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Gaming Newzzzzz!

So today i put the wheels in motion for sorting my life out :) I sent the application form for college off and rang up a new driving instructor who says he should have passed me in less than 12 hours worth of lessons :). I also went to Leeds yesterday and bought some clothes for the first time in well, a very very very long time. Since my last blog i got the Dual Shock 3 controller - its alot heavier than the normal controller and most games have vibration function - but sadly call of duty 4 and rainbow six vegas dont :(. I also got Eternal Sonata for the X360, this is surpringly really, really good, and some what addictive. The character designs are great and its got a real charm to it, easy 9/10. I also bought 2000 points and bought Undertow (which is pretty good) and Fable, i loved this game on the xbox but its such an effort to sort out the settings to make it look good its really not worth the price. On the PS3 side of things ive got a few games, i swapped my 360 copy of COD4 for the PS3 version because my mates copy was broken, i bought Folklore (which i loved at first but after playing Eternal Sonata its kind of a dull game, Rainbow Six Vegas which is straight up terrible on the ps3, the graphics are poor and the lack of vibration makes it feel like an unfinished game. I also got snakeball off the PSN store which is a cool little game. The biggest purchase however was Eye Of Judgement, this is a really cool idea of a game and its amazing how quick and accurate the camera is at reading the cards, sadly i only have about 30 cards which means theres a lack of depth to the game, but im thinking about buying a few more to add to the fun :D still getting the hang of the game at the moment though.

Well thats all really, so whats up with you guys?

Sort it out!!!

Hey, start off by saying Happy New Year. So 2007, the worst year of my life to date, a year completely wasted. I left college with Fails and ended up working at Morrisons full time - wow. So new years resolution is: Sort my life out. Imm planning to goback to college in August to study engineering and A Level Maths. I want to but at the moment i cant even buck up the courage to post the dam form :( i really didnt like the last college which is probably the reason why, its put me off education, but i really want a good job in the future and this is pretty much the only way, ill try post it today. I also need to learn to drive, i started in 2007 but then dropped my driving instructor as h was just taking me for a ride (lol money wise) 30+ lessons and only 2 manouvers, ridiculous, so ill ring another instructor up on my next pay day. Im also thinking about quitting gaming for good before i go to college as its partly to blame for my bad grades last time round, but i wont be quitting until GTA 4 has come out :D cant wait for that game lol.

Well thats it, a pretty useless blog i know, but meh. So have you guys got any New Year Resolutions?

Dual Shock 3, Gaming News and My rewards

So as some of you might know, i set myself a challenge not to buy any games til 30th of january - and well, i failed :(. Im disappointed with myself as i think i have a spending problem :(. Anyway, i got a few new games which are; NHL 08, Lair, Arkadian warriors (X360 arcade game), Blazing Angels 2, Mercury and Miami Vice (both PSP games). NHL 08 is a little disappointing and i dont like it as much as 07 to behonest, Lair is not as bad as reviews make out, sure the game would be ALOT better with the use of analogue sticks instead of the Six Axis, but at least the Six Axis is responsive and the game looks good, just a few camera issues make the game a bit of a pain. Blazing Angels 2 is lame though, ive got used to Ace Combat 6 controls now and the controls on BA2 just seem retarded to me, ill probably trade it in at some point for RB6 for the PS3 or something, we'll see. Im trying to keep this short by the way :) i also forked out a whopping £40 for a Dual Shock 3 controller, i am really looking forward to getting this lol, i dont know why, its just the same controller but with vibrations lol. Ive importd it from Japan so it will be another week or so before i receive it, but hopefully it will add weight to as the ps3 controller is quite light. I dont really know what else to write about so im going straight to My Gaming Rewards 2007 :D ooo, and i hope everybody had a good xmas :)


So im keeping it basic, Stating Category then listing top 3 in that category, nothing fancy :)

Best Driving Game: 1/Forza Motorsport 2 2/ Motor Storm 3/ PGR 4 4/ Flatout Ultimate Carnage

Worst Driving Game: 1/ NFS Pro Street

Best Shooting Game: 1/ Orange Box 2/ Bioshock 3/ Call Of Duty 4

Worst Shooting Game: 1/ Blacksite 2/ Kane And Lynches 3/ Stranglehold

Best Sports Game: 1/ Mario Strikers (i know its not really a sports game but i loved it lol) 2/ NHL 07 3/NBA Homecourt

Best Hack'n'Slash Game: 1/ Heavenly Sword 2/ God Of War II 3/ Conan

Worst Hack'n'Slash Game: 1/ Conan (For different reasons)

