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busy day

ive been goin round with my dad to walmart and crap. its so friggin hot here. im glad i have racing on all weekend cause i dont plan on leavin the house. the areas here by the stl get the coldest winters and the hottest summers. o well.  guess im gonna go play xbox later. idk wut to do im so bored. lter homies

writin agin

sorry i havent written anything in a while (it looks like noone cares). ive been postin away and writin reviews. if anyone reads this and is interested, im starting up an mx vs. atv unleashed union. if u see this and ur interested just pm me. lter homies

bout me

hey. im a 14 year old guy that loves racin, ww2, and video games, among other things. i live in belleville ill, a place bout 10 min. from st louis. if u read my blog i hope that u enjoy it. later