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Probelms and game review

Hi, guys!

Sorry, but for some game problems, I can't make the Dark Kingdom review, but I promise I'll make it.

Until that I'll make other game reviews, even old games like Heart of Darkness or Tekken 2.

See ya!

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes Review

Hi, guys!

Sorry, but I had some important exams in the past, but I'm free again now!

I'll make the Dark Kingdom review, but until that heres a quite good game's review: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes.


February News

Hi guys!

Sorry, but I havemany things in the school, so I couldn't be here.

I made the Medievil II Review, so check it!

I obtained two new games: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm & Untold Legends Dark Kingdom.

I will make the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm review first, then ULDK.

Until that have a good time.

Hello & Happy New Year

Hi, Everyone!

Sorry, that I haven't shown up for a while, but I had many things, that I had to do, so I hadn't time. But now I'm here again, and as I promised, I'll write Medievil II Review today!

So, Happy New Year For Everyone!

Medievil II Delay

Hi guys!

Sorry, but I must delay the Medievil II review for this sunday for some reasons.

Until that have a good time!

Medievil Review

Hi guys!

As I promised, I made the Medievil Review today.

The Medievil II review will arrive on the next sunday.

Until that farewell!

The Medievil

Hi, Guys!

After I made the Medievil Resurrection Review, i decided, that I will writte the other two Medievil game reviews, too.

I'll writte the first Medievil's review at Sunday, than I'll writte the review of Medievil 2 later.

Until that have a good time! 

FFVII Crisis Core Review

Hi, Guys!

Like I promised, I made the review of FFVII Crisis Core. This time I didn't made full review, because some people made full reviews already. But you still shall read mine, if you want some information about the game's combat system, graphics and so on.


Complication Of Final Fantasy VII

Hello, Guys!

Sorry, but I had - and still have - a lot of things.

But at Saturday, I make the review of th Final Fantasy VII Crissis Core, wich is the prolouge of the original Final Fantasy VII!

Until that, you shall visit Angry Videogame Nerd's website or the hungarian!

Meet at Saturday! 

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