoy a party but things take a dark turn as this party becomes a murder mystery that is honestly quite bland. The whole point of a murder mystery is that there is some kind of suspension, you suspect everyone until things become more clear. Instead, We are shown the villain (although their face is hidden offscreen) from the beginning of the serial and who is revealed at the start of the second episode. Why not hide that fact and instead build up the suspense over who it is that is doing these killings? Why not show the Doctor investigating a bit more rather than showing these bland leisure activities that do nothing but eat up the run time? This is the one serial of the season I wish they added a bit more depth to because it could have been so much better than what it was.

5. Four to Doomsday - An innocent-looking ship turns out to be one on course for Earth for an alien invasion and it will arrive there in four days. The Doctor and crew, now on a time crunch, have to thwart the attempted invasion before the evil alien lord wipes out all of humanity. Sounds interesting right? It isn't. A lot of filler is wasted on this odd talent show that takes place over episodes 3-4 and how I feel about this serial is exactly how I feel about Castrovalva. It's a relatively weak and uninteresting story that is stretched out over 4 episodes when 2-3 would have suited it a lot better. Cutting out the filler reduces the run time, increases the pacing and makes it far more interesting to watch. Heck, Just getting rid of that awful talent show would have improved what I thought of this serial by quite a lot.

6. Kinda - This one was quite a bit of a rough one to sit through. There are a lot of plot threads going on and it makes the story needlessly complicated at times. There's spirit possession, A war between the natives and the arriving explorers, A battle for leadership among the explorers and it just keeps going and going. It's just a really difficult serial to sit through let alone enjoy and one of the worst ones that this season has to offer.

Doctor Who Classic - Season 12 Ranking

1. Genesis of the Daleks

I'll say off the bat that it didn't need to be 6 episodes, I think 4 or 5 would have done it more justice. That being said, I appreciate what they did with the Daleks here. The introduction of Davros and giving us a Dalek origin story was nice. It was a relatively dark serial that was truly fitting for this evil creatures and Baker's performance here is one of the best he gives as the Doctor, I loved the acting range he showed off here as you can truly see how conflicted the Doctor was during these events. I'm not saying it's perfect as it certainly has flaws but I think it is clearly the best serial of the season.

2. The Sontaran Experiment

A 2 episode serial that spoils the return of the much-neglected Sontarans. Why they put the Sontaran name in the title, spoiling the reveal, is beyond me and I think a simple change of the title would have added a lot more tension and interest as the first episode built up towards the reveal. All in all, It's a fun, short serial that avoids a lot of the mistakes that cost some of the serials featured in this season.

3. Robot

Baker's first serial as the Doctor ended up being a rather uninteresting one that really goes off the rails in the most awful way in the final episode. I feel like this one was made a bit too overly complicated and need to be toned down a bit. There were way too many plot threads and I think simplifying and condensing the story to focus on fewer characters would have been a smart move. Baker's first performance as the Doctor shows off his natural charm but that can only carry this one so far.

4. The Ark in Space

This serial is a perfect example of how overly long some serials can be despite having the weakest of stories to tell. Pretty much all of episode 1 is filler and was totally unnecessary to have. This serial would have been much better as a trimmed-down 2-3 episode serial. It would have quickened up the pace of the story and avoided a lot of the bland runtime we had to needlessly suffer through because they have to meet an episode quota. And for the love of God, The creature designs of this serial have to be among the worst of the show's history.

5. Revenge of the Cybermen

I debated putting this with Ark in Space as a tie for worst serial but I feel the edge has to go to this one as the worst. Revenge of the Cybermen suffers from similar pacing issues that brought down Ark in Space but even editing it down wouldn't fix the forgettable story that doesn't do the Cybermen any justice. It's a bland end to a shockingly subpar season.

Doctor Who Classic - Season 18 Ranking

1. The Keeper of Traken

This serial introduces us to the fantastic companion Nyssa and the long-awaited return of the Master, who would be played by Anthony Ainley until the end of Classic Who. It's a slow-burn serial that keeps you interested from start to finish and by far the best serial that Baker's final season has to offer.

2. The Leisure Hive

An alien race on the edge of extinction may have found a way to save themselves but at what cost? It's a satisfying start to Baker's final season and a decent serial as a whole with the only negative being that the final episode ends on a slow note rather than living up to the interest that the serial had built up to that point.

3. Meglos

A cactus-like creature with the ability to change forms takes on the form of the Doctor in order to obtain a super weapon with intentions of world domination. Yes, It's about as interesting as it seems, which is not very. Baker's performance as the Doctor and main villain is decent but not necessarily good enough to carry what is a relatively bland serial with little going on.

4. Full Circle

The first serial of the E-Space trilogy (a trilogy set into an alternative universe the Doctor is drawn into) that introduces Adric as a companion. The story is sadly something we have seen many times over at this point and it fails to offer anything unique or anything that makes it stand out in comparison to the others. It's tough to sit through because it's just so boring at times.

5. State of Decay

The second serial of the E-Space trilogy. The Doctor and company arrive at another planet where the secretive lords rule the land with an iron fist as an uprising starts among the lower class people. It's the worst acted serial of the season, IMO, with the main villains coming off as laughable and comedic, not intimidating and fearful as they were intended to come off as. It's yet another slow-paced and boring serial that fails to really get going.

