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Ono-san Street Fighter IV interview!

I got the chance to sit down with the venerable father of Street Fighter Yoshinori Ono to talk about the upcoming console version of SFIV. Find out what the man behind the game has to say straight from Capcom's booth at the Leipzig Games Convention!


On's Crave podcast!

Late last week I was invited to join's Rory Reid, Ian Morris and Kate Macefield on the Crave podcast. While the GameSpot UK Podcast is a light-hearted, irreverent look at the week's news and trends in the gaming industry, Crave is much, much different. It's a light-hearted, irreverent look at the week's news and trends in consumer tech!

Head on over to the Crave blog and download the latest episode now!


For those that can't get enough of the cutesy world of LittleBigPlanet, Sony and Media Molecule have just launched a US news site to keep the news a-coming. You can check it out at

According to the first post, the site "will keep you informed, educated and hopefully excited about our release in October, but eventually, our website will evolve into something much bigger and better to support our community of Players, Creators and Sharers." Hmm... curious. You can also mash-up the site with the help of Sackboy and add stickers to pretty it up.

GameSpot goes wide!

GameSpot's put on a bit of weight recently, and our belt size is expanding! Okay, well not exactly... but take a look at the new, redesigned, wider-look GameSpot.

Check out an intro to all the new features by GameSpot editor-in-chief Ricardo Torres here:

And then go check out the new GameSpot site now! Who knows... you might even get a new emblem as a result ;) The final version will go live in mid-August.

E3 day 2 underway in LA!

It's already day 2 down here at E3 2008 and day 1 flew past in a flash! Check out the Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo press conferences (as well as all the rest of our content) at

I caught up with a number of developers and publishers yesterday including Konami and Namco. I has a brief chat with Grant from Konami about Silent Hill: Homecoming which you can watch below (if you're brave enough!). Also got a chance to check out the new 3D fighting game Castlevania Judgment, as well as Warhammer: Battle March and even checked out the new PlayStation Video Store. It's out now in the States and apparently coming to Australia too, but sadly no details from Sony Europe yet, however WATCH THIS SPACE! Might find out more tonight at their UK reception!

There's also some cool stuff going on over on the GameSpot E3 blog, including James Yu's look at the Logitech Wii keyboard - it looks pretty cute (and functional at the same time!). Now if only Sony and MS would get their act together--I want in-game support for keyboard + mice = RTS FTW!



Photos: E3 2008 is here!

While the conference doesn't officially kick-off until tomorrow, Microsoft kicked off the pre-E3 preceedings with their press conference this morning. Guy Cocker and myself hit the streets yesterday to scope out the LA Convention Center and surrounding area and I thought I'd share a few pics of the downtown, the set-up at LACC and the Staples Center next door, where the LA Lakers are based. Enjoy!

More pics in my E3 2008 image gallery as and when they fly in.

Max Payne movie trailer!

The first trailer is out for the Wahlberg-filled gorefest that will be Max Payne and to be honest, it doesn't look that bad. First thoughts are that it looks true to its videogame roots with plenty of film noir, angsty brooding and bullet time action thrown in for good measure.

Could this be the best (or least worst) game-to-movie adaptation to date? What do you think of the trailer? Leave your comments below.

80s overload: Marty McFly Nikes, Top Gun free on GHIII

I was pleasantly surprised to find out, when I booted up Guitar Hero III tonight on my Xbox 360, that a new track had been added to its semi-decent DLC list. Better yet, it's one of the best glamrock movie hits of the 80s ... the Top Gun theme. Originally composed by Harold Faltermeyer--who wrote other classics like the Beverly Hills Cop theme "Axel F"--and performed by guitarist Steve Stevens, this new version was performed by Steve Ouimette who is also responsible for other performances on the GHIII list, We Three Kings (a free download last Christmas?) and The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

Anyway, enough about Guitar Hero. If you're a child of the 80s and want a blast from the past go get the song now.

If that's not enough 80s nostalgia for you, how about you go pick up THESE PUPPIES:

Yup Nike has released a new pair of hightops called the Nike Hyperdunks based on the pair Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future II. Unfortunately the new pair doesn't include powerlaces, but they still look pretty sweet! More over on Wired's Gadget Lab. Apparently they'll be available at the end of July, but hopefully not at the price of $2015, as one online retailer has advertised them at (or the lofty prices they're currently going for on eBay). If they're a reasonable price I'm so getting a pair while over at E3 in a week's time.

If shoes that vaguely resemble Marty's ones aren't cool enough, check out what's on the tongues:

Great scott! Pretty cool, I think.

Top Spin 3 reviews

What better time to launch a new tennis game now that Wimbledon is upon us? Unfortunately Top Spin 3 doesn't actually include Britain's hallowed shrine to tennis, but neither does Smash Court Tennis 3 or Virtua Tennis 3. Nonetheless, Top Spin 3 is still an ace serve when it comes to tennis games and one of the best I've seen for a while.

I've just finished up writing the reviews so if you're interested to find out what we thought of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, click the relevant link.

* Note: box art may differ according to region including photoshopped picture of Andy Murray (on the UK version) to make him look more aggressive than normal. *

GSUK Euro 2008 semi-final predictions

Euro 2008 is down to just four teams: Germany, Turkey, Russia and Spain. Our second round of predictions are up now, based on those team and the results are certainly less predictable than you'd think. Head on over to the Sports Beat blog if you want to see who the official game's simulation mode is predicting to the be ultimate victor.

We'll be running our last predictions based on the two final teams once the semis are over.

Go! Now! Find out who's gonna win the cup!