Best RPG/Action: 1/ Mass Effect 2/ Assasins Creed 3/ Ace Combat 6

Best Story: 1/ Bioshock (takes it by miles in my opinion) 2/ Heavenly Sword 3/ Mass effect

Worst Story: 1/ Beowolf (complete mess)

Best Use Of License: 1/ Beowolf 2/ The Simpsons Game

Worst Use Of License: 1/ Ratouille (no idea how to spell it lol)

Most Fustarting Game: 1/ Blacksite (last Level) 2/ Motorstorm (although brilliant, crashes and the feel the game is highly rigged against you becomes infuriating lol) 3/ The Simpsons Game

Most fun/funny Game: 1/ Warioware: Smooth Moves 2/ Portal (the Orange Box) 3/ The Simpsons game funny, not so much nearing the end)

Hardest Game: 1/ Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2/ Def Jam Icon 3/ Super Contra

Best Graphics: 1/ MotoStorm (truely stunning visuals - level of detail is amazing, even the engine has reflection!) 2/ Assassins Creed 3/ Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

Best Cutscenes: 1/ heavenly sword (purely because the visuals were so realistic)

Most Surprising Game; 1/ Mass Effect 2/ Crash Of The Titans 3/ PGR 4 (i know 2 of these were "big games" but i wasnt expecting them to be good lol)

Most Disappointing Game: 1/ Kane and Lynches 2/ Jericho (good but could have been ALOT better) 3/ Timeshift

Best Voice Acting: 1/ Heavenly Sword 2/ Uncharted Drakes Fortune 3/ The Darkness

Fun (Basically a game that made me go "COOL!", "AWESOME" - You get the point): 1/ the Darkness (Eating Hearts) 2/ Soilder Of Fortune (Gunplay was awesome) 3/ FEAR Files (The gatling Gun is Kick A**)

Best Online Game: 1/ Call Of Duty 4 2/ Warhawk 3/ GRAW 2 4/ Halo 3 5/ Resistance Fall Of Man

Worst Online game: 1/ Stranglehold (TERRIBBLE) 2/ the Darkness (too laggy) 3/ Civilization IV (very slow game online)

Best Downloadable Game: 1/ Warhawk (By Far!) 2/ Super Star Dust HD 3/ Carcassone (so addictive)

Best PC Game: 1/ Civilization IV 2/ Age Of Empires III

Best XBOX 360 Game: 1/ Bioshock 2/ Orange Box 3/ Call Of Duty 4

Best PS3 Game: 1/ Motorstorm 2/ Uncharted Drakes Fortune 3/ Ratchet and Clank: TOD

Best Wii Game: 1/ Warioware Smooth Moves 2/ Mario Strikers 3/ My Sims

Best PSP Game: 1/ Socom Fireteam Bravo 2/ MGS: Portable Ops 3/ Killzone Liberation

Best Console: This is one of lifes unanswerable questions lol, for graphics and stable/big online play, the PS3 is easily the winner. For Huge choice of games and good internet interface (e.g. private chats) the 360, and for family fun the wii, but in my opinion its deffinitly between the 360 and the PS3 :)

Well thats it lol. So whats up with you guys?

Gaming News and Xmas shopping

Ok, ill start off by saying i dont think im addicted to gaming, i think im addicted to spending money, its been tough not buying games but i have found other things to spend money on - dvds. I have never payed for a dvd in my life, but found myself spending £50 ($100) on them this morning, not new movies either, old ones, like The Thing and Platoon. I havnt seen these but they look good so i thought what the hey. I also went on a spending spree for xmas presents.

For one friend i bought a Family Guy Stewie Flamethrower T shirt

For another friend i bought a Bobble head stewie (both friends are into family guy)

For my sister i bought 2 Inflatable sumo wrestling suits and 2 pairs of inflatable boxing gloves lol, should be fun on xmas day

For my mum i bought a lilac LG Chocolate phone, or something along those lines. I will also buy her a bottle of Tea Maria or whatever.

Then for my best mate im going to trade in a few games and get him a Nintendo DS, i also got him a men in uniform calendar as a joke lol.

The problem is, i have spent so much today i have hit my limit and need to wait til tomorrow to pay for some of the items, i hope my bank is stopping the funds because of a limit lol, otherwise i dont know what to do.