6. Warriors' Gate

The last serial of the E-Space trilogy. It's an overly complicated and painfully boring serial that poorly sends off Romana and K9 as both decide to stay in E-Space while the Doctor returns to the original universe. The only good thing about this serial is that it marks the end of the absolutely awful E-Space trilogy.

7. Logopolis

What an awful way to send out Baker and fully introduce the Master. This awfully slow-paced serial fails to do anything interesting. The only good thing about it is that it managed to put me to sleep twice before I finally finished it and ended this nightmare of a serial.

Power Rangers - Ranking The Series

1. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - It's the one that started it all. While the show had its ups and downs, It was still by far the best the series had to offer and was a template for every show that came after.

2. Power Rangers in Space - This was the end of the original PR storyline and it ended perfectly. In Space was everything you wanted in a PR show. From a great red ranger in Andros to the Psycho Rangers, In Space had it all.

3. Power Rangers Ninja Storm - The first series to start us off with 3 rangers instead of 5, which was a nice twist to the series. Ninja Storm is such an insanely good show. The cast is phenomenal and they do a great job telling a story that develops well and ends perfectly. I can't think of a single bad thing about this series.

4. Power Rangers Dino Thunder - Dino Thunder is as perfect of a show as you could possibly want. It's honestly the last great PR series we have had. It was everything that made MMPR great but repackaged in a way where it didn't feel like we were just watching the same thing all over again.

5. Power Rangers Zeo - The sequel series to MMPR, Zeo revamped the rangers with new outfits, zords and a new threat in the Machine Empire. It's an incredibly underrated show. Also, It gave us the second-best sixth range of all time with the gold ranger.

6. Power Rangers Lost Galaxy - LG started off a little rough but it then developed into something far greater over time. The highlight for me would be being the first series to kill off a ranger, which was arguably the most emotional moment in the franchise, as well as introducing the awesome Magna Defender.

7. Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue - The show as just consistently good for me. The cast did an amazing job and the story developed nicely over time. It also featured an original American ranger, the Titanium Ranger, who is right up there with the best sixth rangers we have seen in the show. It reminded me a lot of Tommy's introduction in MMPR. I think this show tends to get buried among others and isn't really thought much of by fans.

8. Power Rangers Time Force - I think Time Force is just a well-rounded show. The cast is solid, They tell an enjoyable season-long story arc and it ends in a very fitting way. It may not be a show that stands out but it does end up being just a good show in general.

9. Power Rangers Jungle Fury - While the story was kind of eh, What really made this show was how amazing the cast is. There was such effortless chemistry among the cast that it elevated the show far beyond what it should have been. I truly enjoyed watching this one.

10. Power Rangers Wild Force - Similar to my thoughts on Lost Galaxy, Wild Force starts off a bit rough but develops slowly over time into a decent show. It gave us the fantastic special "Forever Red", which definitely ranks among the best PR episode of all time. However, The cast doesn't really stand out and neither does the plot.

11. Power Rangers RPM - They thought the franchise was over with this series so they went all out with a pretty original premise (the PR guarding the last human city on Earth, Humanity wiped out from a computer virus) and they had a solid cast but at the end of the day, The main villain and story were almost instantly forgettable. It felt a bit too fast-paced for my taste, We never really saw the characters develop the way they should have. It's a decent but flawed show though, I'll give it that.

12. Power Rangers SPD - SPD is like a repackaged Lightspeed Rescue but not as effective IMO. The cast does a solid job but it's a mostly forgettable show that never really seems to come together.

13. Power Rangers Turbo - This one seems to deeply divide fans. I see the positives outweighing most of the negatives. The show really picked up after Tommy left and TJ became the new red ranger. And the ending was absolutely perfect as it set up the next series, In Space.

14. Power Rangers Ninja Steel - I thought the premise was interesting, The cast was ok. It's just poor writing and special effects that keep this show was being any better than it could have been. It's too fast-paced, No real character development and everything is a bit too predictable at times. It was just a flat-out generic PR story arc, There was no attempt to deliver something different and it kind of sucks.

15. Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Pretty much copy and paste what I said about Ninja Steel. This show could have been far better than what it was but it's just too predictable. And the ranger suits are arguably the worst in the series.

16. Power Rangers Mystic Force - The use of magic was original, I'll give them that, but what ruined the show was terrible writing. The severe lack of character development for everyone that wasn't the red ranger was apparent. The comedy mostly fails to deliver and the acting was mediocre at best. There was plenty of room for improvement here and it's something that I hope they revisit at a later time.

17. Power Rangers Dino Charge - Suffers from similar issues that Samurai and Megaforce have but at least the cast tries in this one. It's somewhat tolerable to watch but again, Mostly forgettable. The second season is really what tanks this one IMO as the first season was decent enough.

18. Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers - A small spin-off that lasted 10 episodes during MMPR. While the outfits looked cool, The rangers looked awful. They could have done a much better job with this.

19. Power Rangers Samurai - Nickelodeon has ruined this series and Samurai was the start of this massacre. It looks like your typically overly produced Nickelodeon live-action show. The cast was absolutely awful as well, Definitely one of the worst in the franchise. It was difficult to watch this one.

20. Power Rangers Megaforce - I love to hate Operation Overdrive. I just absolutely hate Megaforce. The special effects are awful. The story and the cast are equally bad. It's the kind of show you want to instantly stop watching.

21. Power Rangers Operation Overdrive - I honestly love to hate this show, I really do. It's just so freaking bad that you can't help but watch it because it is such a train wreck.