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Beatles: Rock Band tracklist - just let it be, or want to twist and shout?

A quick look at The Beatles: Rock Band's confirmed track list reveals the exclusion of a large number of classic Beatles tracks. 44 of the 45 songs in the game have been confirmed, which means that all of these songs (bar potentially one of them) will not be included on the disc:

  1. Hey Jude
  2. From Me to You
  3. Let it Be
  4. Love Me Do
  5. She Loves You
  6. Help
  7. The Long and Winding Road
  8. Yesterday
  9. We Can Work it Out
  10. Penny Lane
  11. Eleanor Rigby
  12. All You Need is Love (available to purchase for Xbox 360 as DLC on day one, with proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders)
  13. Lady Madonna
  14. The Ballad of John and Yoko

All you need is 45 songs we've chosen for you...

While it's possible that some (or most) of these songs will appear in the long and winding road of post-launch DLC there's some huge tracks that have been overlooked. Some of these might be because they wouldn't work particularly well but given that they're all confirmed number one hits their presence will be sorely missed.

What do you think about the game's soundtrack and what has/hasn't been included? Are you just glad that The Beatles' songs are finally going to appear in a videogame, or were you hoping for a more definitive collection?