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  • randybemba wrote a review of Ghost of Tsushima.
    User Rating 10
    Awesome Surprise

    Amazingly detailed, vivid, colorful world and stories. I've enjoyed this so much, I rarely fast travel or use the horse! There are so many interesting things to discover and skirmishes to encounter th...

  • randybemba wrote a review of Final Fantasy VII Remake.
    User Rating 9
    Actually 9.99!

    Actually, this is my first experience with a Final Fantasy game and it has completely blown me away! Amazing, fluid, rapid pace battle scenes with super creative bosses (that House!). Graphics out of ...

  • randybemba wrote a review of Assassin's Creed Valhalla.
    User Rating 5
    From a lifelong AC fan :(

    Comparison often leads to disappointment, so maybe that's whats happening here. However, when I think of how much of a downgrade this game is compared to AC Origins (fantastic!) I'm totally heartbroke...

  • randybemba posted a message on the post Best Video Game Soundtracks: Where To Stream Them.

    Great stuff on this list for sure. Let's go ahead and add all of the Grand Theft Auto soundtracks while we're at it!!

  • randybemba wrote a review of Battlefield V.
    User Rating 9

    This game is EPIC. Truly a collection of masterfully rendered set of battlefields with game modes that encourage intense combat that pushes into every area of the maps. Play with headphones, or with a...

  • randybemba rated Battlefield V (Deluxe Edition) a score of 10.
  • randybemba wrote a review of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.
    User Rating 7
    Scream out loud difficult!

    Ok so the other reviews are right, it is visually and technically stunning. However, as much I love a challenge, it is soooo difficult! The main pain comes from having to kill all the "little" guys th...

  • randybemba rated Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice a score of 7.