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Balls to the wall, sport fans!

Well, **** a doodle doo, I mean really, people, shoot the ****in flume. I really wish the cockisidal maniacs would just choke on it and be done with it. But no, they gotta drag all our 45OH asses to the ****in floor. I know, I know, if I wasn't there already. But let me ask you something - how much do you want it? Or for that matter, how do you want it? I could **** you up **** But I won't, I'm cool, I'm cool. Don't **** wit me tho! I will cut you! Once again, no I won't, no I won't. Don't push it though. Peace. Da Killah rules.

My sig is fading!

yesterday, one ofmy ac/dc tags turned into a red X so i had to delete it and now my other one has disappeared! i checked my prefs and it has an invisable square where my tag should be!
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