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just got fired!

havent posted in awhile so i figured i'd drop some serious news on you!

i just got fired from my job and it sux. i get alot of game and school time though8)

my first fire emblem game...

so i finally picked up a fire emblem game. SHADOW DRAGON (ds). i was very sceptical about the series, but ive always heard great things about the FE universe. i can finally contribute to the praise. the game is so awesome. i love how your soldiers can die in battle and can never be returned, i love all the strategy that NEEDS to be employed if you wanna claim victory w/o any causalities. ever since i picked (4-24-09) it up ive been playing it day and night (even during work). the game left such a great impression i even brought the GC edition that following sunday. next i wanna purchase the wii edition so i can consider myself a collector:P
i would love to check out the online play, so if you have it and would like to play for fun add me and pm me back or just repostmy fc:0775-0678-4104

new photos

just got some new pics. leave something nice, plus im playing alot of metroid prime hunters since i got my new dsi(blue) w/ the working l-button and all:). leave your fc and ill pm you mine

dead computer = wii browser

well my comp. is officially dead!! its loaded w/ malware and spyware and any other malicious ware you can get on a comp. so im gonna be using wii browser until i buy a laptop. soo i wont be buying games for a while (last games were Chrono Trigger, CoD5ds, Word Coach, Skate It, and ToS2: DotNW). turns out the wii is also a sufficent internet option. well thats it folks...just a little update. a sad one:(

quick question

what does the term gold mean? i see it used frequently before a game is released. is that some kind of number value for the production money put into it?

brawl fc n console# add

yo my fc is console# is somewhere on my page so add that also!! btw let me kno if ur gonna add so i can get ur info or die >:)


im gettin one tomorrow...ive been all around houston to find one and best buy guy said they are gonna have a fresh 24 in the morning..soooooo...hopefully i can get there soon enough =DDD

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