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Masahiro Sakurai is mad

In a recent article for Techland, Masahiro Sakurai says that the problem of nowadays shooters are not "creative enough" because their control scheme seems stale. Well, as obvious as that may be, I doubt that it is reason enough to "get creative" on that side of the board.

I believe they have already taken too many chances with playing around with the estabilished control schemes when they released the Wii. I, for one, still have not fully adapted to the motion sensing remote of the Wii and probably never will. I'm just too clumsy and awkward for motions and waves. I do prefer to play with both hands on a controler, moving levers and buttons in the process but the last thing I want is to get up and jump and swing my own swords. That's just the reason I play video-games in the first place: to leave all the hard work to the heroes on-screen! Oh ok, shooting games were fun on the SMS with the Light Phaser but even then I didn't had to swing, jump, defend myself or balance in a strange board! This is too much already!

So I would be happy if I could still control my shooting character with the directional pad and fire with the A button, and maybe a special for the X, changing weapons with the L and R and maybe a bomb for the B. That would be great. I don't need to control him with the stylus and fire with L while controling my view with the directional. NO THANKS. Please do not think that placing the controls in a new, confusing and irritating place is "being creative". I can live without that kind of creativity, thank you.

And no, the touch screen on the DS should always have been only a gimmick: just to type something and select menus, or maybe the occasional puzzle or mini-game. It should never be the way to control your character (at least not the ONLY one) or do important things on the gameplay.

And I guess I don't speak only for myself.