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I've been reliving memories of this place with my new Hunny and I have to say >.< This place has gone downhill from when I remember it. I mean, its kinda boring compared to when I first joined and everyone was here, we were chatting on the bored thread, etc. Don't get me wrong XD I'm sure its still fun but...still...Anyways, anyone from the bored thread/past areas where we chatted, feel free to add my facebook :3 Just like leave a message telling you actually know me.

What I think I might do is try to get some of us back together. I'm up to date with two of them...the ones I was the closest to..but any others...yah >.


Well, this is very odd being back on here.
Why am I back on? Well, I am a fan of an anime I just recently watched caled Elfen Lied and I was searching it and found this site. Its so odd being back on. Especially because of the fact that one I am now 18 and two this year is my final year of school. Its odd because I joined this site when I pretty much just started my first year of middle school and was..I think I was either 13 or 14..anyways, yeah. It seems so odd to be back here. *sighs* I miss this place and all my friens on here. I may come back here on and off and maybe I'll find new friends. I dont know what to say much so I'll stick with that. ^^

Its been longer now


I seriously miss this site even more now.
I hate the new look it has now but Im not gonna complain.
Miss all the old friends I had here.
If any of them are still here, feel free to message me sometime.
I miss talking to you all.
Message me either here or on Gaia.
And to, sorry but you guys now officially fail.
I miss the old days BEFORE you all blocked Bored Threads.
You lost a group of members that day.
*sighs* No ones gonna care.
>>; Guess I'll stop complaining.
Anyways, yeah. If anyone wants to message me on gaia, My usernames Satsuki Ariyoshi.
I'd love to talk to my old friends again any day x.x;

Well, bai!

Hey all! Mays back, or Cali as I now go by ^^

Hey everyone! Dont know if anyone remembers me, but Im May. I used to be apart of the Bored Thread group back before the Bored thread was banned. Well, I came back on and off and once again I am back. Dunno how long for though. Probably will be on on and off. Well anyways, Im 17 now and in just 3 -4 months I will be 18. September 17 >w

Mays here for now. @_@ Mays a busy girl!

May is back. @_@ I've been so busy,busy, busy lately! For one, I'm starting to babysit for money (mainly relatives thank goodness *sighs*.) Theres also the fact that I've been at my best friends house. You probably know her. Nina_Whitefoot aka Serfia or now Akemi. Theres also the fact that I've been on Gaia (I was hacked and have a new avatar that is in cosplay form of Mello from the popular anime series, Death Note. If you wanna add me, pm me on here!) and the fact that I am Death Note crazed and cant go a day without doing a miniature Death Note rp where Mello is hitting on Matt... Well, anyways. >>' Yeah. Busy busy busy! But I will be on as much as possible. ^^; (Hoping to meet new friends on If you wanna get to know me, pm me!!!~)

But on a side note, Im soon to be a Junior in High School! *dances* I AM excited~ X3

But that's all I gotta say. Adios All!


Feels like years

It feels like it has been YEARS since I have been here. Im not sure if many of you remember me but Im May Varenzo. Im now 16 and I am in the 10th grade. Yes, Iam more mature than I was back when I first joined this site. And honestly, Im more of a dork now. My favorite anime is now Naruto and my favorite character is Maito Gai. Im into new shows also. And I am now in a school for computers and next year Im learning to create an animation. And Im already looking for colleges. Its not gonna be long till I graduate and go into college. I plan to go for animation. Yes, my future goal is to become an animator. If not an animator then a graphic designer, singer, or a Nurse. Whichever one I get into a college for first. But whatever For all my old friends out there, how have you been? It feels like forever since we have spoken. Well, ADIOS!!!~