In gaming news ive finished Assassins Creed, i really enjoyed the game until the last 2 levels, the fighst became more fustarting than fun and the final boss was straight up ridiculous (he multiplies then you have to kill the right guy by throwing him to the ground and stabbing him with your hidden sword whilst avoiding attacks from all the others - retarded. Lowering the score from a 9 to a 8/10. In other news i got drakes fortune and SoldierOf Fortune on friday. I have completed SoF and have almost complete Drakes, ive stopped playing it for afew days so i dont finish it so fast. Both games i have to say were amazing. The boss fights fel a little unnecesary, especially the helicopter - taking a helicopter down with a AK47 - WTF. The gore in this game was truely amazing, i have never had so much fun shooting people, the knife could have been used better though. The game is worth a solid 8.5/10 in my opinion, i dont know why gamespot gave it a 4.5/10, but they did the same with tenchu z so whatever. Drakes fortune is also very good and looks truely fantastic, it shows the power of the PS3's graphics engine beautifully, however, some gunfights can be a little fustrating and acrobatics can be annoying at times to, but its still worth a 9/10 and is a good reason to buy a PS3. I plan to finish Timeshift and FEAR Files (which i have yet to really start loL) by next year.

Finally i went to the staff xmas party on sunday and well, got drunk - for the first time in my life lol, i spent £35 ($70) on drinks (mostly shots). I made a bit of a fool out of myself apperently and everyone was asking how my head was the next morning lol, but by the time i got home i had sobbered up enough to drink a few glasses of water before i went to bed to stop the hang over (a tip for all those who didnt know that ;) ) so when i went to work the next morning some people seemed very surprised i wasnt feeling like cr*p lol.

Anyway, how are things with you guys?

Totally addicted to Mass, and dam the 360!

So today i complete 2 of my games :) Blacksite and Mass effect. In all honesty Blacksite was garbage and i had to reset my console a few times because of the bugs in it (for example, one of the soldiers got stuck in between 2 other soldiers so it couldnt set off the cutscene, i mean wtf. Then i have beat 3 spore towers but havnt received the "killed a spore tower" acheivment once. All in all its no where near worth the £35 i paid for it and i give it a 4/10.

When i got Mass effect i was thinking the same, "wow, what a poor game", i then got to Bernizia and gave up due to the fact it was ridiculously hard. Then for some reason i picked it up again on sunday and after about an hour of screaming at the game in fustration lol i finally beat her. Any advice for people who are going to get this game, to Noveria LAST of the 3 planets!, it is by far the hardest so needs the high levels and powerfull weapons you find on other planets. Anyway, after that came an annoying Warlord on the doctor planet and once i killed him it was nothing but pure enjoyment for the game. I got my character to a pretty high level (lvl 40 i think) so on the last level the Geth were falling down pretty quickly. It is a shame it takes a while for the game to get fun but once it does it deserves a solid 9.5/10, but due to the poor start im going to give it a 9/10 :).

Im getting through Ace Combat 6 slowly but surely, its a good game but for some reason i cant sit down and play a mass amount of levels in a row, i will play 1, possibly 2 then come off for a few hours, dont know why, i will complete it eventually though :)

On thursday im expecting Drakes Fortune and Soldier of ortune to come, although ill probably get SOF on friday seeming they havnt released it for packaging yet, weird, these will be the last 2 games i will buy this year :(. When i next go to my game shop i will see if i can get anything for Blacksite and maybe another game, hopefully i will have enough to get Tony Hawks Proving Ground, we'll see.

Finally the 360, wow, what a peice of equipment, i have never had a console that has crashed so much in my entire life!. It struggles to do the most simplest of things, for example, i was half way through a level in Ace Combat and my friend signed on so i decided to send a private chat invite, however, when i pressed the Xbox Button, the side menu got to about half way across the screen and my 360 crashed. meaning i have to start the whole dam level again. It has crashed about 5 times since sunday now and its starting to anoy me, it has always crashed/froze or had some problem making me thoroughly belive the PS3 is the superior console, shame theres a lack of games :(.

BTW, a few xbox original titles have been released on Marketplace, i was wondering if anyone knew if you could get acheivments for them, thanks :)

So whats up with you guys?

Setting Myself A Challenge

So im going to set myself a challenge starting the 7th of december. This challenge is to go 1 month without spending anything on games :O as impossible as it may sound im determined. Ive noticed that all my wage is going on games and im left at the end of the month with empty pockets. If i suceed in this challenge Soldier of fortune and Drakes Fortune will be my last 2 games this year. I might get a game for xmas but as i didnt buy it it doesnt count :).

Anyway, you can sponsor me if you want, all money goes to me if i suceed or fail lol, their is no limit to how much you want to give so go crazy :). I also traded in The Simpsons game yesterday and got Ace Combat 6 in return, so far its pretty good, the story is a bit like "whats this got to do with frikin planes" but meh, its all good. I also got Blacksite the other day, its not great as Spoogan warned me, and the online is straight up cr*p, but the campaign is just your standard shooter which will do for me :). So, apart from that all is good. My toe is great now and im thinking about going back to college next year to study engineering and maybe A levels Physics and Maths too, but i havnt fully decided, ill keep you posted :). So whats up with you guys?


