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Word to publishers: get up, stand up. Don't give up the fight!

I wrote a brief story yesterday about how the PM's knife crime advisor has called for a special tax for violent video games (psst: check it out here).

I also wrote about a complaint The Independent Games Developers Association has lodged with the Advertising Standards Authority over the government's Change4Life campaign, which has the support of Cancer Research, the British Heart Foundation, and Diabetes UK. One of the advertisements in the campaign features a child holding a PlayStation controller and the words "Risk an early death. Just do nothing."'s Don Reisinger raised an interesting point in a recent post Is the video game industry losing the PR battle? on his The Digital Home blog. He says that publishers need to work harder to defend our industry and break some of the myths surrounding games (ie. that most gamers are children sitting around getting fat by playing games).

Reisinger declares there's "no shortage of people who want to see video games killed. But I don't hear much from the video game industry when issues like this crop up. Sure, there are a few statements released by concerned developers. The occasional CEO claims to draw a line in the sand, but when will the video game industry start fighting back in a meaningful way?"

Do you think industry players are doing enough to promote the positive aspects associated with playing games?