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Stiff Neck

So I woke uo today with my neck hurting and with the worderful ability of been able to turn my face 1 in to the left without stopping because of the pain. I took some advils and the pain seemed to reduce and I went to follow my daily routine with a limited neck you may say. Here is the thing, I finished doing everything I had to do during the day and I went back home and decided to take a nap... bad, bad mistake, I woke up with my neck hurting even more and even more stiff. So now I took a bunch of advils again and I am following my mom advice of putting something hot over my neck, and I hope I get better by tomorrow.

Have you ever experience this, and please, do you have any tips for making it go :cry:

Thank you

Lets Go Red Sox!!!

My first entry in my journal required some special event, and I got it.... My Bosox are going to the WS after 18 and deafeating no other that the Yanks in the most humilliating way imaginable :D

Everyone is going cracy here in Boston and people are showing the Sox color everywhere, there is no place where you can look without seening a Sox shirt or hat, it is amazing....There is no better place to be rigth now but here Boston :D

So what everybody thinks of the this year WS?? :)