So i have just had the nail surgery, and well it was pretty much painless and i am very appy with how it went :) however, if the toe bleeds alot or if i feel ill or my toe begins to hurt they told me to go straight to A+E, it is bleeding a bit but she said bleeding is natural, so im not sure how much she meant when she said alot of blood, must mean the bandage is completely red lol. It will take 6 weeks to heal apperently and i should be ok to go back to work 2morro, DARN!, we'll see. Anyway, there are only 3 more games from now til the 30th of january that im getting, these are: Blacksite, Uncharted: drakes Fortune and Soilder Of Fortune: Payback. For xmas i might get either Ton Hawks Proving Ground or Ace Combat 6, im not sure though. I also bought Guitar Hero 3 2 days ago. Its good, no better than i was expecting but i hate the boss battles, their annoying, the fact you have to make the boss fail the song instead of do worse than you is stupid to me, meh. So to the topic of the blog. I am thinking about importing Rock Band from the good old US, it will cost a huge £200 but it comes with guitar, mic and Drums and its not out here in the UK til Q1 2008, i will decide on my next pay day and keep you informed. Apart froim that all is good. Im also beginning to enjoy Mass effect and Kane and Lynch is pretty sweet, i can see why it didnt get a high score but in my opinion is worth over 6/10, meh, its all good.

So whats up with you guys?


So on Thursday i got Mass Effect and NFS Pro Street through the post, but Kane and Lynch was missing, but i thought meh, it will probably come tomorrow, but i was wrong, and its staurday now ancd it still hasnt arrived - i finally get a weekend off and the dam game i really wanted hasnt come. This wouldnt be to bad if the other 2 games didnt completely suck. NFS has destroyed everything that made the predessesors good, the graphics and car damage is sweet but thats not why i bought the game, the races are boring and bull, its alot less exiciting whens theres no cops or traffic.

Mass Effect in my opinion is also complete garbage, i dont get why sci fi games get such high scores on this website. The gun play is so weak in this game its not even funny. There was one part where you go to this bar and the guns are so unaccurate i had to use a sniper rife!!!! A SNIPER RIFLE IN A BAR FOR GOD SAKES!!! Im on this uncharted planet now where this big creature comes from under gound and basically i last 3 seconds before it kills my veichle, BARF, these 2 games will be going back sometime in the next 2 weeks.

Assasins Creed and Ratchet and Clank on the other hand are great games, no, fantastic games and im honestly thinking about giving Assasins Creed a 10/10 :O, we'll see. Im getting really nervous about tuesday, i hope it doesnt hurt to bad, apart from that all is good. So whats up with you guys?

UPDATE: So i literally got Kane And Lynch less than 3 minutes after i wrote this blog, what postman delivers mail at 12am!!! Ill have his job lol.

Am i pregnant?

So today i finally went to the specialist today and well, the first thing she said was, OMG! Thats One Of The Worst I Have Ever Seen!! lol. She did an ultra sound on my foot lol (thus the name) and i heard my artery :D After about an hour consultation i am to have surgery on it next tuesday :(. Whats going to happen is they will give me 2 local anesthetic shots (one on each side of my toe) the needle will go all the way through my toe :( which will be fun, then they will remove about 1/4 of my nail, then put a chemical on it to stop it from regrowing, this means i will have only 3/4 of a nail for the rest of my life *sigh* if thats the price i must pay then very well. I will keep u up to date after next week and i prey it doesnt hurt to much. Apart from that im just waiting til my preorders come, whats up with u guys?

Gaming Update

So today i traded in Spiderman Friend Or Foe, Halo 3, Mario Super Charged Football and ermmm lol cant remeber the last, i think that may be it lol. In return i got FEAR Files and Ratchet and Clank tools of Destruction, i havnt played either yet but will keep you up to date ;) .

In other news i have preordered Mass Effect, Kane and Lynches Dead Men and NFS Pro Street (for the PS3), they should be here on thursday, fortunately i get 3 days off this week but in return will only have 1 day off on xmas week :( but its all good, no games comin out on xmas week :D. I will preorder Blacksite when i get the £5 of reward points off the other preorders then next month buy soilder of fortune and drakes fortune and haze, then thats it for this year :). I may trade in games for TH Proving Ground or Lego star wars complete sega though, and will probs get GH3 for xmas :)

Apart from that all is good, how are things with all u guys?